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  1. I am not too much into BN except for the anime but STARFORCE BOI! Hands down my 2nd favorite Megaman series with Starforce 3 being my 2nd favorite Megaman game besides X4. Maybe it is nostalgia but I just love these games and they are severly underrated
  2. So I just got my hands on the first game for NDS. Any tips for Etrian Odyssey 1?
  3. Pokemon White 2, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Team Fortress 2 (Haven't played muxh of it tho) and Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow Edit: Oh games that came out this year? Oh...yeah I got nothing, this should be a list of games that we've played in 2016 so far, not just new releases
  4. When I download on Freeroms, it says the file is on zip and not on ISO.
  5. So I am trying to Download FE9 on my Laptop and I want to make sure I am doing the right thing, becase when I tried to boot FE9 on Dolphin, it didn't started and crashed Dolphin. I have version 4.0, downloaded the game via Emuparadise and followed the guide on this video. Can someone says wheter the video is correct and stuff?
  6. Title. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qbXRS3_ZwpU (I liked Holy War but this theme just makes the final showdown with Medeus that more epic. That organ bruh is the icing in the cake. Overall, I love it.)
  7. Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Did I mentioned Chrono Trigger yet? Sirius (kek) list tho Megaman X-X3 Final Fanatsy IV-VI Contra 3 Super Mario World Link to the Past Earthbound Star Fox
  8. Episode 6-1 and 6-2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rbpMUxHJhA0 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NjOddBbGlKU
  9. Fae is a fluffy critter. Myrrh is a HARDCORE Dragon.
  10. Ninian. She is a dragon. Dragons are cool. I also like her dances that not only refresh but also give stat boosters
  11. Both Dart and Gonzo are great characters. While they lack in certain areas, they make up on others and have great personalities.
  12. Raigh. A cynical Lugh with a cool design and useful stats that makes him slightly better than Canas.
  13. Lucius. Has bases and growths perfectly fitting of his class and his character is damn good as well as his epic support with Renault.
  14. Saul is Cleric Sain so there is that. His stats are also way more balanced than Ellen and Clarine's.
  15. DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! Lute, Pent and Lilina are so good that choosing between them is a SIN! Not only as character, but as units as well
  16. My opinions keep changing between Oswin, Gilliam and to a bigger extent, Kjelle. Probably Oswin due to having better stats, but Gilliam THO. That beard and character are so good.
  17. Garcia. Just a caring father and fearless Renais veteran with a badass beard
  18. Jaffar is so Anti-RNG, it's not even funny. Also character development and redemption, those are a thing.
  19. Raven is superior now. My favorite Blazing Sword character, Hero in the series and in my Top 10 favorite FE characters
  20. Tana. At first I wasn't fond of her but she developed and became one of my favorites in Sacred Stones
  21. Miledy. With a great character and arguably the Haar of FE6, she is a high contender for a favorite character in the series of mine. She is also my 3rd favorite character in Binding Blade (only losing to Lilina and Fir) and overall my favorite Wyvern Rider in the series.
  22. Innes with Wolt in second. I love his character, he is a very useful prepromote and ends up great at the end of the game especially in Eirika's route where he comes at a great timing
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