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  1. Paimon Eisner (Male, Verdant Wind) Closest Allies: Lysithea (S), Claude, Leonie Part I Interests: Mercenary opportunities, career advancement, stability Likes: Bonuses/raise, optimization, reading. Dislikes: Nonsense/tomfoolery, teaching, competition. Personality: Would be a sociopath if Sothis doesn't act as their conscious, chose the Leicester Alliance-Golden Deer as he believe the alliance will have more jobs for him as mercenary. Also rationalize everything he does and comes up with plans to get closer to the students in hopes of getting in their good graces for them to find more jobs for him. Is taken aback by how dysfunctional they are but does his best to make work with what he's got, often by being really strict with their discipline. Part II
  2. I'm still mulling over Lorenz's ships. I can't decide between Marianne, Leonie or Claude. Lysithea has a lot of good ones too. Linhardt saves her, She helps redeem Felix (although a sad ending overall), Cyril's is very "bappy", Edelgard saves and empower her. She's also pretty good for M!Byleth too. Sylvain x Mercedes for sure. They have a hilarious joking moment after they both confess how crests have clouded their future and perceptions. Sylvain also has a good one with Felix although for AM ending only.
  3. They all have some sort of reason to be joining one house or the other. Personally, I start with cross-support compatibility with House Leaders taking priority although this is not a sure-fire method. Sometimes, certain characters just don't make much sense joining another house or the other but that's why we have conflicting views. I have not played all the routes and so some information is still quite spotty so feel free to correct them based on your experiences and opinions. Pro-Black Eagles Pro-Blue Lions Pro-Golden Deer Some Exceptions
  4. Keep - Battalions, not specifically Gambits mind you, I think Battalions should have other gameplay effects. Stuff like the early-demo Formations and all that affecting unit placement could be interesting. Ideas like having three armored shield units line up could pull interesting stuff like a Phalanx or a battalion of Bow Knights pulling a Parthian Shot. I think they could do better with this and I want to see it improve. A personal dream would be if clashing Battalions have secret advantage and weakness against each other. Think like archer battalions aren't as effective against armored unit battalions or something like that. - New Game+: It's a beautiful thing really, and definitely gives the incentive to replay the game if one wants a more casual game. I would honestly not mind a route like Lunatic+ if we had something like New Game+ carrying over things. It's not perfect in this game of course but it was definitely a welcome. - The Magic system: I like the limit of it, it needs to be tweaked cause it's still overpowered here but it still works. - Three-way battles: Should be more of these, less monsters and more humans fights with this. I like the idea of a third force complicating everything, or having them appear at a tight spot can change the outcome of a battle. - Goals is a really nice idea, even if there is no grinding spots in future games having units train themselves towards weapon ranks help some units catch up. Drop or the return of old mechanics - Return of weapon-triangle: Might be slightly unpopular but weapon-triangles make units who are proficient in one weapon to be useful when going up against certain enemies. I know that there are breaker skills that are suppose to emulate them but they aren't enough. - Certification: It make sense here because of how school-focused this game is but no thanks, don't want RNG class-change. - Recruitment of other students: I'm not one who enjoys teatime so this is a big no for me. Promoting the use of other stats as requirements is also tedious. - Adjuvants, I like the ability to grind with it but either drop it or bring back Pair Up. No Opinion - Needs Tweaking. - Avatar: I never had too much of a problem with the Avatar. I don't mind if they drop it or keep it in the future but it definitely needs some tweaking for a better experience. Byleth is both a good and a bad step. The Good is that they are properly an avatar with nice dialogue options, the bad is that they are a main character in the story where some personality would have been needed. They also lack the customization of Robin and Corrin which makes me think that Byleth should have been more of their own character especially with their backstory. I'm not saying it can't work and that recent FEs (not counting Echoes) try to have the Avatar be the main focus into the plot in order to keep people who likes Avatar stuff invested. The best of both world would be that an Avatar is just a customizable unit who maybe is friends with the Lord or is a mercenary (yeah similar to Kris but not as spotlight-stealing or so I heard), have dialogue options or action choices depending on what kind of story, but isn't as important as said Lord. Either way, it's probably here to stay though. - Divine Pulse: I'm not finicky with it. It was helpful for the most part but I don't have much to say on it.
  5. You can't go wrong with Effie!Mitama, as long as she is in a physical class. I will say that Great Lord has better growth-rates for Effie!Mitama but there is nothing wrong with making her a Dread Fighter so you could run Oboro!Caledori with Great Lord (to make "Lucina") if that's what you want. Careful with Nina though as Corrin doesn't pass down her secondary class to her any other children but Kana since she will pass down her Noble classes to them instead. As for Boon, you have +Speed (for any general purpose, can be magical or physical), or +Magic (for a more magic focused). Bane would probably be -Luck (unless you are willing to tolerate -Defense) Unless you are looking at it from a skill inheritance perspective, then both Archer and Diviner should have decent skills to pass down (mainly Certain Strike/Bowfaire for Archer and Tomefaire/Flamboyant for Diviner.) So you could look to her friendship classes or her marriage ones for more options, although most of them are geared towards preferring a physical pairing. (with Foleo being the only magical class spouse for her.) Standouts would probably be Asugi for the ninja class and Siegbert for a personal skill-stack although it's very limited.
  6. I got the book but I don't have a scanner so I'll leave it to someone who can take the pictures better There are two things that really caught my eye.
  7. Is there any Japanese Skill Request forum? Is it alright if I request a Japanese region skill request?
  8. Timed Attack and Timed Assault gives me a huge headache especially trying to get 2,000 kills for the S rank. Sure, you could get away with it in the normal ones by cheesing it with Lyn's C6 but comes the missions where they restrict you to certain characters (Either only the fates cast or "Bows only"), then I need to take a break between each tries before I threw my 3DS in rage.
  9. Don't worry. A+ supports are not locked to one pairing only, it's just an indication for which characters have exclusive voice conversation with each other. You can have multiple supports but only a selected few will have conversations.
  10. I don't encounter knights very often, so I guess it does really helps when the game forces you to use them on certain stages. Thanks! Btw, can we transfer/copy 3DS save data to Switch, or something like the Vita did with the PS4? I don't think it's possible but I'm just asking to check because I want to buy the console version.
  11. I really hope so. If what you said is true, then this effect alone, would allow Sakura to surpass Takumi in terms of power due to her high magical stat. (Too bad, most of her other stats cannot compare to Takumi so he is still better :P.)
  12. Playing the Japanese version, and I'm having trouble figuring out a weapon effect. It called "物理魔法反転" According to google translate, it said "Physical magic inversion effect". Now I don't really understand the "inversion" part. Is it saying that my physical attack/strength now hit the enemy's resistance or if the weapon now goes with the magical stat instead of the physical. Can anyone help? Have anyone found the english equivalent of it yet?
  13. Blessed Bow? I thought Sakura's personal weapon is Spellbane Yumi (破魔矢)
  14. I can confirm that their support options do not change. (Male Robin will have the same support options as Female Robin) As for the dialogue in their support, I can only confirm that Chrom's A+ support doesn't have any unique dialogue, just a different VA.
  15. That's not the case...the game treats them as the same character at least in the Japanese 3DS version. Female Robin can be selected in the costume section of Robin. I haven't unlock Male Corrin but it's probably the same thing. And yeah, they share the same supports as well with the only difference being their voice. (Meaning you don't need to grind them separately)
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