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  1. Unless you can't, go for buffs, weapon advantage, skills and the like. But if you'd prefer to let another unit take the experience, all I can really say is make sure you've got your back covered for whatever could happen, consider if you miss, hit, enemy skills, what might reach you, whether or not you get a crit, etc. Advice that sounds like bullcrap, but it's just something you figure out. Bosses usually aren't a cakewalk anyways.
  2. Portraits don't change. And you can't use the Capture Command on DLC units.
  3. Orochi (If it counts?) Orochi, at least from what I've seen from two playthroughs, has awful Defenses, is really slow, but Resistance off the charts earlier than how long it takes for tanks to develop that high resistance, and Orochi is pretty much all-around destructive for an Exorcist. Well, better than Tsukuyomi and Syalla at least. (Again, from what I HAVE SEEN.)
  4. S'cuse me! I've been following this guide and given a few times, so I think I should inquire, but I can't find RomFS Extractor? I managed to get RomFS Builder, but RomFS Extractor seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet. (Google, at least.) Unless I've actually got this completely wrong, and RomFS Extractor is actually referring to a TYPE of program, and if so, could anyone recommend to me what to use?
  5. Ninja Midoriko has a color scheme that matches Suzukaze.
  6. Just a quick question, but is there any feature in if besides DLC notifs that involves Spotpass specifically? I'm aware of online features as well as Streetpass and whatnot, but from what I see nobody in my area has the game, and I can't access the eshop and therefore can't download the new update. (That said, I'm not here for a solution to THAT problem.) Reason for asking: I have an undying lust for Nohrian items.
  7. What he said. Buuut be warned. The RNG (From what I've seen in my 200 hours save) seems to favor hit chances in the high 40's, 50's, 70's, and 80's. 90's will pretty much always hit, but know that the RNG does let things like 2% crits and 98% misses slide a lot (Not as much in the department of hit rates) more than Awakening does.
  8. Well, you should get out of Awakening mode first. The game plays a lot like Awakening, but there are some somewhat significant differences. For instance, the maximum for specialized (As in a Trueblade's Skill or Speed for instance.) stats usually range in around the mid to high 30's. Also get used to having barely any HP without grinding, at least from what I've experienced. And then there's the whole debuff/status thing. I'd read up on staves and skills in this game if I were you.
  9. It's not beat-all-end-all. but I can say that one of my almost-certain-kill units is Midoriko. Mother: Rinka Class: Jōnin/Elite Ninja Level: 40 Skills: -Lucky Charm (Personal Skill) - Skills with an activation rate dependent on the Luck stat have their rate increased by 20% -Household Cure - After using a recovery or stat-boosting item, gives the user another action. (Not mov.) -Lethality - Okay, you should know what this does. -Breaking Sky - Skill stat X 1.5% chance of activation. Adds half the enemy’s Str. (if user has a physical weapon) or Mag. (if user has a magical weapon) as damage. -Flowing Strike - On player's turn, Avo. +30 -Ogre Strike - On player's turn, Crit. +30 Certainly a lot more vulnerable on Enemy Phase. (For the most part) Solution: Guard Stance with another unit that would give the best stat boosts for that situation.
  10. I know I'd probably sound like a fool saying this, but honestly, I hope not. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, and they certainly do add more strategic depth, but to be completely honest, I would've preferred it if FE14 turned down the amount of enemies with those stalves, since beating the RNG is half the game already. Now, I'm not saying to remove half of the enemies in the game, again I welcome the whole thing with open arms, especially the whole stat debuff thing. I just have an issue with the stalves. And even though Misfortune and Sin has only 3 uses, it's more than frustrating having my units have their max HP halved for the whole duration of the chapter/skirmish/whatever just because the healer was out of reach. (And yes, that has happened.)
  11. Oh, and you can't capture Garou, Fox-Spirit, Managarm, Nine-Tailed Fox, or demons/unique characters. (A few bosses can be captured though, and their stats could make up for a few bad level ups)
  12. Almost every class, regardless of route is available thanks to capturing, if it counts at all. But those okay stats generics have aren't just for show, their growth rates are beyond terrible.
  13. Well, I'm gonna sound like a fool asking this, but is there any way at all to gain access to (Even limited, I don't mind) Nohrian weapons on the Hoshido route without the use of online features? (Update happened, and my Wi-fi simply refuses to work) I am very aware that throughout the story and in some character's inventories there are a few Nohrian items, which I will list here for other people's reference: Swords: -Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Armorslayer, Wyrmslayer. Lances: -Javelin, Beast Killer, Iron Lance. Axes: -Hammer, Bolt Axe, Killer Axe. Hidden Weapons: -Iron Kunai. Bows: -None- Tomes: -None- Staves: -3 Recover, 2 Freeze. (Probably used up a few) Stones/Misc.: -Never mind these, to my knowledge they're available to all routes. But yeah, back to my question. To be honest, I'm just looking for a Blessed Bow or two.
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