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  1. In that case, I do not care about having my favorite units be as good as the best units, and I do not really care if they are in the game or not. I do not care about using my favorite characters very much. As much as I like Edelgard, and spent quite a bit of resources to give Edelgard and FE!Edelgard's additional skills, they are benched for the most part. I only take them out for a spin in the Training Tower or Special Training Maps and just watch them solo autobattle whenever I just want to relax and not think about things too much. The closest to using my favorites on a regular basis would be BH!Lucina and Laevatein, and I have mostly only used them in Aether Raids. Once Plumeria gets released, I guess she will be a unit that I will use pretty consistently on a regular basis, but even then, I still do not think I will use her more often than VS!Azura. As for when they should be released, I am not really sure if I prefer to have my favorite characters be released earlier or later. If they are a unit that fits my play style, I guess I would want them to be released earlier. If they are a unit that does not fit my play style though, I am not sure I care about when they get released. Sol Katti's Refine is really good and it was released at the same time as Fujin Yumi. Sol Katti got a slightly weaker version of "Null Follow-Up" against Wary Fighter units as Sol Katti's Brash Assault cancels out Wary Fighter, and Lyn's natural Spd should allow her to secure the double. And with Resplendent stats, Lyn is only outclassed in raw stats by a few min-maxed gen IV units, as Lyn can stand toe to toe with any of the gen III sword infantry stat wise, and many gen IV sword infantry. Siegmund was not exactly great back then, but it is pretty good now with Impacts and Lull Atk/Def for bulk preservation, as well as Eir for long range healing. Deathly Dagger, Hauteclere, and Mystletainn also got decent Refines, although nothing super amazing in my opinion.
  2. I do not think when a unit gets released matters all that much. BST is not the only thing that matters, and high BST is not exactly always good thing either depending on the application. Stat distribution and skills matter too, and old units are not lacking in stat distribution and good skills either. There are still a bunch of first year units who are top tier. BH!Ike and BH!Lucina combo is pretty ridiculous, especially with Peonys in the mix. BH!Roy and Eliwood are not top tier in terms of raw combat performance, but they are certainly top tier when it comes to team composition due to Heavy Blade on their Weapons; same applies to Caeda, Clair, and Ogma. BB!Cordelia and Klein are not the best infantry archers, but they are basically second best. Raven is still the best axe infantry Galeforcer, as low BST with a good stat distribution is still better than high BST with a mediocre stat distribution. Have not fully realized it sooner, but Tharja and Nino are Blade mages who can also be Blazing nukes at the same time. Celica is still bonkers. Cordelia was practically unrivalled until very recently with OM!Ingrid having 76 (34+42; 77 with super boon) total Atk/Spd while Cordelia has 74 (37+37); raw damage output is less relevant meta wise for melee units, but Cordelia still leads the pack due to exclusive Weapon having an extra 5 points in stats (assuming Spd Refinement, Atk+2 and Spd+3 over regular Brave Lance), and the only other units challenging her in that role are TSOIA!Palla and maybe Catria but they got positioning and team composition requirements.
  3. While 20,000 Feathers sounds like a lot, it only represents about 1 week of game play, and the average player probably earns quite a bit more than that. While Atk/Spd Solo is not bad, the reason I recommend Atk/Spd Solo for staff units is because regular player phase units can use Swift Sparrow and Life and Death, make better use of Brazen Atk/Spd, and all three skills are a lot easier to use. Atk/Spd Solo is not that great on regular nukes due to its positioning requirements, and while it is not as crap as Bonds, it is still far from ideal as nukes will oftentimes be adjacent to allies and it simply is not practical to have them move to a new position all the time. And for Galeforce teams who may want a lot of its members run Wings of Mercy, Atk/Spd Solo does not really work very well in that set up. If you really do not want to give it to a staff unit, the only other type of unit I can think that can use Solos somewhat well are dual phase Galeforcers. For Atk/Spd Solo you want to use it on a high Spd unit, and also probably give them a defensive B skill that is active on both phases. Null Follow-Up, Close Call/Repel, Lulls, etc. are premium options, but there is also Dull Close if you do not mind spending Grails, and Guard (its HP requirement sucks though) and Breakers for really cheap options. The main issue with dual phase Galeforcers in my opinion is that they do not feel that great, at least when I used them. While it is nice to be able to have them break away from the main team and do their own thing, that kind of play style is very hard to support properly using a regular team, so if the Galeforcer gets into trouble, it is hard to extract them out of enemy range. I am also not super convinced that the dual phase portion for those Galeforcers is really that necessary either, although it certainly is fun and mesmerizing to watch them auto battle on easy modes like Training Tower and Special Training Maps.
