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  1. Oh, just normal units? Thanks. Kinda hope Thorr isn't then.
  2. While I'd love a Jugdral remake, I am wholly uncertain of how it should be tackled. The large scale maps are super unappealing to many fans (I myself had to get used to it), but I think it could still work. There just needs to be more firm breaks when you reach each castle you seize. To rest and heal your troops, do side stuff, so on and so forth. But that ultimately just brings in the question, why not just break it into chapters? Like if you're gonna go that far with diving it up anyway, it might be more suitable to have chapter breaks. Idk, it's definitely a hard thing. I have a sneaking suspicion that they have discussed in length the issues of remaking Holy War and ultimately decided to take heavy influence from the game and put it into their new game instead--Three Houses. It's no secret the game bears a large amount of influence from Holy War and Thracia 776, so it easily could have been their way to kill two birds with one stone. Though I wholeheartedly hope I am wrong. Binding Blade remake will undoubtedly happen at some point and I think it needs it. I found this game to be the most flawed out of the Fire Emblem games and definitely my least favorite, so I'd love to see a remake that places this game higher in my list (And throw Fates down on the bottom). Idc how it's done, just make it good. I only know this remake will happen more likely than others because someone (maybe the original creator of Binding Blade, Idk) said at one point it was the project he was the most interested in remaking. If a Binding Blade remake happens, then a Blazing Sword one is probably inevitable. If those both happen, then what about Sacred Stones, one of the greatest video games of all time? Well, I don't care. Sacred Stones is pretty perfect as is, so either way I'd be content. Tellius games I'd be content with a remaster. I think the games are pretty good that a remake isn't really necessary. Some kind of post-game content for Radiant Dawn though would definitely be neat. Could be something like what Path of Radiance has or something else. I just want something. I've put more hours into Radiant Dawn than any other game and it goes bother me that there's no post-game. It always grinds my gears when a game has no post-game. Like, why the heck not? You know? Sacred Stones and Awakening did it right. But yeah, I also don't physically own Path of Radiance, so it'd be nice to finally own it. Give me just a Switch port, whether it be the original or a HD remaster, I . . . just . . . freaking . . . want the game!
  3. I would mostly prefer them to be non-existent, I don't like how much attention and focus they have gotten. The idea of them doesn't bother me, but the surge of popularity and amount of influence they have on the plot does. In all honesty, I wouldn't even want something as little involved as Blazing Sword. Maybe like a regular story where you have a customizable character but they have zero impact on the plot whatsoever. Idk, there's concepts about custom characters I like, but there are far more things about them that I dislike. Idk why they can't buckle down and just make them an actual character. Like what was so hard about doing that with Byleth? You were already halfway there and you couldn't customize them anyway, aside from gender and name. Just choose a gender, doesn't matter which, and give them more character.
  4. I really want it to be Thorr, but it might be too early for her. Edit: Did Muspell and Nifl show up in Mythic Hero banners or were they actually a part of a New Heroes banner as a Mythic unit? I forgot that might have been the case. If so, Thorr will probably show up in the same way.
  5. I figured it'd be a Three Houses banner, but to be honest I was expecting some characters like Felix and Sylvain. But I'm happy with this, I love Constance. Muspell's dragon form is so cool, but I probably won't pull for him.
  6. Man I'm glad she finally came. She looks great! Skills could be better imo, but I'm just happy she's here.
  7. Archenea: Caeda is a possibility, as well as Kris. I think it's more than likely Kris gets a Legendary Hero unit. Echoes: They would have to stretch hard, I can't think of anything. Jugdral: Quan, Eldigan, or Ares are some options. Maybe even Nanna for Thracia 776. Binding Blade: Can't think of anyone. Blazing Sword: Ninian I could see, but probably not Mark. Mainly because Braimmiond (or however you spell their name) exists. But that might be more reason to include Mark. Idk. Sacred Stones: Myrrh maybe, but I'm not sure. Tellius: Micaiah obviously, I'm surprised she still hasn't gotten one. Elincia is an option for PoR, as well as Ike tbh. They haven't repeated any characters yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see a PoR Lord Ike at some point. I could also see Greil coming as Gawain. Sothe, Sanaki, and Kurthnaga are all possibilities for RD Legendary Heroes imo. Awakening: Can't think of anyone. Fates: Xander. 3H: Can't think of anyone.
  8. I figured I was only gonna want Marianne, but Marth and Eirika look amazing. I honestly want Marth the most. I'll probably try to get all three of them. Massive win that we're getting Pelleas as the GHB unit.
  9. I've played all of them. My favorite is Radiant Dawn.
  10. I didn't even notice lol. Plus I thought there was one guy on this banner. Maybe he's a 4 star focus.
  11. I love it when there are more characters and that was why I was not excited about the roster of Three Houses at first, there were far less characters than usual. But, these are probably some of the best written and most fleshed out characters we've ever received. To an extent, I'd prefer well written characters with a smaller roster than more characters. It depends on the game too. I think Radiant Dawn could've done better in terms of writing and giving more information on characters, but I think most of the characters were interesting and fun to play as. As for deployment, I've always hated low deployment. I don't know about other people, but I pretty much only work and use the same characters on every map. I don't switch up and use different characters on different maps. So higher deployment is better because then I'd be able to utilize more characters and it would be more fun.
  12. It seems like it's been longer than usual since the last time we had new heroes, but I could be wrong. Looks like we'll be getting them soon hopefully. I am praying for Radiant Dawn with Edward, though I doubt it.
  13. I wish, I've been looking for a Path of Radiance copy for many years. It's just impossible to get it cheap unless you buy it from Japan and even then, there's the region lock problem. Emulators are really the only way and I hate myself so much for not knowing about Path of Radiance's existence in the past. I'm just glad I have Radiant Dawn. I gotta think though they'll release them both someday digitally on the Nintendo shop. It stuns me they haven't come out yet, but with all of these HD remastered games that other Nintendo games have been getting I think PoR is the most likely candidate for that, Fire Emblem wise. So really, using an emulator or being patient and praying they release the games digitally are the best bet. If you wanted to go extreme you could always buy a Japan Wii (since it can play both GC and Wii games) and then the games from Japan too, if you can get them reasonably. I don't think Radiant Dawn is as ridiculous, you might be able to snatch it for around $80 or so. Which is a bit more than what games sell for now (only $10 more than PS5 and Xbox Series X games), but I'd pay that much if I didn't have the game tbh. But I only say that because it's my favorite video game.
  14. I left out a few of the more minor characters since I don't have too solid opinions on them. Had to include characters like the goat Rodrigue though.
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