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  1. Fire Emblem: Fates is probably the biggest one I could think of. Given how good Awakening was, I had never been so excited for a video game. Extremely disappointed with it. Ever since I have lost excitement for video games. I try not to set expectations up anymore that way I'm not let down.
  2. I had a question regarding crests on Edelgard and Lysithea. I'll put it in a spoiler tag.
  3. Oh yeah that. I've been paying attention somewhat to their tweets. Idk if I'll get it or not because I wouldn't have anyone to play with. The only reason I buy Cipher cards for collection purposes.
  4. Dragon Ball Z as a kid. Also watched other stuff like Yu Yu Hakusho. Probably no need to mention obvious stuff, but still, also Pokemon, Digimon, and Gundam. I've been big into anime ever since. Started reading manga when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade.
  5. Poll is updated. I'm guessing Shinon will be the one losing here.
  6. Probably Silver Snow. Since I rely heavily on Dimitri, Edelgard, or Claude it really hurts not having them. If I had to rank them from hardest to easiest: Silver Snow Crimson Flower Azure Moon Verdant Wind I don't think there's a too terrible difference between many of them. The last two chapters of Crimson Flower are certainly the most difficult. I think the second to last is even hardest than the final chapter. Azure Moon isn't really difficult until the final battle. As for Verdant Wind, I've only played it once the same as Silver Snow, but I don't recall any of it being challenging. Especially the final battle.
  7. FEH panders to popular characters and what they believe is popular. It's why we've gotten so many Fates and Awakening banners. I've just learned to not be hopeful when it comes to stuff I want to see in FEH. They disappoint with tons of stuff. With less popularity and I'm sure a lack of care for the character, I just don't see Elincia coming up anytime soon. I hope I'm wrong though. Honestly someone like Seliph shouldn't have taken as long as they did to get a Legendary alt (or an alt for that matter), but they did.
  8. Lol, I've certainly gained a higher opinion of the game than when I first played it. Went from a mid tier FE game to near the top. I don't think it's as good as Radiant Dawn, Awakening, or Sacred Stones. I would perhaps put it directly after those three. Due to some issues I have with some of the older games I think it pulls ahead of those a bit. If Genealogy of the Holy War had a remake it'd definitely rank as a top tier game. Anyway, there are still some things I can't get past when it comes to 3H like different routes and no post game. However, I'm glad they didn't split the game up like Fates did. Implementing NG+ was smart, but still should've had postgame. They would've been able to expand far more with DLC if they had. Calendar system and the amount of focus the game has on the Monastery (even though there's a lack of what you can do) still bothers me. But I've become more accepting of it as I realize it probably won't ever reappear again, which is good. When playing FE for so long (and I've played all the games) there are certain expectations you have in FE game, because you know what you want and like. When those don't show up, it can be disappointing. I've lightened up to the game quite a bit and have accepted it for what it is. I think it has some strong stories and very strong characters. These could be the best written characters all round in any FE game.
  9. Man, I've used Micaiah on my main team since she's come out but I'm considering changing her. I really like the effectiveness towards heavy/fliers and it works well with my team. I really think a dancer would do me well, in which case I could switch to Dancer Micaiah. However if I did that I'd be lacking a blue unit then. If only they made Dancer Micaiah a blue unit. I also don't remember her being nearly as good of a unit. I swear I never can get myself to really like lance units. But I don't think they could ever work with my main team anyway.
  10. Fair, but I see Micaiah as more likely due to her popularity alongside being a CYL last year. She's the only one out of MCs from CYLs of the past that's yet to get a Legendary Hero. (I'm not looking that up, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.) But yeah, I'd definitely prefer having Elincia due to her lack of alts. I just don't see it as likely at this point is all. I also really want a Sothe too.
  11. I don't know if we'll be getting a Three Houses Legendary Hero this month since we'll already be getting four new alts this month. So it'd feel odd to me if they did either Dimitri or Claude. A possibility if they did do a 3H character would be Byleth. I also think Dimitri will happen before Claude does. I'd be shocked if Claude came before him. Otherwise I could see a Tellius Legendary Hero. Micaiah is long overdue tbh.
  12. The pirate banner looks super cool. I definitely want Tibarn and the Xander/Veronica duo. I just wish this wasn't the same month as the CYL characters.
  13. Only spent a little bit of orbs on the banner. Got another wailing soul Corrin (gross) and Hel. Idk why it's so easy to get the Mythic/Legendary I don't care if I get and not when I want them badly.
  14. I'm not sure if you would consider him a minor boss, but Levail is someone I really want to see. I'm disappointed he doesn't show up on the CYL voting. I would vote for him honestly.
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