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  1. A. Those growths look better iirc B. She's 3 levels lower in those screens So yeah, better. Thanks for amswering and looking forward to the next release!
  2. Recently finished the hack (forgot to take screens of the chars because I'm a moron) but looking at the growths and such, I was wondering why Sofia was even an option. Maybe my Grace was just super lucky with her levels, but she was only two levels above Sofia but was much better almost across the board in stats, and Grace's growths are also superior. Are Myrmidon's just that great? I want to use all of Stark's merc and related crew but Sofia just seems so bad.
  3. Honestly what in the hell is chapter 9 like why is it so hard I don't claim to be great at Fire Emblem by any means, but I am not terrible. The enemies chunk out half my health with every hit and even axe wielders against my swords still have an over 50% hit rate. I didn't think my units were bad but am I wrong? Am I missing something or do I just need to git gud? I am loving this hack, just... on the struggle bus so hard. As another question, are supports in this game yet, or are they upcoming?
  4. Could I get Bowfaire for Niles and Rend Heaven for Setsuna? Please and thank you!
  5. So I fucked up real bad... Now I know the problem, I accidentally patched over a rom already patched with bloodlines. So uh, no glitch, just idiocy lol. Regardless, thought you might find the army of boss puppys assaulting the castle amusing. Also the cavalier and the dog on the throne are inhabiting the same square, which is... a bit odd tbh. While I'm here, might as well commend you for the hack. I've only made it up to the chapter you see here (1-F i think) and so far my only mild grievance is the fact that I've gotten pretty shit levels (which is solely on me for bad luck). Otherwise, I find the world and characters fun and interesting, and the writing supports that. Also your custom animations are superb and unique, which make them much more notable than many others that I've seen. I look forward to getting further in (if I get further in, I'm p shit at FE and my bad units aren't helping any lol) and seeing how things progress!
  6. Could I get a Setsuna with Rend Heaven and a Niles with Bowfaire thanks in advance~
  7. Ohhhhh alright then that's fine. I hadn't intended for Viridem to actually be a flying thief but that actually sounds pretty neat. So flight + locktouch, and then the inertia falcoknight skill? Is that good? Do I get another t1 skill besides locktouch? If so then bird's eye view for sure. Otherwise I like the skillset. For Ryonne... I don't know I like Duelist's Blow a lot. I think I'd go with Duelist's Blow and then Line of Death. Swanson can have Touch of Nobility with +10 Hit/Avo instead +15. And definitely Facing Sunrise, but you're right Player Phase activation. I realized later how OP it would be if on enemy phase he just killed constantly and kept restoring hp lol Alright now for Chapter & Recruitment Info
  8. Name: Ryonne Portrait: Jointime: Early Midgame Bio: A former soldier of the "badguys". In his youth he looked forward to joining. It was his dream. The army were heroes, perfection in an organization. They would save them all. He trained in order to be accepted wholeheartedly, as well as become perhaps a figure of some notoriety. He excelled in swordplay. It was not long after he joined that his dreams died. He was exposed to raping and pillaging of a small village on the warpath. It was meant to appease the men but all it did was make Ryonne sick. These people had done nothing wrong, not even resisted their march. He did not only desert at that moment. He killed several soldiers who were being particularly despicable. He might have killed them all had it not been a stupid idea. After all, he needed to live to kill more bastards later. Ryonne was able to escape with his life. Upon encountering Viridem and Swanson, all of which had similar bounties and similar skills, they formed Cerberos together. A small mercenary group they work for themselves now. Ryonne in particular intends to get stronger to the point that he might be able to exact justice on his own. Affinity: Light Class: Duelist (Myrm animation) - Trueblade (FEditor thread has animation. If not possible, use Swordmaster animation) Stats: High Strength Low Skill Variation on Traditional Myrm. Beyond that uses normal Myrm values, high speed, low def, low res, etc. I'm not good with creating bases/growths so I'll leave that to you. Death Quote: Pah. Should have been stronger. Level Up Quotes: 0-1: ... A failure. 2-3: Slowly I will make it to greatness. 4-5: My enemies' weaknesses have become my strength. 6-7: For Cerberos. R Button: A former soldier of "badguys" and member of Cerberos. Curt and quiet, and focused on getting stronger. Personal Skill: Effort: When attacking an opponent with the exact same HP randomly activate Sol, Luna, Astra, or Vengeance. If that's not possible or bad then When attacking an enemy of equal or higher level attack +3. Skill Tree: Duelist Lv1 Duelist's Blow (When user attacks Avo +30). Lv10 Intuition (Crit Evade +10). Trueblade Lv5 Bloody Blade (Every Unit Killed +2 Crit to a max of +20). Lv15 Line of Death (+5 to damage received and given). If any of that is OP I can change it. Name: Viridem Portrait: Jointime: Early Midgame Bio: A poor girl from the city. She hated being poor. Always did always would. What she hated most though, was just how resigned everyone around her seemed to this fate. One didn't have to always be poor. There was a way out. Why no one else could see that stumped her. She quickly became very harsh and bitter towards people. They didn't understand her, and she didn't understand them. Why try? Who she did appreciate though, were animals. She bonded with them easily. They were innocent. They lived life to their fullest. Viridem so focused on trying to get out of the slums with her animal friends. Martial skill seemed easiest way to