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  1. Thieves are great, easily in my 10 favorite FE classes. Great dodge tanks, stealing without keys and their promotion to assassins are good too. Altough in FE6 I only ever use Astol, Matthew and Legault tend to fall behind in combat once Jaffar joins and they have pretty shit defenses plus their promotion only grants 1 strength. But Thieves have great characters in them like Matthew, Legault, Colm and my favorite non-promoted thief Gaius (if we are talking about Assassins too then Jaffar is my personal favorite Thief/Assassin in the series)
  2. You want to hear something worse? That happened to my MaMU and after the crit he was left with 1hp
  3. What other magic pairing with Lissa would make a good magic hybrid Owain?
  4. Jeigan would be my choice, then Gordin because killing both grants Norne and she's pretty darn good
  5. You should have also added promoted ones here, if that happened than Innes would get my vote for positive
  6. Crono, Frog and Marle or Crono, Marle and Ayla are usually the setups I use most of the time while Magus, Lucca and Robo are just standing there, chilling out and not fighting
  7. "If you don't agree you are wrong" Hey look the classic "my opinion is better" argument. Sorry but for that you don't deserve my post you pleb.
  8. I LOVE me some Nomads and Nomad Trooper´s. They can move more, are faster, have horses, more defenses, swords at promotion and have great characters in it (Rath, Sue and Shin). I wished they came back in later games as their own class to FUCK Archers even more.
  9. Fe6 iz gud Fe7 pretty good Fe8 great Fe11 OUT OF MY SIGHT YOU INCESTIVE BITCH!! Fe13 Amazing
  10. Personallity wise: Eliwood Gameplay wise: Hector or Eprahim Both: Lucina
  11. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance PS2. People like this game but honestly I don´t find it appealing. Probably beacuse of the looks and loose controls
  12. I am SSL01 or SuperSonicLucario01 if you prefer. I was sent here by shadowofchaos videos and the Fire Emblem fanbase. My experience in forums comes from the Chaos Theater forums ever since 2013. I hope I have fun here. Here is the Chaos Theater forums for reference. http://thechaostheater.net/forums/index.php
  13. Time to talk about Waifus RobinxCordelia LissaXRicken (Owain makes a surprisingly good Str/Mag hybrid unit) OliviaXGaius (Lethality, Galeforce, Astra, Sol and Armstrift+ Inigo= profit) Maribelle X Henry Sully X Stahl ChromXoverrated Sumia ChercheXVaike (Gerome´s first support with Vaike makes total sense) PanneXGregor (The older members of the party) MirielXLibra (science and religion) KellamXTharja (bulky noire FTW) DonnelXNowi (Broken as F**k)
  14. Forde from Sacred Stones. From all of the cavaliers, he turned out to be the better one on the Gba games. Haven´t finished Binding Blade yet but that title might change to Percival
  15. i HATE DESERT LEVELS. Mainly due to movement restrictions and some of the worst chapters in the series (Arcadia and Living Legend) some are good like Sacred Stone but most of these chapters downright SUCK
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