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  1. Only auto-join post timeskip is Gilbert on Blue Lions. Anyone else must be recruited. Technically Seteth joins automatically on the last pre-timeskip chapter unless you choose to (spoiler)
  2. Slightly off topic but not threadworthy. This extra renown from completed play throughs still shows up even if were in the middle of a NG+ run before the update. Checked my statues and suddenly realized I had 10000+ renown for “no reason” and just finished em right there. Didn’t bother getting the last stages because I wanted to spend it on other stuff but now it doesn’t matter lol.
  3. That’s at least fine. If he was actively chasing you we’d be screwed. Chapter 6 he’s in a room and chapter 8 he’s a good distance away anyway.
  4. I was just gonna say, 10000 renown from the start is ludicrously generous if you’re after difficulty (unless acquisition costs are higher) but much more fun for customization. Probably with one exception I’ll stick to standard NG for difficulty runs.
  5. It looks like a pretty sizable jump so I’d say it depends on how much you trust yourself. There are a quite a few new gameplay features you may want to experiment with but the fundamentals of the game are still there.
  6. I was gonna say we’ve only hit Awakening territory if we have to reload the chapter due to RNG ability loadouts. And even then that was Lunatic+. Although I’ve always considered “just make the enemies frustratingly deadly” the lazy way of increasing difficulty, I’ve never quite come up with a true alternative that doesn’t make things tedious or change the fundamental strategy of the game. It’s not like everyone’s packing Commander/Counterattack etc. it seems so it doesn’t look overtly cheap right now.
  7. Loving what I’m hearing so far. Can anyone confirm if this stuff was present in the data mines version? I do wonder if they were watching players’ styles and complaints to tailor against it before releasing it as some were theorizing.
  8. Infernal is supposed to be the other difficulty. I’m midway through a BL run farming abilities for NG+ so I won’t start immediately, but as I said in another thread, I’ll be curious to see if the Defiant abilities, Vantage, Desperation, etc. rise up the tier list with the enemies probably hitting harder and more often.
  9. I’d go Marianne in that situation as it seems she’d make the most of it. As long as she’s not one of your “primary” units (I.e. you don’t need her to take much actions besides dancing)
  10. Depends on if you plan on using the class or not. If you are, I’d give it to whoever you’re using the least. Otherwise give it to a sword user so they get the Sword Avoid +20 ability and the Sword Dance combat art. You could also pick someone with the lowest charm (in this case Annette) as practice gives them a free permanent +5 boost.
  11. Not to derail the topic, but I do wonder how much if it all the difficulty spike will the increase the usage of Vantage, Desperation, the Defiant abilities, etc. Right now the Battalion editions are clearly superior because they’re easier to abuse, and they’ll never surpass the Blow abilities, but I do wonder if the gap closes more.
  12. Whoops, misinterpreted. Battle supports from my experience still work best in that regard.
  13. Gift spamming trumps all (once the merchants unlock) but I do believe battles raise faster than meals/choir practice, especially if you use them as adjutants. Don’t know for sure though.
  14. Yeah, I was surprised as well. Two essentially the same wiki sites is just confusing. Here is much more organized though, thankfully.
  15. True, it’ll depend on how heavily enemy resistance increases. Hubert hits pretty damn hard due to his growths and since Dark Bishop packs Fiendish Blow by default, but only time will tell.
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