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  1. I would boost Atk now and use Trait Fruit to fix Spd later. I personally recommend -HP for the Flaw to make it easier to reach Wings of Mercy range.
  2. Aw, that sucks. I think it could have been worded better with "At the start of ally's combat, if ally is within two spaces of unit" or something like that.
  3. Hilda is a better support unit with all stats+4 and follow-up denial, which I believe works on everyone on the map as long as she stays lazy? Naga is a better support unit too with all stats+3, Atk/Spd+6 bonus buffs, player phase guaranteed follow-up, and dragon effectiveness whenever it is relevant. Alm: Saint King can break walls a lot more effectively now with Tempo and Windsweep. I am kind of iffy on Time's Pulse, so I think Flashing Blade would be a better option for more consistent Special triggers within a turn, and you get more true damage. Laegjarn: Burning Sun can opt for Sweep for more protection or Far Trace for more stats. Kind of meh in my opinion. Would not hurt to include true damage or more consistent Special triggers in my opinion. Rutger can Galeforce. I guess he can super tank too. Keaton can Counter-Vantage better now, which is not as relevant these days, and also Galeforce. Caineghis wants Hardy Fighter, although I guess you can opt for Special Fighter too if you are using multiple copies of Nifl and/or Nifl: Tropical Ice God. To me, I guess Alm: Saint King is the most exciting. Hilda and Naga are decent secondary support units after Flayns and Elimines (or the two Nifls for Laguz). Caineghis is another really good Far Save tank. Rutger, Keaton, and Laegjarn: Burning Sun are all alright, but nothing major.
  4. Cath: Caper Captain can deal a bit of true damage, steal bonus buffs, and Canto Warp a short distance. Nothing too major in my opinion. Leila: Keen Workout is reminiscent of Leila but on a horse. She got Slaying, Spd based Sweep, Pain, and Canto Warp to nearby allies. She als got Def/Res Smoke to simulate being a dagger unit, and it is real interesting with Pathfinder built in. Florid Knife is kind of interesting with Canto, but I do not think it is a game changer. Nina: Shadowy Figures targets the lower of Def/Res, uses the higher of Blade/Blizzard, and, more importantly, can fly back to safety without needing a Dancer/Singer. She seems pretty fun, but I am a bit iffy on her as a nuke, since she does not have any kind of Sweep or Null Follow-Up (for running B slot Sweeps). I think her combat performance is better than Yuri's, but I am not sure if it is strong enough to give up Sweep and Null Follow-Up in favor of mobility, at least in Summoner Duels. Oh, and Distant Counter (D) is cool. You can run Guard on A and offload half-Breath to Hilda: Deer's Two-Piece.
  5. Yep, so he sucks in Limited Hero Battles as support.
  6. I like the sound of Moomoo, sounds funny. I think I may call Askr Mr. Moomoo from time to time to confuse the hell out of people. A restraunt in my downtown has a statue of @Ice Dragon.
  7. He is most relevant in Aether Raids in my opinion since that is where you can spam supports for your super tank. I personally would not use super tanks in Arena simply because there are less slots for support (you only have two slots, with the fourth slot being bonus unit), and you kind of want to design a team that is more generic in terms of support so you can help any kind of bonus unit to get kills. In Arena Assault, super tank and Save tank teams are pretty viable too since you do not need to run a bonus unit that eats up space. Yen'fay, Flayn, Lucina: Brave Princess, and a Dancer/Singer will easily shut down most foes too.