  4. Summoned enough DM!Ephraims to get him to +6 (to get that third Atk point), but none of them are +Atk. Got +Res and +Spd, and I think I will go with +Res to give him more magic bulk when dealing with dragons. Also got a bunch pity breakers, and not all are great. Gerik pity broke me thrice, although I guess I now have some Firesweep Axe fodder now if I want to use it. I could take DM!Ephraim to +8, but I want to save the guaranteed copy for guides incase they ever make guides for dolphins, and I need the other copy for FE!Edelgard.
  5. Three Houses has been out for almost a year now. I think it is about time they stop worrying about spoilers for Three Houses.
  6. I recommend Brazen Atk/Spd on that slot since it gives the most Atk/Spd. Additionally, I recommend replacing her Chill with Desperation since she cannot activate her Duo Desperation consistently enough if you are using her as a combat unit frequently. Her Atk/Spd Push is fine most cases, but if you need her to do more than 2 or 3 rounds of combat, I recommend switching to another A skill such as Life and Death, since Atk/Spd Push has an HP minimum requirement and will automatically stop working after a while.
  7. People need time to wind down, relax, and recharge. Sleeping helps with some of that, but often times people need more than that, so they need to relax while being awake and simply do nothing and laze around. Edelgard is pretty much the definition of all work and no play, and despite her head strong appearance, I think she is mentally spent and exhausted and she relies on Hubert to drag her around throughout the day and help her complete her duties as an imperial princess.
  8. I think that is basically it. I believe it is just the number Harmonized Heroes, number of bonus title Heroes, number of thieves you killed, and number of losses you sustained. What tier you are in also affects your score, so you get a higher base score in higher tiers, but that is not really under your complete control.
  9. The only map where I had issues with being in enemy range was the third map with all the Summer Passing units. That map has cavalry and ranged units so it is hard to avoid being in enemy range. I had to bait all the enemies towards the middle of the map, and then have Tharja (or whatever nuke the player is using) ignore the front most (or second front most) enemy, have Tharja clear out the rest, and have Tharja clear the enemy in the back last. Having Tharja clearing the enemy in the back last will give enough space between the front most enemy and Tharja. I think I left SP!Lute alive since she was either the one closest or second closest to my team at the start of the second turn. Once Tharja cleared the last enemy in the back, Tharja is too far for SP!Lute to attack, so SP!Lute just attacked one of my Dancers/Singers instead, but SP!Lute was not able to secure a kill since all my Dancers/Singers at that point still had full HP. I believe the replay is to help you decide what skills are better for auto battling. For example, A slots Breaths are not the best A skill in my opinion under player control, but it is pretty good under AI control in Tempest Trials since it helps the unit charge Aether quickly for healing. I assume auto battling in Aether Raids would give easy enemies like in Tempest Trials, so the unit does not need something top tier like a tier 3 Stance skill, and they just need some form of consistent automatic healing. Not sure how to skip replays though.
  10. He is in the Weekly Revival Foci, and Weekly Revival Foci are in a 20 week cycle. You can check the schedule and which Focus he is in here.
  11. Recoil damage helps activate Wings of Mercy on Dancers/Singers to get out of harm's way. A player phase nuke is not meant to get hit once they reach low HP. In emergency situations, you use Dancers/Singers as meat shields to protect the nuke. For most Chain Challenges, you can generally still win the rest of the maps even if you lose a Dancer/Singer half way, as you still have two others to support the nuke.
  12. Is there a particular enemy that you could not kill in the Chain Challenge? RauĂ°rblade pretty much overpowered every enemy for me. Growing Wind and Savage Blow also helps a lot since enemies tend to clump up together, so if there is a bulky enemy that a Blade mage cannot handle right away, targeting other enemies around it to deal chip against the bulky enemy is usually enough to kill the bulky enemy when the Blade mage can come back to it.
  13. Is there a specific map you are stuck on? I just cleared it with Tharja 4*+10 with RauĂ°rblade without the +, and she solo'd all the maps. I gave my Tharja Growing Wind, Life and Death, Savage Blow, and Brazen Atk/Spd. Her allies are Azura: Vallite Songstress, Happy New Year! Azura, and Olivia, and they all got Wings of Mercy.
  14. Not really. I guess you can try TSOIA!Palla if you have her, since she got guaranteed quads when near allies, and she can run Death Blow Sacred Seal. I would just save him as a Manual for now.
  15. We should keep our guard up and remember to vote. According to this article, polls are not too accurate because polls usually undercount people who are not frequent voters, and since a significant portion of Trump voters are not frequent voters, so they are underrepresented for poll numbers. That means Biden might not have as big of a lead as we thought.
