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  1. I just found out that Constance’s S support involves . She is now best girl by default.
  2. Yeah, since she joins automatically I didn’t include her, apologies for not mentioning. Also worth noting, the main lords (and Seteth for church) when adding their total supports equals either the max deployment with or without adjutants (12 for Edelgard and Seteth, 15 for Dimitri and Claude).
  3. Jeralt, Seteth, and Alois truly are a rare breed haha. While I am slightly underwhelmed with the DLC thus far (they’re clearly banking on wave 4 being the major justification for the price tag), I much prefer DLC being more aesthetic/fun/fluff bonus content. Locking major storylines or important advantageous content I imagine would be far worse received given the circumstances, regardless of cost.
  4. Considering the S support CG going around that would seem odd. We’ll have to see.
  5. Who left this bowl of onions here? Happy for those who don’t have CF as their recent play through, unlike me haha. Alas just started a GD run and still have yet to do SS, though I’ll probably do a split for repetitive purposes.
  6. The patch notes stated a plural “new allies” for CF. Can anyone confirm or is it likely a typo?
  7. Loved it as a legitimate shock/change of pace, though I’m not necessarily down for it becoming prevalent in future games, depends on how they execute it. I seem to recall there being an FE-type game with robot walkers, turrets and the like, but it’s name escapes me.
  8. Are those reinforcements unblockable on Maddening? Granted I may have removed a trigger by using Retribution to knock out Myson and the slitherers on Turn 1. Dont know what the thresholds are for Maddening but you need either a unit with high enough defense like Dedue (the only ones who can attack you at the edge of Myson’s range are physical IIRC or someone with high enough avoid to dodge tank the attacks after being reduced to 1 HP.
  9. Maybe it’s a coincidence or not, but none of the main lords “outside-house” supports overlap. Edelgard: Lysithea/Hanneman/Manuela Dimitri: Raphael/Marianne/Catherine/Alois/Gilbert Claude: Petra/Annette/Ingrid/Cyril/Shamir Don’t believe there are “canon” recruitments for obvious reasons but still thought it was a nice touch if intentional.
  10. Unfortunate, but you can still pull it off if you’ve got a little patience. Certify her (or whoever you want/can) for Thief and do an aux battle, any will do. When you’re down to the last enemy or 2, have them stand unarmed with no one else in their ranges and let them tank/dodge their attacks, healing when necessary. Unlike weapon ranks, class mastery goes up whether you can counter or not so you can cheese the mastery for the Steal ability in however many turns it takes. Use the Knowledge Gem to speed it up and you can also do it as an adjutant if they can’t survive long enough.
  11. Unfortunately no. Luckily as far as I remember there’s really only 2 maps with stealable stat boosters (Edelgard’s paralogue and Claude’s paralogue). Petra is the best thief but anyone can steal as any class if they mastered it.
  12. All down to interpretation, but during that explore month in Crimson Flower where Edelgard
  13. Faculty training is pretty much the only way to do it quickly. Standard weapon xp even with the Knowledge Gem is paltry compared.
  14. If I remember correctly class mastery goes up in every battle regardless of whether you attack/counter or not, so if your unit is strong enough to tank/dodge a weak archer/mage you can do it without flailing with a broken weapon. Only works for classes though, not weapon or armor/flying/riding XP.
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