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  1. Considering they say the same thing about Selkie (a cavalry unit) with a similar graphic, I feel that could be indication of her move type as opposed to her statline. Velouria gets Spd+3 from her weapon so I doubt she'd be slow at all, and they don't make a comment like that about her, or speedy Ike, Lyn, and Ryoma (granted they have much more to say about those three).
  2. In his recruitment map in Fates, he goes berserk (albeit doesn't become an enemy unit), so I don't think it's as random as it seems.
  3. This Tempest Trial looks like it has arguably the best line-up for seals yet. Getting the remaining ploy as a seal took a while, and we're finally getting another dual stat seal (that is immediately going on Arvis), and Flashing Blade doesn't look too bad either. I don't have nearly enough coins for this. And yeah the unit distribution is just Sketchy Summer + a key rep from each of the other three summer banners probably for those reasons. At least that way, all of the summer banners get some sort of representation. Ploying standards were also much lower back then, I believe. E: Oh, and the only targets who he really needs to proc the ploy on would probably be non-mages (as they are usually quite squishy anyway), which tend to not have overly high res, so I'm sure 28 res is still fine.
  4. Besides this and its glorious purpose in diversifying the titles of pieces of music, I adamantly believe (and will continue to tilde end of time) the only acceptable use of the that symbol is to say "You'll never see it coming~".
  5. Between buffing allies and debuffing enemies, what kind of composition of such skills would you prefer on your team? I don't really use ploys (they're just not on many of my units) and haven't tried chill skills yet, so most of the debuffs I apply are through threaten skills. I've grown a bit more into using invisible buffs, so my current Arena team primarily utilise spur and drive skills. I often have someone with a dual rally, as well. Panic Ploy is something I've been meaning to utilise more often but it doesn't really have a vacancy on my team unless I killed a Valter to have it on my C-slot. Also: Thoughts on this?
  6. Wants nothing to do with dragons. I'd be pretty shook if it were the case, but I live in an estate so you could loosely say I have hundreds of "neighbours".
  7. Is my next door neighbour. I'm gonna need to borrow some milk, by the way.
  8. I'd love to see all of the assists reappearing in some form (much like how Shove and Smite were utilised in PoR), including the new staves introduced in Heroes. Maybe not so much Rehabilitate, but some sort of Restore (that also healed) and Matryr staff would be nice. I really enjoyed the added diversity of healing staves in Heroes. Above all else, I really want to see this. I much prefer the way skills like Vantage and Wrath work, as opposed to the extra randomness of skills like Sol and Astra that just doesn't feel very necessary to me. Critical hits have that covered, and I feel like those sort of proc skills might be better off adopting the cooldown concept taken from Heroes, perhaps as a special attack so you can activate it like the skills in SoV. Something like "deal x hits to have Sol ready for use", so it now appears on the special attack menu or whatever.
  9. I love the concept to bits, hands-down my favourite aspect of the entire game, and I'm glad they finally added something like this to the game. The little details the beginner and skill study drills had you looking out feel quite well thought-out, and I reckon new players would definitely appreciate some of the things the drills explore. The Grandmaster ones are painful, however: even now I've only managed to do the Escape Route / Wings of Mercy one, which I had thought to be the easiest anyway, just due to the limited amount of moves you could really make due to the layout. I am enjoying the difficulty however, and I'm eagerly anticipating the enormous relief from when I finally complete the rest of them. Edit: An afterthought, but I do dislike how it sounds as though there's only one set of actions you can make towards the solutions. I would much more readily prefer them accommodating some flexibility and some minor deviations as opposed to the more linear thought process needed to beat the Grandmaster maps. I also hope that they plan on adding more than a single map every week, because the ploy map felt a bit underwhelming, despite being a rather good demonstration of their effects.
  10. I can't see the worth in buying orbs, mostly because of how buying them just gives you more chances to attempt to get whatever you were after, as opposed to guaranteeing it (not that it should be like that). I don't think paying for just a chance of what you want is particularly attractive, especially when the game has nowadays provided a rather steady supply of orbs every month and more so when you compare the prices for orbs to the prices for real-life objects. The monthly deals are the only things I could reasonably justify spending money on purely because they come with things that are guaranteed to do what you want them to (eg. divine dew, sacred coins, refining stones) but even then I have zero interest in buying any of them because the game still provides enough of those resources anyway. I also feel like the first purchase could very easily lead into further purchases that could escalate, and I'd rather not deal with that. While I said "I don't know" on the poll, I don't think it is by any means. You paid, so you get access to more resources. F2P players can still accomplish similar feats across the game's modes, so it is not as though paying gives you an unfair advantage. Luck has the last say irregardless of how much money you sink into the game.
  11. Thanks to this I can finally finish some budget builds with some of the healers I either couldn't be bothered to grind with or are named Azama. Same thing happened to me, so I used MEmu instead. Works like a charm.
  12. The extra damage from skills like Wrath and the Wo Dao are added after calculation, so you would deal 19 damage. I'm probably going to give my Nino the Flashing Blade seal, so I can pass on Heavy Blade back to Raven indefinitely.
  13. In Birthright, what classic difficulty is closest to Conquest Hard?
  14. I take pictures of random things (based off random inspiration) and write puns as captions for them.
  15. I bring two bags to school, and the other usually has a ton of quick-access items like tissue (and for a while plasters) that can help people with basic/common issues (runny nose, spillage, etc.), but it's so full of things that it feels like a jungle sometimes. During an English lesson, someone asked for some tissue so I dug into my bag to fish it out, and I ended up cutting the side of my pinky finger without noticing. When I find the tissue, I ended up needing it myself because I was bleeding quite a bit, and this happened to be right before writing an essay. Good times. I'm still not sure what cut me in that bag, but it was very subtle.
  16. About a month ago, I ended up losing A Christmas Carol midway through, which is a very terrible feeling and obliterated my literary momentum for a while. But I'm starting to regain my stride and I've recently finished The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it was an enjoyable read. Probably gonna read some Charles Dickens next.
  17. It cuts off during character discussion (imo the most fascinating thing), so I'm gonna add to this: http://www.sourcegaming.info/2016/02/23/nintendo-dream-interview-with-sakurai-part-2/
  18. Admittedly I haven't watched many at all, but it's Spirited Away for me.
  19. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, I had so many overturned misconceptions about this one.
  20. Oh, that's interesting. Good thing I didn't save afterwards, I can at least go Druid instead.
  21. Racing games, although I've not really been playing as many lately. I generally rock at RPGs (M&L most of all) and puzzle games now.
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