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  1. Lemme see... -Power fantasy Avatars (2 out of 3 can drink all of the chode, Robin is fine but Kris and Corrin are a disgrace) -FE11's Gaiden chapters (The most anti-strategy mechanic out there) -Awakening's Lunatic and + (Unbalanced as heck) -Missing staves in Thracia (self-explanatory)
  2. >thought the videow as bad >thread creator asks to not bash Dammit... I'll just leave this here, this video was inconsistent, had false facts and acting that made me want to commit euthanasium. Sorry but this video was baaaaaad and very much commentary material.
  3. My style is to in case I fail in a certain part, I edit the whole 2nd attempt out until I reach the part I failed at, and then I resume.
  4. Ay I heard you guys like to bash on Crash (heh it rhymed). I don't blame you guys, so here is his new video. I haven't watched it (not because of the 30 mins but because I don't be involved in this whole Fates Marathon thing) but I want to see what y'all think about this.
  5. Decided to change my pairings a bit, what do you guys think of these: LissaXHenry OliviaXKellam MaribelleXRicken SullyXStahl ChromXSumia CordeliaXLon'qu ChercheXVirion Robin/Tiki PanneXFrederick MirielXLibra TharjaXGaius NowiXDonnel
  6. I owe a lot to Awakening. If I hadn't played it back in late 2014, I wouldn't be in love with the series as much as I am today. It used to be my favorite as well but I played the rest and now it is around my 8th/7th favorite behind games like FE4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and maybe 2. I however have more amidable feelings towards games before FE11 for the most part, after SD the quality kinda became unstable a tiny bit. Just reminding that I am saying this as someone who hasn't played FE5 and 14.
  7. We need a sequel to the Chrono games. Trigger is one of my favorite games and from what I've seen, Cross looks swell.
  8. Give it to Jill. She gets to move even further and tank a lot so it's a neat deal.
  9. Give it to Ewan, he is a really good trainee despite coming late in the game so he needs all of the growths he can get to stand out among the hotshots
  10. Ehh Lowen is forgetabble so never gave a fuck about him. But throwing my argument here, I believe he stayed at the castle with Eliwood during FE6's events.
  11. And that's why you should marry Hector with Farina ladies and gents, because I'd rather have a slightly less shy Florina (implied) rather than a reverted back to a Lyn's story Florina.
  12. Cavalier: Hardin Axe Fighter/Brigand: Nolan/Gonzales Knight: Gatrie Merc: Raven Myrm: Joshua
  13. No Yune possession for her to get more screen time in part 4 for perhaps some redemption for her actions and stuborness in part 3. Some more dialogue with Naesala and Sanaki would be nice as well as more character depth to her actions at part 3. If Micaiah wasn't built up to be the zero evil/kind/benevolent/selfless type of person, I say her actions on part 3 could have made sense on a writing point of view.
  14. He should probably pick lances. Axes would be a bit too heavy due to his con, bows would be a nice one but there is no story reason (besides Wolt I guess) for Roy to use bows, Tomes wouldn't suit him, Cecilia even lampshades it. With lances he would be similar to his father and also have enough Con to wield them without much hassle.
  15. Anime: Pikachu and Shiny Magneton Games: Mudkip TCG: Mudkip...again
  16. Rayman Origins (PC): One of the tightest platformers I've evr played. It's all about gaining speed and momentum, where the game is at it's most fun. Level design is great, visual humor is pretty good, bosses are also pretty good and the soundtrack is great. One negative I have is the shooter segments where things got boring there. Nevertheless, Rayman Origins is awesome and one of my favorite games I've played this year 9/10
  17. Sword: Levin Sword and Mysteltainn Lance: Gae Bolg Axe: Vengeance and Titania's Axe Bow: Brave Bow and Blessed Bow Tomes: Arcfire, Forseti, Mjolinir, Book of Naga and Aversa's Night Staff: Fortify
  18. I mean, I marry Tiki nowadays in Awakening...so why not? It's a game dude, go nuts, make your dreams come true.
  19. Sain Florina Serra Matthew Rath (maybe) Lucius Nils/Ninian Marcus Rebecca (maybe) Bartre (maybe) Oswin Guy (maybe) Priscilla Raven Canas Dart Fiora Legault (but only if you don't really liked Matthew) Pent Louise Karel Jaffar Nino (maybe)
  20. Letting my units die when I first played FE7 and FE8 when I was like...13 if I am not mistaken
  21. My choices would be: -Sigurd (Sliver Sword and promoted unit) -Lex (Bulky as all hell that he could pass out on being a knight) -Quan (Crusader Weapon in chapter 3) -Ayra (Astra and conversation in chapter 3 with Lex or Holyn that gives her a Brave Sword) -Jamke (doesn't need Holy Blood to be a badass and has a Killer Bow) -Holyn (Luna skill) -Aideen (maybe, she is a healer so you will need that) -Levin (Forsety in chapter 4 and the ability to dodge forever with that sick speed of his) -Tallite (Wrath allows this character to take damage and dish it back with even more power) -Briggid (Yewfelle crusader Weapon, major Ulir and some great starting bases)
  22. FE4. Ced. He got hit. By a 4%. In a row. The 2nd one critted him When I say FE4's RNG is fucked up, people don't believe me.
  23. Guys, go to his comment section and find the comment that I've made to him. It does explain somewhat where his opinions are coming from.
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