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  1. Sully x Libra Laurent x Cynthia Where's Gerome on the list?
  2. Alright then.... Subaki as a Mechanist married to Yukimura?
  3. Kaze x Subaki with Kaze as either Falcon Knight or Kinshi Knight
  4. Not really. It wouldn't make any sense that Inigo, Severa and Owain would travel to another kingdom, CHEAT on their spouses with another person and have a kid with them. Then come back to their original world with their new family and see their old one they left behind... just no. The implications is just too OOC for the awakening trio.
  5. Back to using my old user name

  6. True, when I think of it now Nina can just warp to safety if she's in danger instead of just passing through enemies Exactly, I'm trying to experiment different builds because we could find possible new strategies that could help us, in or out of PvP. But it's almost a must to include a rallybot Laslow and Songtress Azura to dominate multiplayer
  7. That could work, but like Rolflolxp54 said, we could leave the rallying to Falcon Laslow. But would it be redundant to have two supporting characters in one team? We could have Rallybot Laslow and Nina in the same team....Should I replace Pass with Warp?
  8. Hello guys. I'm trying to make a good support unit out of Elise!Nina and my plan is to have her in a team full of male characters that she can support for. Her class would be Strategist and Nina's skills will be: -Warp -Voice of Peace -Rally skill or Heartseeker -Inspiration -Amaterasu So far that's the idea, I would appreciate your guys ideas or thoughts on the matter.
  9. I don't really like Keaton and Charlotte's support, it's too predictable for my taste.
  10. No prob..... I feel my message came out prickish : / Eh, I just assumed you didn't know XP - What kind of pairings do you guys do for playthroughs? Do you pair to optimize kids, do it for the supports, or just pair whatever people you like best together? Curious to see what people's pairing style is to mine
  11. Most people don't know the gay hack exists y'know
  12. Pineapples and coconuts

  13. I've lost any motivation I had to play Fates

  14. No, I'm gonna guess that Dragonstone is using the gay hack for Fates, which has a TON of new supports in it that's not in the original. I'll post a link to it if your curious
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