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  1. Shadow Dragon: Cain and Minerva Gaiden/SOV: Zeke and New Mystery: Cain and Minerva Genealogy Gen 1: Quan and Ayra Genealogy Gen 2: Leif and Altena Thracia 776: Leif and Nanna Binding Blade: Roy and Guinevere Blazing Sword: Eliwood and Lyn Sacred Stones: Ephraim and Marisa Path of Radiance: Stefan and Elincia Radiant Dawn: Edward and Nailah Awakening Gen 1: Robin and Tharja Awakening Gen 2: Owain and Morgan Fates Gen 1: Corrin/Xander and Azura Fates Gen 2: Shiro and Rhajat Three Houses: Felix and Edelgard Overall: Edward and Tharja (though Edelgard is closely behind) Edit: I really did enjoy the avatars in Awakening and Fates. But FEH and other games has made me hate them tbh.
  2. Dawn Brigade Veterans: Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, and Jill. The Blue Lions: Dimitri, Felix, Sylvain, and Ingrid. (All time skip) Warriors of the Desert: Stefan, Volug, Rafiel, and Tormod. Tellius' Strongest: Ike (Hero), Zelgius (Begnion), and Skrimir.
  3. I think a high school themed banner would be funny.
  4. A- Anri or Ashera B- Bryce C- Claude (Post Timeskip) D- Dimitri (Post Timeskip) E- Edward F- Felix G- Giffca H- Hilda (Post Timeskip) I- Ingrid J- Jill K- Kent L- Levail M- Marianne N- Nolan O- Oswin P- Pelleas Q- X R- Renning S- Stefan T- Tauroneo U- Uther V- Volug W- Wolf, I guess X- Xane, I guess Y- Yen'fay Z- Zelgius (Begnion armor)
  5. Real Mareeta finally and sweet, Othin. But where the hell is the farfetched banner?
  6. Almost all my orbs are gone and no Altina. Somehow 4 Legendary Marths. I think I’m going to cry Edit: got another Marth then I finally got her!!!!!! Yeah, but now I have barely any orbs. Went from 226 to 16
  7. The 9 I want to see on this list are: Soan, Ashera, Dheginsea, Anri, Anankos, Thorr, Lif, Lehran, and Loptyr.
  8. I've rewatched this trailer like 5 times now lol. Yo, a flying unit. Not expecting that.
  9. I'm glad I've been somewhat saving up. Have a bit over 200. Man, how sick would it be if we got Soan at some point too. We'll definitely get Dheginsea. Man a dual-wielding character, can't wait to see more of that in the future too.
  10. WHAT THE HELL?! THIS IS A FREAKING DREAM COME TRUE!!! I did not expect this to actually happen, holy freaking crap . . . I am so excited, I want her so badly!
  11. Weird, it's been a long time since we've had focus heroes in TT. Can't believe CYL characters haven't shown up yet. At least they added the last two Binding Blade characters I cared about.
  12. Man, I'm so glad I didn't merge my Takumis. Leif with Distant Counter and Vantage is insane. I think he might be my new favorite unit in the game.
  13. Sweet, Gerick and Cormag were the last Sacred Stones characters I wanted added. And Ephraim with Reginleif and his buddy Lyon by his side, definitely want that.
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