  16. I would go with +Spd. I would not worry about inheriting Galeforce. I would prioritize Atk/Spd Solo, and I would save that for a staff unit since the only other good player phase A skill option they have is Atk/Spd Push. Raven should be running double Life and Death (or triple whenever it gets a Seal). Having low bulk helps him summon Wings of Mercy allies. Same thing with Lon'qu. FH!Celica is bit too thicc bulky for my tastes. Personally, I would either merge Yarne or give Atk/Spd Solo to a staff unit. Life and Death is good enough in most other unit's cases. Yeah, just go with +Spd. The only reason to go +Atk is if you want to use her with Brave Sword or turn her into a Blazing nuke with Slaying Edge. I generally just go +Spd for most units with decent Spd. I think archers are the only ones with a reason to go +Atk for most of them. If they have an exclusive Weapon that is not Brave and it rivals Brave Bow though, then I stick with +Spd as usual. For Firesweep Bow, both +Atk and +Spd are fine, and it does not really matter. For Brave Bow though, you generally want +Atk most of the time. So if you are not sure what you want to do with an archer, I would just go with +Atk since it gives them the most flexibility.
  17. Raven mage Cecilia is not going out of her way to do things other than countering specific enemies though. In my opinion, M!Robin would be trying to do too much if it is trying to buff and be a decent combat unit at the same time. Cecilia having Hone Cavalry is not a huge deal since her other options are Savage Blow and Res Smoke. If she is only countering one or two units on a map, giving her Savage Blow and Res Smoke is not really that helpful since she is not going through combat constantly like a regular nuke. As a buffer, M!Robin's primary job is to support other units, not combat. I do not think it makes sense to discount Life and Death for combat performance reasons. M!Robin should choose his A skill based on the stats of his teammates, so Life and Death should be given the same weight as Fury and Fort. Def/Res.
  18. @Arhuhamel, just so you do not make the same mistakes as others have made in terms of resource management, I strongly recommend that you keep at least one copy of every unit that the game gives you for free, and make sure you do NOT merge them and do NOT give them Dragonflowers. This is for following guides on YouTube so you can get all the rewards that are time sensitive. Even as a veteran player, while I do not need free guides most of the time, I still find myself relying on them from time to time, and I rely on free guides heavily for Limited Hero Battles. Here is a short summary of what units to keep at least one copy of: If you have any doubts, you can consult this chart of free units. I also strongly do NOT recommend Sending Home any unit, at least not until much later. If you need more space in your Barracks, I recommend expanding your Barracks or turning some of the units into Combat Manuals to get more space. If you are sending units home, you are essentially trading 3-5 Orbs for 150, 300, or 1,000 Feathers, which is an extremely bad deal . The average player can get well over 20,000 Feathers per week, so it does not really make sense to send any unit or Combat Manual home unless you have like 20+ copies of a unit and you do not use that unit for any form of Skill Inheritance. For units with Blade tomes, Brave Bow, Fury, Life and Death, Steady Stance, Desperation, Quick Riposte, Atk Smoke, etc., I do not recommend sending any of these units home since those skills are in very high demand.
  19. But units that attempt to do everything will have a much harder time doing things that demand peak performance. Dual phase Galeforcers with guaranteed follow-up are already compromising their Player Phase performance for pretty minor performance gains on Enemy Phase, and while Solos are generally better than Pushes for that role, there are still positioning requirements that can be problematic at times. It is fine for modes like Tempest Trials where things are pretty easy, but I am not sure it is going to be that great in modes like Aether Raids and Abyssal. I prefer making a team more flexible by picking the right specialist than making a team with full of generalists that do not excel in any area.
  20. Depends on how much you use certain skills and how much fodder for that skill you have left. While I am not technically low on Reposition per se, I am low on each unit that has Reposition, so I am going with Silas. I also value 5* exclusive units more than fodder, so I will be picking up both Nohrian Summer Leo and A Sketchy Summer Linde. If you do not care about NS!Leo, then I will pick every 4* unit except Roy, since all he really has is just Triangle Adept, and players generally do not need a lot of Triangle Adept outside of using them for hard counters for Arena Assault when a new player is just start out. If we get enough Ephemeras though, then you might be able to pick up every 4* unit, so there might not need to make any decision on who to not get. I still recommend picking up ASS!Linde and prioritizing her over others since she got Starfish.
  21. We already have a thread for skill ideas, and people have been putting tier 4 skill ideas there.
  22. To get out of the forest to avoid Nohrian Beorc scum.
  23. You seem like you need a Hubert at your side to nag you to do things.
  24. I want grilled cheese sandwich with lots of bacon, and with clam chowder on the side. Land, sea, and sky sandwich would also be nice. It will contain three different meats, one poultry, one fish, and one land animal, most likely chicken, pollock, and beef. I would also add bacon, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, ketchup, and avocado. I want a thin rye bread that is toasted.
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