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    Obviously fire emblem. Fell in love with the series after playing awakening for the first time last summer. Also interested in anime.
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    Fates: Conquest

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About Me

Now for some random things(subject to change):
- Favourite colour is blue/black
- Favourite pokemon is Umbreon
- Coincidentally my first level 100 pokemon is Umbreon
- First FE game was Awakening
- Favourite class: Tactician
- Favourite Critical Quote: Time to tip the scales!
- Best FE experience: beating conquest lunatic
- Completely OCD when it comes to "canon"/most logical classes for my units.
- Favourite FE characters: Robin and Leo
- Preferred asset/flaw: Magic/Def

Fe heroes friend code: 2851344183

 I hope this has at least been a semi-entertaining read :)

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