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  1. Aquarius man here. So Stefan and Rhys. Pretty dapper (though I can't say the same for Leonardo since I haven't played FE10 yet)
  2. I think it is time to clarify something that is mostly my fault. This is actually a least favorite thread (hence why some of these units are actually least favorites of mine). I shall change the title.
  3. About damn time I really like the supports in FE12 minus probably the Avatar supports for being a bit generic. It shines new light on these characters that some desperately needed in FE11
  4. Juno comes way later when you already have a bunch of fliers (Shanna, Tate, Miledy and even Zeiss) Cecilia is also just plain bad, Aircalibur is great but ANYONE can use it, same goes for Physic. 8 mov means nothing when A-No good bases to use it and B-comes at a DESERT MAP. Sorry bruh, but I wouldn't call these 2 good either.
  5. Johnny Yong Bosch for Eliwood Troy Baker for Hector Laura Bailey for Lyn That's a dream team recipe right there
  6. Time to do the counterpart to the worst/least favorite list. You know the rules so begin! FE1/11: Hardin FE2: Alm FE3/12: Merric/Navarre (can't decide) FE6:Miledy FE7:Raven/Jaffar (can't decide again) FE8:Joshua FE13:Cordelia
  7. I've came up with my definitive least favorite list after some more thinking. FE1/11: Tomas FE2: Boey/May (both join at the same area) FE3/12: Matthis FE6: Sophia FE7: Karla FE8: Amelia FE13: Virion/Brady (adult and child unit) Haven't finished 4, 5, 9 and haven't played 10 and 14 still to give an opinion on these games
  8. While her character is great, I found myself barely using her due to the way FE8 maps and difficulty is designed. I was pretty relucant on putting her here due to the hate I will certainly get from people here.
  9. I've been wondering about this for a while and I want to see what you guys consider the worst units. Me first: FE1/3/11/12: Tomas/Vyland/Macellan/Dolph/Frost FE2: Boey/Robin FE6: Sophia/Wendy/Cecilia/Juno FE7: Karla FE8: Amelia/Knoll/Tethys (plzdontkillmekaythanksbai) FE13: Brady/Say'ri/Ricken Haven't played enough of 4, 5, 9 and I haven't played 10 and 14 yet
  10. Dude, chill. Now that I managed to play PoR, I can say you are kinda exaggerating. Despite being an early game prepromote, Titania is one of the best units in both FE9 and FE10. Even if she steals boss kills, you still have Bonus EXP to units that should have killed that boss. Not to mention, at the end, Titania will be getting killer level ups in quite a good number of stats.
  11. Remember the days I chose Forde instead of Sain? No? Good, because I don't want to remember these days (justkiddingFordeyouarestillg8)
  12. I feel that I am best with 2 games: Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Megaman X I mastered both games. I know where are all the spheres on my first go, I found a way to clear The True Arena with Leaf without taking damage and overall I got used to the bosses attack patterns. With Megaman X I got all heart tanks, E-tanks, Hadouken and armor parts. Really the only thing left to do is a speedrun for RTDL and a no deaths run and speedrun for Megaman X
  13. I've heard that Astrid has this skill that doubles obtained exp, does that apply to BEXP as well (If i give her 30, she will recieve 60)?
  14. This is my first playthrough and I am trying to balance bonus EXP to not break the game. Is there any tips on how should I use BEXP and in what situations?
  15. Blazing Sword -Genesis, Living Legend and Night of Farewells can go suck a dick -Karla -Lyn's story can be quite a borefest if played for the first time -No Manaketes, especially since Ninian and Nils are dragons -Sonia -Kishunas are ass -Late game lord promotions for Eliwood or Hector I really love FE7 and most of these are minor or nitpicks but overall, I have these issues.
  16. FE1: The music while repetitive has a charm to it, and so does the rest of the game FE11: The soundtrack is pretty dapper. Clash of Two Virtues gets all of my yes.
  17. If they remake it with waifus, children and mechanics from newer installments, I would be skeptical. I mean, FE7 is perfect the way it is and since there is Binding Blade out there with children from FE7 characters (Eliwood: Roy, Hector: Lilina, Rath: Sue, Hawkeye: Igrene, Rebecca: Wolt, Canas: Hugh, etc) it wouldn't really work. I'd just leave it the way it is
  18. Happy Birthday

  19. Sorry bruh, FE games pre FE11 or FE13 for previous classes do not work like this. There is no second seal nor there is stat inflation.
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