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  1. Yeah, it is super weird. Especially considering she was a CYL and all of the other lords from CYLs have gotten Legendaries (aside from the new results). Next one will hopefully be her now that they're done handing us the three houses leaders. Though I guess a Byleth will probably come too.
  2. Vantage, Close Counter, and Distant Counter. I'll be surprised if they add any of them though.
  3. I kind of like the choices for the male, though I wish you could choose the eye color. It's too bad that I won't be able to use them though since I don't play Mjlonir's Strike, literally the only event I never do. Just don't like it. Hopefully they make the Summoner available in other game modes. Ig the reason they aren't is because of the copy skill which is pretty op.
  4. Anyone know when the summoner will be playable?
  5. I was spreading my votes out to multiple characters, but in the end decided to give most of them to Edward. Gave one to Constance and another to Levail. This is the first time Levail has been in the CYL voting, so I wanted to give him at least one vote. I usually give a vote for Stefan and was going to give one to Felix, but I think from here on out I'm just going to give it all to Edward.
  6. I don't think so. I believe it's just that the lions are generally the most powerful. Therefore they are the ones who are always ruling. As the OP says, I recall in both PoR and RD statements regarding how the laguz choose their rulers based on the strongest.
  7. Yeah, pretty much what I was going to say. I don't use them myself and can't stand when others do. I think they hold a lot of weight too and people who use them so frequently don't realize the effect they can have on people. It also sounds very insincere when some people say them, like they're trying to "fit in" or "be cool."
  8. Been playing a lot of Bloodborne lately. I stopped paying for PS Plus for like two years now (don't regret it at all) and only had Bloodborne because of that, so I figured I might as well buy the game. It was on sale with the dlcs and it wasn't too expensive, so I figured I might as well. Played through until before the final boss, I hate how NG+ starts automatically so I don't want to do it just yet. I'm going for 100% trophy completion and I'd like to finish the dungeons before NG+. At least your progress remains if you do go onward though. Once I get 100% I'll probably start playing Dark Souls 1 again and get 100% again. Then I'll have 100% in all FromSoftware games except Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2. Waiting to get a PS5 for the former and the latter I have no interest in playing more of. Really their worst game.
  9. The original version of the games that had remakes, I didn't play. So just an FYI for that. Shadow Dragon- 9/10 Echoes: Shadows of Valentia- 7.5/10 New Mystery of the Emblem- 8/10 Genealogy of the Holy War- 9.5/10 Thracia 776- 8/10 Binding Blade- 6/10 Blazing Sword- 9/10 Sacred Stones- 10/10 Path of Radiance- 9.5/10 Radiant Dawn- 10/10 Awakening- 10/10 Fates- 7/10 Three Houses- 9/10
  10. Well, knew it had to happen eventually. I'm a tad surprised Seiros isn't a sword unit however. I wonder if there'll be another form of her where she is, just not a Mythical. Probably.
  11. This will probably be the first time I don't care about any of the characters who will get Brave alts. Marth just deserves it at this point though. It's gonna suck if he gets dropped down by Gatekeeper. I can't tell if people are actually voting for him because they like him or because of memes.
  12. Best Tharja alt yet. 500 orbs, I'm in good order.
  13. Paralogues to bring the parent characters into the game in Part 2. Basically the opposite of what's done in Awakening and Fates as this time its the parents you're grabbing. Post-game content like Awakening and Sacred Stones. I'm always an advocate for that. Better break downs in between chapters. The home base really needs fixed and they would surely do that. They also I think more breaks within the chapters. Probably every time you seize a fortress would be a good time for that. There also needs to be better save points. This is clearly not a problem on an emulator, but this would need to be fixed for a remake. I think the map needs to remain the same spirit and not go the traditional FE route though I wouldn't be entirely opposed to it in all honesty. Make the holy relics (or whatever the weapons were called) unbreakable. Three Houses as we know bares many similarities to Holy War and unfortunately they did this. The reforging system is dumb imo and I barely used it. I do recall the holy weapons being ridiculously powerful, but they need to come with a better solution than the system they had in Three Houses. Support conversations need fixed, which they have clearly figured out since Awakening so I don't think this'll be an issue.
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