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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm fairly certain you can.Does anyone know how inheritance (as in growth rates and stat caps) actually works? I've read that it's different from Awakening but I can't seem to find any confirmation anywhere either way.
  2. So does it have a tier list or could you put one together with it?
  3. I did not think about that. Good shit. Yato's bonuses are obviously some of the best in the game, but how does using a forged weapon work with it then? Do it's bonuses stack with Yato's? I thought I read somewhere that the best effects are the ones that are used. Wouldn't that make any forging virtually obsolete?
  4. Alright cool, thanks guys. Anyone wanna share their own builds?
  5. Power hitting? you mean like Sorcerers and Berserkers? Would Trueblade count? I was thinking of maybe doing that instead of Dark Blood.
  6. How do Galeforce and Copycat Puppet work together? One clone uses it and both are activated again for another turn, or what?
  7. I haven't seen a thread like this and the regular Unit Optimization thread is super long I didn't bother to look for an avatar section of it. Seeing as how there are so many options for the avatar's optimization, I figured it made sense to start a new thread. Now, I'm new to PvP and do not yet own the game so my whole build is hypothetical and could really suck when it comes down to it. I like the male avatar quite a bit but I think having two children, while apparently not as good as it was in Awakening, is just too hard to pass up. I'll play both male and female to make a final call, but Kamui (+Spd/-Mag) (maybe + Skl?) Dark Blood Growth HP 60 Str 60 Mag 25 Skl 55 Spd 65 Lck 60 Def 45 Res 25 Not bad. Dark Blood Max Stats HP 60 Str 32 Mag 28 Skl 30 Spd 35 Lck 29 Def 29 Res 30 Also not bad. Not sure if I'd end in this class or not, but definitely a sword wielding class. Galeforce Aether Copycat Puppet Hoshido (for Aether, admittedly not the best skill choice but idk what else to do, maybe Dragon Fang or Draconic Curse) Swordfaire Most likely marrying Femui to Zero and Mamui to Camilla. Let me know what you think, suggestions, criticisms, your own builds, anything.
  8. I think that there are a few things worth noting. While I have not played the game or read many supports, it should be kept in mind that Hinoka was old enough to remember losing Kamui. If Sakura was born, she had to have been a baby and Hinoka at the very least a toddler. I didn't know this, but apparently Kamui "lost his/her memory" after the kidnapping so he could be old enough to have had memories or have been too young to really have had any at all. Also, the legal age of consent in Japan, which surprisingly hasn't come up at all in this thread, is extremely low by western standards. 13, if i do recall correctly. Making a 13 or 14 year old Elise entirely reasonable.
  9. Ah, I suppose that is correct, I hadn't thought of that. While not quite what I was looking for it can still be pretty helpful. Thanks :)
  10. Damn, that makes them virtually useless aside from deadly breath because it affects an area.
  11. Do deadly breath, snake venom, and four fangs stack?!
  12. Has anyone figured out how to get Anna yet? Also, are two FeMu!children actually better than a 3rd gen Kanna? Why or why not?
  13. I do really like the prospect of Ophelia as a crit build because of her personal skill and the fact that she is already one of my favorite units although, I plan to do an Elise!Ophelia. I suppose that'd still be doable with a buddy seal on Rinkah's daughter or the daughter of anyone who had used their buddy seal on Rinkah.
  14. Damn, and I thought I did my research. There was quite a bit of this I didn't know. Do you use this type of build at all?
  15. Why is that? It would seem you could take out any unit that way, what strategies negate that (aside from ranged attacks) or are simply superior?
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