  8. I just saw this video on underwhelming units, and Yen'fay is one of the units considered to be "overrated" or "underwhelming". In the comments section, it seems like people forget that super tanks do not operate in a vaccum without team support, and they just throw tanks blindly into enemy range in Arena. Sure, he is far cry from Ike: Close-Knit Sibling, but people do realize that there is a huge difference in cost between those two, and if you throw Ike: Close-Knit Sibling far into enemy range without team support too like an absolute complete and utter dumbass, he will fucking die too because his Weapon will not work without teammates nearby. You cannot expect Aether Raids level of super tank performance with a shitty Arena team set up, especially if you do not even build a team around it. As for Ishtar: Echoing Thunder, she can act like Joshua: Resolute Tempest too with Windsweep, and I would not even consider Joshua: Resolute Tempest that amazing, let alone meta defining for Aether Raids defense, especially when you can stack three Elimines and basically wall nukes off. And if Ishtar: Echoing Thunder is considered a disappointment, Celica: Valentia's Hope is just as lame since her only relevant gimmick is Miracle (which Leif: Destined Scion also has, who also has a more relevant role as a Galeforcer rather than a dime-a-dozen regular nuke), and Laegjarn: Flame Ascendent is even worse. And I do not think the YouTuber has actually tried using Florina: Azure-Sky Knight, because her Wings of Mercy shenanigans do NOT work in the PvP modes that matters most due to onerous HP requirements from Mythic and Legendary Blessings; at best, she can be used in Chaos Season with double Fury, but that is like a once a month thing, so not exactly a good return on investment if you can litereally only be use it once per blue moon. I guess I am just kind of annoyed when people take things out of context and completely ignore the bigger picture. And in the case of Florina: Azure-Sky Knight, the YouTuber does not even seem like they have tried using the unit; warping is nice, but if you cannot even trigger it reliably, it might as well not exist. I guess I am fine with the rest of his analysis, but to me it feels like he really dropped the ball on those two units (and I guess three if we count Florina: Azure-Sky Knight).
  9. Askr is cool. He is basically Maria: Sunny Smile with a more versatile B slot, but in exchange he cannot get Mythic stats. I am not convinced Bulwark is good enough to be usable. Stats and healing are nice, but you are competing with the likes of various guaranteed follow-up or Null Follow-Up on the B slot, and those B skills also come with Guard or other effects.
  10. I am pretty sure Mulagir is worse than inheritable Weapons. There is no reason to not use Ninja Yumi or Whitecap Bow if you can afford it; I would take true damage and Brave or full Mt and Brave over Dull Ranged any day. If the player wants to commit her fully to Sweeping, there is Firesweep Bow too, and Firesweeping is lot more lenient on stats.
  11. Alright, she was relevant for a very short while. Once Corrin: Novice Vacationer and Nowi: Eternal Witch came out in late 2017, you rather run those two with one or two Dancers/Singers, and if Camilla: Spring Princess was there, she was relegated to being more of a buff bot.
  12. They put some pretty good stuff on free units too. Yen'fay might be cheap, but he is arguably just as good as Ike: Brave Mercenary. Riev is pretty decent too as a Saboteur who also doubles as a Blazing nuke. There is also Walhart and Gharnef now who can Sweep, so players literally have no excuse at this point about not having the tools to deal with problematic units. And these characters are not even main characters. I agree that female characters and popular characters tend to get better treatment, but people act like male characters and less popular characters get nothing decent. And being popular does not even guarantee that you will not get shit treatment. Lyn: Brave Lady's Refine was absolute bottom of the barrel crap, and she is the only Lyn that is even remotely relevant until Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo came along. I do not remember Camilla ever being relevant. While Ymir is decent, she is hardly top tier, and it makes absolutely zero sense to run her for Drive Miracle when you can have Drive damage reduction from Flayn or Elimine.
