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  1. I'm actually curious how much NPC dialogue they wrote for the monastery section and how often they update. If it's anything close to a Trails game, oh boy...
  2. Sorry for the double post, but I just had to share this: My Treck is cursed...
  3. This looks interesting! I'll definitely check it out once I have time
  4. Your username pleases me.

    1. Chairman Meow

      Chairman Meow

      All hail the communist kitty:B):

  5. At the beginning of Chapter 19, the cutscene with Gormund and his goons was suddenly cut off and it went straight to battle preparations. It seemed like there was supposed to be more dialogue there. Edit: Also, it seems like Gormund is supposed to have dialogue when you trigger the switch at the bottom of the map, but it doesn't display. Edit2: Ok, so I opened the chest at the bottom right corner of the map, and I got a game over with dialogue indicating that Gormund got away, even though I just killed him...
  6. Managed to take a screenshot. I didn't realize this was possible lol
  7. Seems like this is a reoccuring problem: One of reinforcement drake riders in Ch11 is LV3 while the other two is LV11
  8. There's a cavalier on the bottom right corner of the map in CH10 that only has 20HP and gives like 8EXP to my lv11 unit. Pretty sure its level shouldn't be this low. Edit: the low-leveled cav was equipped with a steel sword
  9. Are there any rewards for saving all the prisoners in Ch7? The green armor knight always suicides himself on an enemy before I can get to him.
  10. Hi, I just started this hack and have been really enjoying it. Just came across an unintentionally funny dialogue inconsistency: When recruiting Breyett, Hands (who's supposed to be mute) starts talking like a normal person. Edit: Also I've noticed that supports are only effective over 2 tiles instead of 3. I'm guessing that's an intentional design choice
  11. The Master Edge seems to give the user +30 avoid (but no +30 hit) against non-sword wielding enemies. I've tested it out on many enemy types. I don't think it's supposed to have that effect.
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