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  1. Whenever I use a macro there's always an error. Is it because I have an old EA or because the file I need isn't in my EAslb (Event Assembler Standard Library) folder?
  2. Saw this and just had to post. Can I have more than 1 favorite cause I like Cowboy Bebop, GTO, Galaxy Express 999 and the original Captain Harlock (Anime one. Not that... movie.) equally.
  3. ABomb

    [Solved] My bad

    This was a re-post
  4. How do I insert my mid with sappy and what version should I use? 1.6, 2005, 2006? Thanks.
  5. Eh, welcome! If custom animations n' stuff is what your looking for google "The Ultimate Tutorial".
  6. Alright, I'll try it again. thnx.
  7. How do you change the objective of a chapter? ( I know I've been asking lots of questions lately but it'll be worth it ) I tried using nightmare but it still says seize as an objective. Do I use Event Assembler or what? Thanks brohs n' galz.
  8. If Chapter 25 of the ultimate tut is outdated then what exactly do I do to edit music and are Chapter 23-24 still accurate? By the way, could I get a link to anything I need to download? Edit: and what about the goal of a chapter? Seize, number of enemies, etc
  9. Yeah...I've only been here for a while so I have no idea how.
  10. I got on my DS and there was a system update. Should I get it or what cuz I wanna hack FE13 or is it all ready too late. My thing is 9.9.0-26u. Edit: Forget about it bro
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