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  1. Alright, then about class changing, can you class change her into say, level 4 marth?
  2. I know this has been asked already, but does level 1 Lucina counting as Marth only apply when she's deployed? And can you discard a Marth for her to crit? And also promote Into Marth? My interpretation of this is that her skill is only active when she's out, and that you can discard Marth for her crits, promote her into Marth, and cannot be supported by Marth, whereas it's the opposite for Marth since lucinas skills wouldn't be into effect since, she's not deployed, meaning no discarding her for Marth, no level down into her, and she can support Marth. Is my interpretation correct? Can someone clarify when in specific are skills active? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guys. I was just confused because one of the cards on the wiki has a comment saying you can use face down bonds, but the other color card doesn't say anything. It makes more sense if they don't count though, and I'd prefer it that way because I'd like more of a balance when considering bonds.
  4. Regarding the Tribe Leader skills for the new cards (they receive bonuses for as long as 2 or more bonds have fang affinity, I believe), does it still work if the bonds are face down? And if it does, can I assume the pnly thing different between face up and face down bonds is whether the insignia (color) is there or not? Also, does Class Change require color? As in, do I need a red card bond (face up) to turn my level 1 Marth, into level 4 Marth? Or can I do it even if all the bonds are face down?
  5. Ooooh, I love metallic! I've had terrible experiences with ultrapro lol I think I'll keep my rare cards in a trade binder and the decks with expensive cards in dragonshields lol. Probably will try out these sleeves with some simple decks and see how they age... I guess I'll risk a deck or 2 with sleeves and if I'm paranoid I'll double sleeve, but I'll definitely buy some sleeves, even though they're recycled art from the cards they never get old... The art is so good. :P
  6. They look pretty nice. I'll definitely buy some Takumi sleeves. Quick question, what's the quality like for the sleeves, do they split easily or get dirty easily? And how does the inside look, is it metallic, or just plain black or white? I'm definitely getting some I just want to know if I can use them casually or if I have to take care of them. :P
  7. Perfect! Thank you very much! Now I am convinced that they have different purposes and each has its unique uses.
  8. Hmm I never thought of that... Then, what's the point of Owain not being able to use crits? Is it supposed to be a nerf? What I mean is, are crits better than his first skill in some situations?
  9. Alright, well I think I have a grasp of it now... So timing is the only difference in my head lol Thanks btw!
  10. Ok that makes sense. But can't you still quadruple his attack even after Class Change? It doesn't specify that you can only use the skill once per turn.
  11. So can somebody explain to me the usefulness of his first skill? I mean I get that it's there so that he can deal twice as much damage even when he class changed (due to the second skill), but it wouldn't it have been easier to just not have the first skill and have the second one simply break 2 orbs as long as he was class changed? Am I missing something? Am I misunderstanding something? Are there any special cards that take advantage of this? I'm just very confused... Here's a link, and thanks in advance! http://www.serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Owain_(Cipher)
  12. Alright thank you very much. Definitely will be going for 2 boxes
  13. Alright thanks! And just for clarification, is there a difference between normals and hn cards in terms of appearance or is the only way to tell the difference by looking at the bottom of the card? I'm looking for a physical difference (how in magic the gathering they have the set symbol and have black for commons, blie uncommons, gold for rare, and reddish for mythic)
  14. So i have a couple question regarding the card format. 1-What are the differences between a Normal card and a HN card? 2- what about between a Rare and a Rare+/SR and SR+ (in terms of the physical card itself) Finally, me and a friend want to order a box and split the packs, but since the packs contain a set amount of SR cards, would it be better if we each got our own? Especially considering there is only 1 SR+/R+ in the whole box? Thanks in advance!
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