  13. People do realize that some of the best units in the game are dudes right? Seems like people just cherry pick the best female units and outright ignore the best male units and pretend they do not exist. And if we are talking about free units, male units overwhelmingly dominate female units. Even as fodder, male units are no slouch either. The top three Galeforcers are Leif: Destined Scions, Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act, and Lyn: Ninja-Friend Duo. If a player does not give a shit about PvP and only focuses on PvE, then sure, all three feel the same. But if a player takes them for a spin in Aether Raids, it becomes pretty apparent very quickly that the best Galeforcer really is not the girls. And for cheap Galeforcers, the girls do not offer any sort of competition at all to Eliwood and Naesala. For Fireweepers, males are just plain better. If we look at armor Firesweepers, Raphael: Muscle Monger got higher Atk/Spd than Faye: Drawn Heartstring. For infantry, Shinon has better Atk/Spd than Louise. And for a cheap ranged Sweeper, there is Gharnef now, and sort of Walhart. For wallbreakers, I agree that Nanna: Beloved Princess is probably the best wallbreaker right now since she ignores defensive Specials and percentage damage reduction, but Dimitri: Sky-Blue Lion is no joke either who can quad attack with true damage from Atrocity, and there is Roy: Blazing Bachelors who can turn his axe into a Blade tome and trigger his Special on time. For super tanks, if all you can think about is Mareeta: Astra Awakened and Eirika: Twin Refulgence, then you clearly have not been paying attention to Ike: Close-Knit Siblings, who is just plain better than both with damage reduction and Null Follow-Up built into his Weapon. And for a slightly less premium unit, the gold standard upon all super tanks are measured against, Ike: Brave Mercenary is still there and still relevant, and if you want a blue version, there is Dimitri: Savior King. Similarly for cheap super tanks, there is no girl that can top Yen'fay. As for Save tanks, there are a bit more girls than boys, but it is not like they completely dominate the boys. And similarly again for cheap Save tanks, Arden takes the spot with no female competition. In terms of premium support units, this is the only area where female units completely dominate males. Elmine is simply the best giving Drive damage reduction, with Flayn being second, and Nifl and Nifl: Tropical Ice God tied being third. There is Lucina: Brave Princess, Velouria Renewed Wolfpup, and Hilda: Deer's Two Piece for Special charge increase. Then there are my favorite Dancers/Singers with basically almost all the relevant ones being female, and the only male that is semi relevant being Rafiel: Blessed Wings. The only other relevant male support unit would be Kaden. As for cheap support units, Aversa is the only relevant female that comes to mind, while we got a lot more male options: M!Corrin for Drive; Arvis, Saias, Riev, and Walhart for debuffs; Mordecai for Smiting. And for relatively cheap but relevant fodder, those would Serpentine Staff, Coral Saber, Ninja Katana, and Ninja Naginata, and they are all carried by dudes.
  14. Depends on the mode and team composition. If she is just for PvE, the modes are easy enough that you do not need the right Assets. If it is for Aether Raids AND you have a bunch of Spd Mythics on the team, she would not need it either. If you do NOT have a lot of Spd Mythics, then having Spd as a second Asset would be a good idea. Although my copy is +Spd, I run triple Elimines too, so with Spd+12 from the Mythics, a Spd Asset really is not all that necessary even if she was not +Spd. If you plan to spend a Floret, then I recommend spending the Fruits too and change her Assets to +Atk/Spd, and the Flaw can be -HP or -Res. If she is merged, then the Flaw does not matter since merges gets rid of them.
  15. You do not want to use Auto-Create as it generally does not make a good team. For a basic super tank team that is relatively cheap, you want to use Yen'fey, Lucina Brave Princess and/or Flayn, and fill the rest up with whatever Light or Astra Mythics you have. In terms of pure stat boosts and support ability, the best Light Mythic would be Peony. For Astra, they would be Plumeria and Elimine. Ideally, you want to spam as many Peonys, Plumerias, and Elimines as you can for the Spd boost, but most players prefer to merge them up for better scoring and run other Mythics. For a Galeforce team, the two best core units for the team would be Leif: Destined Scions and Dorothea: Twilit Harmony. You only need one copy of each and they do not need merges. They do require you to spend Orbs specifically for them since they are Special Heroes and you cannot just get them randomly, but the amount of bang they give for their buck is really high. For cheap options, only Eliwood and Naesala come to mind for Galeforcers.
  16. Celica: Valentia's Hope is better than Florina: Azure-Sky Knight as a nuke, but she is still a dime-a-dozen nuke though; she is not bad, but I do not think she is worth it outside of getting the Floret. Wish she came with Flashing Blade for triggering Luna and true damage. Est: Sweet Baby Sis feels like a much weaker Maria: Sunny Smile. At least give her a Brave Weapon or something, so she is at least better than Maria: Sunny Smile as a player phase unit. Ymir can be a nice Rally or positioning Assist bot.
  17. For official terminology and jargon, there is wiki page with a list of them. For slang, the most common ones that comes to mind for me are: — — — — — — — You are probably looking for this page on the wiki.
  18. Just stick with Auto Dispatch if you do not want to deal with the mode. I personally do not recommend it since you will get less rewards, but if you cannot win often enough, then Auto-Dispatch would be better. The mode does require a lot of resources to build enough teams to tackle a variety of defenses. The first team I recommend building would be a super tank team, a Save tank team, or a mixture of the two. A super tank team with Yen'Fey as the super tank would probably be the cheapest to build.
