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  1. So if you haven't seen the one about Hoshido, then you might wanna see that one first. Pretty much just say what you think of my Nohr pairings. Corrin's gender is female and I will be using the English names Also with some pairings i'm going optimal but some I just find cute or fitting for the kids Corrin - X - Keaton - Corrin has strength asset and luck flaw Camilla - X - Niles Elise - X - Odin Effie - X - Arthur Beruka - X - Silas Selena - X - Xander Peri - X - Leo Charlotte - X - Laslow Nyx - X - Jakob Azura - X - Kaze Mozu - X - Benny Felicia - X - No One These Are All Probably Terrible
  2. Okay, since I am a FE noob who is crap at this game, I just kinda wanna see what people think of my birthright male pairings. (Will be using English names) Corrin - X - Caeldori - Corrin has strength asset and luck flaw Ryoma - X - Rinkah Takumi - X - Oboro Saizo - X - Sakura Subaki - X - Kagero Hayato - X - Orochi Kaden - X - Azura Hinata - X - Hinoka Kaze - X - Felicia Azama - X - Hana Silas - X - Mozu Jakob - X - Setsuna These are all probably terrible pairings
  3. Olivia passed down Galeforce while my MU gave him Ignis
  4. OK, I'm really having a hard time deciding Inigo's final class. I'm leaning towards Swordmaster or Hero but the MU has Magic + so I thought Sage but I still don't know! So you decide! :P
  5. I think Lazwald/Inigo's name will be changed. It just is not the type of name the localizers would use. But I think his name change will have something to do with blue.
  6. Okay, I'm really torn on this, I don't know who to marry to Cordelia, either Gaius or Lon'qu Also whoever does not marry Cordelia will probably marry Tharja Plus - I'm looking at this from a competitive standpoint and support conversations and hair colors. But, you tell me what I should do!
  7. I, personally think Falcon Knight is the better option, as Cordelia doesn't have such great magic growths but it she is good as a dark flier.
  8. Swordmaster is good for both astra and swordfaire, and vantage from myrmidon could be useful. But Hero gives off sol which is good for his low defense.
  9. Okay, I just reclassed Olivia into a myrmidon and I got her about to level 17, but I don't know what class to promote her to, but i'm leaning her towards swordmaster, but assassin is nice too.
  10. Ah....... Well I messed. Have fun seeing a noob not understanding topics and seeing their couples list. Sorry =P
  11. Personally, I did: Avatar-X-Chrom - because I was not paying attention Sumia-X-Frederick Olivia-X-Henry Cordelia-X-Gregor Tharja-X-Gaius Panne-X-Lon'qu Maribelle-X-Ricken Nowi-X-Donnel Sully-X-Stahl Cherche-X-Kellam Miriel-X-Libra Lissa-X-Vaike Children Lucina-X-Inigo Cynthia-X-Owain Severa-X-Brady Noire-X-Yarne Kjelle-X-Gerome Nah-X-Morgan Lonlieness Virion Laurent
  12. Skarrow


    .......Hello humans, I was extremely bored and a big FE13 fan and I heard about Serenes Forest and you know what said.... Meh so I joined are you happy now? Well I'm gonna go back to bed or keep surfing the internet what do you think? .......Bye.
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