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  1. The summoning thing is cool, I really wish it existed in the past. I'm really sad and disappointed that the new banner is Fates. I wish they'd start doing two new heroes banners a month again.
  2. I got pretty lucky on this banner. I didn't want to spend too many orbs, only ended up spending around 35. Literally the last summon I was going to do was Bramimond, so awesome. My free summon was Legendary Robin, who I never had before. And then my first summon with orbs was Brave Camilla, who I also never had. Three Five-star units I didn't have without spending too many orbs. I'll take it.
  3. Alfonse- Tatsuhisa Suzuki Roy- Jun Fukuyama So that pretty much proves it isn't one of them. Just looked that up, I had no idea Jun Fukuyama was Roy's va, I love him. But yeah, Idk who Branemwefw's va is.
  4. How has this argument been going on for four pages? So now people are saying the fourth voice might be Alfonse? That could make sense, but I'd prefer it to be a character from Elibe. I really want to believe its Mark tbh. Since I believe that's who his main appearance is supposed to be based on.
  5. The artwork is also pretty sick. I love the flame looking magic, looks very cool.
  6. Well I thought this guy is supposed to be dead by the time Roy strolls around. But if it's the same va, you're probably right.
  7. Could the fourth voice possibly be the avatar's from Blazing Sword?
  8. This threw me off lol. I had to look up to remember who this character was. I'm guessing the voice's are Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn? I'm not sure whose the fourth would be. This is the closest thing we'll get to the avatar from Blazing Sword. Man, I'm kinda wanting him now tbh. So this is a dual wielding weapon? Idk. Edit: Also have we had a colorless tome user? That's pretty cool too.
  9. Huh, Azure is the next one. I thought for sure they were going in the CYL order. I was expecting Roy. Definitely wasn't expecting another female character. But I guess this is FEH. Edit: I do hope they go through each game first. Instead of doing like five Awakening and Fates right away or something.
  10. I only voted for one on each because that seemed more fair. But I voted for Eliwood and Edelgard here.
  11. I'll say the ones that I would probably get if they appeared, I don't really care which kingdom they represent. Eliwood so the normal unit can actually have good art. Edelgard so she can also have good art, but also so I can raise her stats. Leif, Seliph, and Ares would be cool, though I don't know if I'd actually get any of them as I don't use any of the units anymore. Cain would also be very cool as he's one of my favorite characters and Tharja too, though I don't know if I'd use either of them much. I'd definitely get the Micaiah and Sothe ones if those come out, which Micaiah probably will.
  12. Constance by far. I like Yuri too, but tbh I find the other two far less interesting.
  13. I always recruit all of them, because why not. But that doesn't mean I use them all. The ones I use would be Felix, Hilda, Marianne, Dorothea, Ingrid, Sylvain, Constance, Yuri, and Lysithea. I think those are the main ones.
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