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  1. Best Tharja alt yet. 500 orbs, I'm in good order.
  2. Paralogues to bring the parent characters into the game in Part 2. Basically the opposite of what's done in Awakening and Fates as this time its the parents you're grabbing. Post-game content like Awakening and Sacred Stones. I'm always an advocate for that. Better break downs in between chapters. The home base really needs fixed and they would surely do that. They also I think more breaks within the chapters. Probably every time you seize a fortress would be a good time for that. There also needs to be better save points. This is clearly not a problem on an emulator, but this would need to be fixed for a remake. I think the map needs to remain the same spirit and not go the traditional FE route though I wouldn't be entirely opposed to it in all honesty. Make the holy relics (or whatever the weapons were called) unbreakable. Three Houses as we know bares many similarities to Holy War and unfortunately they did this. The reforging system is dumb imo and I barely used it. I do recall the holy weapons being ridiculously powerful, but they need to come with a better solution than the system they had in Three Houses. Support conversations need fixed, which they have clearly figured out since Awakening so I don't think this'll be an issue.
  3. I'm all for avatars if they're minor characters and don't largely influence the story. I just hate how major they've been and would prefer something more like Blazing Sword but make the avatar playable and have a character portrait.
  4. Radiant Dawn hands down. It's such a comfortable game to play and I've played it so many times I know how to approach every map and know the best strategies for my playstyle. The game seriously never gets old for me.
  5. Probably Fates: Birthright. While I think Binding Blade was the worst I don't think it's as boring as Birthright. Aside from those two though, I don't think any of the Fire Emblem games were boring other than perhaps Fates: Revelation and Fates: Conquest at times.
  6. Depends on the series. I'm pretty sure I listened to the intro of Darling in the FranXX and Kimetsu no Yaiba like every single time. But usually I do skip them, especially if I'm binge watching. I can always find them on YouTube and listen to them if I desire to do so.
  7. Awful year. I've never felt so emotionally horrible since 2016. On the bright side I graduated college at a good time and began graduate school in September online. I couldn't imagine going to classes in person during this. Also a real lack of new video games sucks. But I did get back into reading back in March and that has been really impactful on me, so that's a good thing. I've consumed so much crap dry so now that I have a whole new hobby to enjoy I'm running out of boredom.
  8. I think if they did this I'd prefer to see it as a Pokemon Dungeon kind of thing where there are no trainers and it's solely pokemon. Regardless this would be a good crossover game. All I need is Charizard.
  9. Great game. Clearly a non-canon one and took a completely different approach than what I thought they'd do. I'm trying to get 100% completion in it and play a bit when I can. I think the only character I don't have yet is Calamity Ganon. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do but he still hasn't popped up. There must be something I missed.
  10. 1. Edward 2. Stefan 3. Soan (Mythic Hero) 4. Felix 5. Nanna (Needs that Earth Sword) 6. Hilda (War arc) 7. Zelgius (Give him that Begnion armor already) 8. Soan 9. Fred 10. Volke 11. Sylvain 12. Kent 13. Marianne 14. Levail 15. Priam 16. Leonardo 17. Volug 18. Dorothea 19. Ingrid 20. Anri or Roland would be really cool Edit: I knew I was forgetting someone. Forgot Azelle, I'd put him at number 5. Hopefully he's a red cavalry unit.
  11. The designs for the new characters are cool. But uh . . . that armor is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in Fire Emblem. Probably a slight exaggeration. I hope other people like it though.
  12. Since a new book is coming I almost was thinking it'd be another FEH original character, but I think they'll wait until Mythic characters come back around. Unless the next character fits Legendary better. Though I have a feeling the next character may be Thor and they have to make Thor a Mythic I'd imagine. I really hope this is a Micaiah.
  13. Micaiah, she's been on my main team longer than anyone. I just can't part with her.
  14. Almost everything. The main thing is, is make Roy able to promote sooner. I got screwed over my first playthrough because of that and had to play a new one. Also, make the beautiful Princess Guinevere playable in the main game.
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