  19. XRay

    Summoner Duels

    She is pretty good. She provides mobility support. She is not the best combat unit, but she can hold her own. Yuri is... interesting. His mobility is insane and he is very fun to use. However, the main issue I have with him is that he does not hit hard enough as a nuke, and Save tanks will just kill him on the counter attack. This is not a huge issue in other modes where the AI is just horrible with positioning their units, so it is easy to snipe vulnerable foes. This is an issue in Summoner Duels though since it is much harder to exploit such vulnerability and Yuri just does not have the firepower to break Save tanks. She is not good in Summoner Duels. Her Dance/Sing functions like Galeforce, and Galeforce in general sucks because it gets interrupted by the opponent's turn. With a regular Dancer/Singer, you can still Dance/Sing an ally without needing to attack a foe first. Dance/Sing is severely nerfed in Summoner Duels, but you still want to run one for flexibility. I would swap out Yuri for Chrom: Fate-Defying Duo instead.
  20. You need to downgrade his Assist to Reconcile and level him up a few times via healing, so he gets enough SP to learn Assault. After that, just have him proceed to kill enemies for SP from there as usual.
  21. In my opinion, I would go for Hapi over Freyja: Fleeting Summer. Hapi is a nuke and can take out tough beast/dragon tanks. Freyja: Fleeting Summer is not bad, but her movement class is not ideal for super tanks since she lacks access to key B skills and it is expensive to merge her up. She is fine as a dual phase unit though, but again, she is expensive to build, and if you just want to throw units into the thick of battle, Save tank teams are much tougher to crack.
  22. I am not sure which source he is using, but it is funny to see even Fox ranking red states' education as kind of crap. According to U.S. News, New Mexico got the worst overall education and lower primary education, and Pennsylvania got the worst higher public education. According to USA Today, Nevada is last. I would take all the rankings with a grain of salt though, since they seem all over the place. America as a whole though still has a pretty shit primary education system.
  23. XRay

    Summoner Duels

    Not as bad as last week, but still miserable. Stayed at Gold B with 2 wins and 4 losses, so I did not go anywhere. I should have just stopped playing when I got into Gold A, but I tried tested my luck to see if I can get into Platinum.
  24. If you have not given her any merges, AND you do not plan to give her any merges NOR Flowers, then you want [+Atk/Spd, -HP]. The 35 HP is critical for her to work properly when using Fury 7 to get into HP range so the whole team can warp to her. This is not usable during normal Seasons in Aether Raids since her HP gets bumped too high, but it will work in Chaos Season and in Arena (assuming you are not using Legendary Heroes). If you have given her merges and/or Flowers, then I would not bother with fixing her Assets. I would go for [+Atk, -HP] or [+Atk, -Spd]. I lean towards -HP so she can get into Wings of Mercy range easier. You can pair her up with Florina: Azure-Sky Knight above for some fun Galeforce stuff.
  25. They appear often enough in Arena Assault. Losing Def is not a huge deal when you have two stacks of damage reduction support on top of 50%+ damage reduction on the unit itself. Losing Atk is a bigger deal in PvP modes, but it is less of an issue in PvE where enemies generally do not hit as hard. Chill Atk was just an example. It is not about what specific skill debuffs Arden, it is that debuffs will hit Arden. Unity sets a higher floor to how low his Atk can go compared to other skills. Yes. Plain bulky blue units in general like Altena can survive. Edelgard: Sun Empresses survives herself from time to time. I prefer Hardy Fighter for high bulk. Depends on preferences. Nifl herself is better as a support unit, and she works best supporting Save tanks like Lucina: Future Fondness. If you decide to get a Far Save tank, along with Nifl, Múspell, and Lucina: Future Fondness that you already have, it should be pretty easy to clear Tempest Trials and most PvE maps. I personally prefer one nuke with three Dancers/Singers. You can use Nifl as your nuke until you get Seth: Silver-Sea Knight. I lean towards support units, since they are harder to replace. Even if they technically do get outclassed, (Elmine is generally better than Flayn for example), they do not get so outclassed to the point where they are obsolete. I would also build more ranged Firesweepers, and even better if they can fly.
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