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  1. If you look up Fire Emblem Gaiden PC and click the reddit post, someone put working DL links in Google Drive. It's really easy to break the game though. Since the angel ring gives +100% to all growths, I just finished Celica Act 4 with a DF Atlas with 60 HP, 35 Def, and 38 Spd, and on Alm's side (haven't done the border map yet) I have an Alm with like 46 HP, 27 Spd, and the Royal Sword backing him up. Also, Clive's not terrible, for what it's worth. EDIT: I beat the game. Duma's pretty pathetic due to the engine only allowing 60 HP, and combined with my broken units, he didn't stand a chance. If Jedah survives the Duma battle, you go to an FE5-Endgame-style map with 6 chambers, each with one or two bosses per room (stronger clones of Rudolf, Marla, Hestia, and Duma, as well as Julius, Ishtar, Manfroy [With Veld's portrait, likely due to Jedah using Manfroy's FE5 portrait], Hilda, and Medeus [Called 'Duma Human' in the translation]. Don't ask me to explain the reason why Jugdral characters are appearing 1000 years after their games happened.] It's actually tough, even with my broken units and the uber units provided on turn 3 from the creators.
  2. I think I've heard somewhere that it doesn't work in Echoes, but don't quote me on that.
  3. Alright, hi I'm MrGreen3339 and I'll be bringing you a screenshot LP that will also recognize a Japanese FE hack You're probably wondering "what in the world is Fire Emblem: Queen's Sword?" I won't blame you, you have to know where to look to learn about it. It's a WIP FE8 hack. Download the hack here: https://ux.getuploader.com/FE4/download/794 Here's some notes about this hack. It is set in Elibe, although it isn't linked to FE6 or 7 It uses a Str/Mag split and a skill system It features an FE5 style capture mechanic Custom music from various games is used, from old FEs to Advance Wars and even a Paper Mario 64 song. Without further ado, let's get started! As a fair note, all English terms I get are Google Translated. It will likely be the main humor source.
  4. I finished the playthrough recently, and Miledy capped out STR, SPD, and SKL, and she nearly hit max HP. I took Sacae because Sue turned out to be a goddess (20 str with no energy rings, max speed, and at around level 10.)
  5. Okay, thanks. It's been like a week since someone replied. I will begin the game now due to the pool rule preventing 5 teams of 12. Not sure if I should do classic or SOYO though.
  6. My current sue has 18 speed at level 12. Use both if u want. I recommend both.
  7. In my book, warpskip means warping to the boss and beating a map In one or two turns.
  8. Rules 1. Marth, Jagen, Julian, Xane, Elice, Gotoh, and Nagi are free for use. 2. If Wendell, Maria, and/or Boah are your only healers, Wrys is free until they join. 3. I want 5 players, teams of 12 units. 4. A ballistician is free for chapters 13, 20, & 23 (23 cuz siege magic) 5. Undrafted units are free if they join during the chapter, only for that chapter. 6. Undrafted units can shop, recruit units, visit towns and houses, and use map saves. 7. Undrafted units cannot enter combat, except if they are recruited during the enemy phase, only for that phase. 8. Normal mode, gaidens don't count for up to 20 turns. 9. Replacement units cannot be picked from name or base class, just the amount you want. (because you may not even get that one unit) 10. Anyone can do any reclass. No reclassing is ever mandatory. 11. If you don't like these rules, don't post hate posts on here. 12. Warp is allowed, just no warpskip. 13. Violating rules except 12, 5 turn penalty. Warpskip gives a 20 turn penalty to make up lost times from skipped chapter.
  9. That is all my slots. I will use Marth, and Lena will be used to heal before Maria joins.
  10. Make that one slot. I pick Tomas. For myself. Lol
  11. 2 slots left! Nagios does not count due to her join time. I will still use her, don't worry.
  12. Vyland And Macellan? I'm in for a rough ride. Also no hero darros.
  13. I used darros and matthis last time but they can stay. Ps cord and Caesar can be dark makes at your request
  14. Thanks, I actually like that gaiden a lot and I like Nagios, too.
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