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  1. More stable build: https://www.reddit.com/r/FEMP/comments/3l5dxg/dev_blog_update_1/
  2. Sounds good to me! It is a bit buggy though, but it is fun. Make sure you're on a Skype call together lol.
  3. Hey Arch, I'm part of a fan project that's aiming to improve the code from a previous project called Fire Emblem Multiplayer (my first post details everything so far). My question is this: the game has a somewhat stable release, but it's not the one we've been working on. Would we still be able to submit to FEE3? Thanks!
  4. Hey Serenes Forest! I'm part of a small group from Reddit that's trying to revive an old project called Fire Emblem Multiplayer, which is based on the GBA games. It's almost self-explanatory; you download the .zip, build a server, then invite your friends to play. It's all based in Java, and so far, lots of FE fans have had fun playing it. The problem is that the game has issues, from very small such as the inability to turn down the audio or resize the game window, to bigger ones like game crashes, missing characters, no menus, and balance between characters. At its current state, it's playable, but the big issues plague it. So, we've decided to see if we can take a crack at improving the game. The creator is okay with this, and the code is open-source. What we're mainly looking so far to do is add menus for configuration, add new game modes, and hopefully balance the game for easy use. It would be awesome, and a great way for FE fans to connect. If you'd like to help in any way, head over to /r/FEMP, or comment here. Any help we can get is appreciated! EDIT 16/09/15: NEW UPDATE
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