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  1. Time to join the flock Best: +3 Ross (Trainees do take a while to train but Ross can become a demi god early on) +2 Seth (For being Seth) +1 Joshua (part of me says bias but he has done so much for many in quite some playthroughs and he is overall well loved so he comes in) Worst -1 Tethys (Does not have much special stuff compared to other refreshers like Ninian and Feena) -2 Knoll (purely stat wise, Knoll is worthless but his salvage from the bottom is that his summons are pretty good if you use them well) -3 Amelia (At least Ewan comes with a Fire tome and Ross with his throwable hatchet, what does Amelia have? A slim lance, she also does not know what role she wants to be that other characters (Franz, Forde, Kyle, Seth, Gilliam and Duessel) can do so much better.)
  2. FE1: 35/100 FE2: 82/100 FE3: 70/100 FE6: 61/100 FE7: 96/100 FE8: 80/100 FE11: 44/100 FE13: 95/100 Haven't finished 4, 5 and 12 and haven't played the Tellius games and Fates yet
  3. Do Blazing Sword. JUST DO IT. Being serious here though, while Sacred Stones is a better place to start due to it's many similarities with Awakening, Blazing Sword not only is a better challenge but also has a better story and presented the series to newcomers before Awakening did it again. If you are not a challenge person and want a more character driven game however, Sacred Stones is the ideal choice since even though it's story is more barebones than most other installments, it has a bigger focus on characters (mostly the supportive cast ones and villains) The choices are yours and yours alone.
  4. Jeorge Julian Catria Navarre Ogma Based Hardin Tiki Barst Wolf Roger Lena Based Merric Jake Xane is cool, he is an interesting concept but I've never found myself using him that much
  5. Don't use Amelia, not worth the effort but if you do, don't use her as a Knight Ewan however, you can use. Make him a Druid tho, his Summoner class is good but his summons are slightly worse than Knoll's. Both require babying unless you use Tower of Valni (which for the trainees, I recommend).
  6. Overall I would say in gameplay, design and personallity order Lance/Percival/Noah Wolt or Klein/Klein/Wolt Shin/Sue/Shin Bors/Douglas/Bors Raigh/Raigh/Raigh Lilina/Hugh/Lilina Saul/Ellen/Saul Astore/Astore/Chad Fir/Fir/Fir Gonzales/Gonzales/Gonzales Deke/Deke/Deke Miledy/Miledy/Miledy Thite/Thite/Thite Elphin/Lalum/Elphin Merlinus: You and your horse can warm the bench/Nice moustache/ehhhhh Fae: Myrrh, only can take damage/so flipping adorable desu/Daaaaaaw Roy: Stay in Smash boy/Pretty cool/Nice design So overall Percival Wolt Shin Bors Raigh Lilina Saul Astore Fir Gonzales Deke Miledy Thite Elphin
  7. I consider Genealogy of the Holy War (the 2 chapters I played of it) a really boring game. None of the characters interested me, I kept getting hit from 30% hit rates and the chapters are looooooooong. I get that the game is 12 chapters long but they could have made it in the original format that FE1 and 3. Yeah Gaiden had a different format, but that format worked with what the game presented. Needless to say, I can't finish this game and if I finished it and kept being this way, it would probably be my least favorite game in the series
  8. 1-Joshua 2-Cordelia 3-Jaffar 4-Hector 5-L'Arachel 6-Fir 7-Lucina 8-Hardin 9-Raven 10-Lilina
  9. Fire Emblem: remember, your waifu taste is always shit
  10. I am trying to download FE12 on Drastic but it never works. Can anyone send a direct download link of the full version of the game or help me with this? Like send a file completly patched and stuff
  11. Do you have a direct download link for the 100% version. The link I try does not work on my Drastic
  12. Is there any emulator for android that works with FE12? I use Drastic DS
  13. Gameplay Eprahim Seth Cormag/Tana Ross Gilliam Innes L'Arachel Lute Joshua Colm Boring Broken Character Eprahim (the less shitty character wise main protagonist) Forde Tana Dozla Gilliam Innes L'Arachel Lute Joshua Rennac She is pretty cool Kinda adorable Design Eprahim Duessel Tana Garcia Gilliam Innes Natasha Saleh Joshua Rennac Ehhh there are better ones out there Daaaaawwwww (Not Fae levels of cute tho)
