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  1. Hi there ! Does somebody run Lackey on Mac Os Sierra? Some of my friends try to run it but are redirected here: http://www.lackeyccg.com/missingfontserror.html If somebody could fix this issue, please say it to me =3 Thank you ! Edit 06/28/17: don't search anymore ! Here is the way to fix it: in your Lackey CCG folder, right-click on the Lackey CCG launcher. Then, go to "view the content of the package" (or something like that xD in French "Afficher le contenu du paquet". Then "Contents" -> "MacOs"
  2. http://page15.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t507392081 Leif R+X. =D
  3. They just confirmed the name of S9 (can't translate it. T_T) and that the S9 will have... A Starter Deck ! Yeah !
  4. Also, New Sumia, Emmeryn and Alm cards in the special column :
  5. Th FE Japanese Twitter account just posted Alm and Celica Promo So... red it is.
  6. And four more from Genealogy, even if we know all of them. ^^
  7. Well, I think she has a chance now since we didn't see any SR female. =D
  8. Well, It's 004 and Chrom HN is 003 so she can't get an SR. ^^
  9. Lucina R. So Tiki/Lucina Artwork is a R+ alternate artwork I think. ^^
  10. We know it's more likely an SR dual Artwork. And the other Tiki is probably a N/HN according to this poster.
  11. Hey ! Looking for the following cards : I have for trade the following : B01-046SR Tiki B03-004SR Elincia B03-078SR+ Aqua P05-011PR Felicia P05-012PR Flora Marker set from Cipher Caravan (Tiki, Mist, Aqua, Chrom, Lilina) (trading as one pack) P07-009PR Lyndis P07-012PR Cain P07-013PR Abel Sealed Packs Tournament promos serie 3,5 and 6. Cash.
  12. 002 SR Risen Chrom Hm... So a 001 SR Good Chrom can be expected ? =D
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