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  1. Eliwood and if he loses I'll switch to Micaiah or Ike.
  2. A large majority of axe users would fit the bill. Laguz before they transform lol. Well, I really hope they don't add brawling into FEH. I'd be shocked if they did tbh.
  3. Julia certainly makes sense, but I would've preferred Sigurd, Seliph, or Leif. I'll probably pass on this banner, but it's nice to finally see a Judgral Legendary Hero.
  4. Added: Marisa +2 (Upgraded from four, merged into first one), Roderick (Upgraded from four), Delthea +1 (Free Summon, Merged into first one), Micaiah: Queen of Daein (Free Summon), Eliwood: Marquess Pherae (Free 5-Star Unit), Eirika: Anamnesis Lady +1 (Free Summon, merged into first one), Ishtar (Free Summon), Sigurd (Tempest Trials), Luke (Free Summon), Naesala +2 (late add), Naesala +3 (late add), and Merric (Upgraded from four).
  5. Oh wow, under level 30. Yeah, the final maps are the hardest out of all the others it felt like. You still might be able to win with just Dimitri and Byleth however, but by being under 30 that sounds pretty difficult. I'm guessing your Dimitri and Byleth are in their 50s. I really don't like how you can't train if you find out your under leveled. Thankfully I never got completely screwed over.
  6. I love the boss battle map. If only I had Edward to go and stomp Ike like in RD.
  7. Wow, what luck. All I wanted was Micaiah and Eliwood, mostly Eliwood. Did the free summon in the normal banner first, popped out Micaiah. Then I got Eliwood from the 5-Star summon, of course. Then there was the other banner today and I got Eirika from the free summon, so I merged that. Didn't have to spend an orb. Well, I spent one to expand barracks.
  8. I love Edelgard and the Black Eagles was the first house I chose, but dang, the Azure Moon route is way too good. The way Dimitri is written is just great. Tbh I think the other routes pale in comparison to it.
  9. Marth and Cain then Marth Legendary and Minerva.
  10. There's one mistake fixed. Let's hope they stop with the alternate routes for the next games.
  11. I haven't beaten the Silver Snow route yet, but I've done all the others. Each route has a bit of stuff that can definitely make it feel like it's the canon one. So I don't think any of them are meant to be the canon route. But if I had to choose one, it'd be Azure Moon. Especially in Part 1 there are more connections to enemies than the other routes and being the house that's blue, though that's a small detail, kind of makes you immediately think they're the main. The way Dimitri is written (though he's drastically different from any character before) makes you seem like he's the main good guy. It all feels very traditional for main FE heroes. It definitely feels like they put the most work into the Azure Moon route too.
  12. Kind of a minor spoiler regarding at least the Black Eagles route and Blue Lions route, I guess Golden Deer too.
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