  14. Hector (Best GBA Lord and maybe the series in general) Sain (Great character with kickass uses in battle) Tie between Hawkeye and Dart (Hawkeye has unique battle animation and Dart has lots of good stats and it is the best choice for a brute fighter) Ninian (great character with a bit of a sad and shocking backstory revealed later in Hector's story involving Nergal) Based Pent (Why did he left as Etruria's Mage General in FE6 anyway? Great caster with a cool personallity and is a better mage than Erk) Lucius (Cool guy and probably the best non-promoted magic user with growths like these) Fiora (Florina is overrated and I was always a fan of the 2nd Peg Knight) I dunno...Heath? (Not a big fan of FE7's Wyvern Riders) Jaffar (A great example of redemption can be possible not to mention the most anti-RNG unit out there) Raven (Fantastic Merc with awesome bases and growths and a good character overall) Priscilla (Her character is interesting and she has some balanced and killer growths making her the number 1 healer for the game) Oswin gameplay, Wallace character wise (Funny as hell and quite honorable...I only wish he was actually good outside Lyn's Story) Louise ( you should also add Rath, if he is added then he is my choice) Athos is a pretty cool endgame unit. He can give a good beating to soft up stronger enemies so that the other units can kill them and he is a decent solo caster Merlinus is awesome at least in this game, he doesn't take up slots, he can easily dodge hits, he will never die, only retreat and he promotes later so that he can move in the battlefield
  15. Based on a thread made in the GameCube/Wii era section by sacredenigma Males: 1-Joshua 2-Raven 3-Hector 4-Jaffar 5-Rath Females 1-Miledy 2-L'Arachel 3-Lilina 4-Fir 5-Priscilla
  16. Seth: Can solo pretty much most of FE8 Myrrh: Once leveled up, is pretty much unstoppable with 0 damage taken from enemies Morgan: Robin+Waifu/Husbando. And Robin is already pretty OP so pair him/her up with someone and if that someone is powerful enough, that makes Morgan even more adaptable to any class than his/her mother/father. Honorable mention: FE13 Tiki, FE10 Haar (haven't played but just from seeing people use him...)
  17. Jaffar and Bisharp are the ones that come first in my mind
  18. Fucking Lucario. Gen 5 made me go from loving him to adoring him when I got a LV 75 Lucario via negotiations in a trade on White and I started messing with him a bit in battles. Not only his design looks slick and part of him is based on egyptian myhology, but this thing can hit well and hard with it's many moves and really great stats. I started using him in every game since and not a single other Pokemon could come close to top him. Also he is the protagonist of my favorite of the anime movies so yeah, instant win. And really, I could go on about more awesome details he has, even at the point on doing a favorite list just to explain more but for now, know this. He is my absolute favorite and from the looks of it, he isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Oh and Riolu is pretty cute as well. Runner ups 2-Garchomp 3-Infernape 4-Rayquaza (my previous favorite before Gen 4) 5-Samurott 6-Ampharos 7-Delphox 8-Tyrantrum 9-Ho-oh 10-Jolteon 11-Yveltal 12-Chandelure 13-Espeon 14-Swampert 15-Electivire
  19. The votes are won and the winner is FE Binding Blade. I will be posting the episodes here once I have time to record them.
  20. Well... https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3Aug9kVNXxh1Im5zMIBV9pCAgfNTYKwoHTdSokp1Vtam31vZfGyG821z7 If you haven't voted yet, this is the last chance to do so
  21. If you pick this one, you will probably have a bad time on chapter 11. I know I did. Also bring Clarine to chapter 11 (A route) or chapter 10 (B route) and Lugh to chapter 12. They can recruit someone there.I could say Bartre route due to my hate towards chapter 11A, but Echidna is better overall, sooooo go with Echidna
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