do so. It required little money with a lot of effort. That was what she had available. She figured that she could make a fortune if she was good enough with a lance, so she worked on it. One day, before she considered herself ready to go off and begin making her lance fortune, she spent some time near the stables of the pegasus knights. Viridem witnessed a knight hit her pegasus and it set her off. No animal deserved to be hurt, no matter the case. Viridem gave the knight a solid uppercut, then swung onto the pegasus, grabbing a nearby spear as she did. Of course, stealing a pegasus knight's pegasus was kind of a major crime. They were not going to let her go without a fight. Evading arrows and javelins as she flew out of the city, then weeks on the run evading the pursuing pegasus knights. Eventually she encountered Swanson and Ryonne, who had similar bounties on their heads and similar skills. So they formed Cerberos, to work for themselves. Viridem focuses on gaining notoriety and money to prove that she can have a better life for herself. But her real priority is on animals, particularly her pegasus Eclair. Affinity: Wind Class: Pegasus Thief (Pegasus Knight animations) - Falcon Knight (Falcoknight Animations) Stats: Higher strength and HP than normal (to average levels, not high by any means), pretty low def and luck. Retains normal pegasus knight averages in speed, skill and res. Death Quote: Spare... Eclair... Level Up Quotes: 0-1: Might as well have just stayed home. 2-3: We'll get them next time Eclair. 4-5: Fame and wealth are in my grasp. 6-7: For Cerberos. R Button: A girl from the slums and member of Cerberos. Bitter and harsh, she stole her pegasus from an abusive knight. Personal Skill: Twisted Morality: +5 damage to non mounted/beast units. -3 damage to mounted/beast units. Skill Tree: Pegasus Thief Lv1 Bird's Eye View (+25 hit when attacking enemy 5 or more spaces away. As in if 5 spaces away from starting point.). Lv10 Relief (restores 20% HP when at least 4 spaces away from units). Falcon Knight Lv5 Gliding Blow (Speed/2% to gain full movement after attacking) Lv15 Fly Away (when hit below 10% HP but not killed, auto move out of range of the assailant). These might be complicated to code, if they're not possible then just normal pegasus knight skills are fine. Name: Swanson Portrait: Join Time: Early Midgame Bio: A nobleborn young man. He was taught and bred to lead. He was always excitable and eager to learn how to rule, thinking about how much good he could do. He loved his people, and wanted to truly be good for them. His ideals flourished in his environment, never once crushed by the reality of politics. He also gained an interest in axes. He found them to be very very cool. Just their shape, their craftsmanship, they're so different from swords or lances. He became an axe connoisseur of sorts. He collected all sorts of axes. Of course, he did not just collect them. He became very good at slamming them into people in a suit of armor. So Swanson had been enjoying life so far. He had a large axe collection, he was still set to inherit his father's title and become a benevolent leader for the people. But it changed when his father invited him to a secret meeting. The corruption was astounding, the whole room reeking of evil. Swanson played along, but he knew that something had to change. Swanson continued to exist, knowing that his father would die one day, and then he could remake things the way he wanted them. But a time came when he found out a plot for his father to make a terrible terrible, evil decision. To this day he won't say what it was. But it was despicable enough for him to make a decision. He killed his father to preemptively stop the choice he would make. He was nearly in charge when his father's former associates realized that Swanson would not play their game. They drove him out of town, claiming corruption, corruption that they themselves were the perpetrators of. Swanson met up with Ryonne and Viridem, two people with similar bounties and similar ideas and similar skills. They formed Cerberos, a mercenary group that would work for their wants and their own wants alone. Swanson works to gain power so that he might seize his throne back, by force if necessary. He also continues to work on growing his axe collection to this day, collecting them from all corners of the world and of all makes. Affinity: Fire Class: Outcast (Hector lord animations) - Brave Noble (Hector great lord animations) Stats: Hector basically. High strength, defense and HP, average skill and speed, terrible resistance and luck. Death Quote: I only hope that... My people will be okay. Level Up Quotes: 0-1: At least I still have my axes. 2-3: Ha! Exactly what I needed. 4-5: My people, I am coming! 6-7: For Cerberos! R Button: An outcast noble and member of Cerberos. Eager and optimistic, he works towards reclaiming his home and his people. Personal Skill: Axe Connoisseur: When holding four or more axes in inventory, +25 hit. When fighting an opponent with a droppable axe, +5 damage. Skill Tree: Outcast Lv1: On The Run (doubles forest bonuses). Lv10 Touch of Nobility (+15 Hit/Avo to adjacent allies). Brave Noble Lv5: Never Surrender (+5 str/def when surrounded by units). Lv15: Facing Sunrise (on killing an opponent, auto-Sol). ALRIGHT That's what I have right now. I have chapter info and recruitment stuff too but not right now.
  9. Oh yeah I didddd That makes sense then.
  10. I beat Conquest today, and inbetween the transition from the end of Chapter 27 to the cutscene before Endgame, the game checked for DLC. I was wondering why? Had I already downloaded Revelation before finishing Conquest would I have gotten some kind of different ending? Does anyone know why the game would check for DLC before entering endgame?
  11. Looking for a Felicia with Astra?
  12. Does anyone have a Benny with Aegis?
  13. I can't get my path bonuses for some reason? I started up the game, went all the way through Chapter 6, then went to the Dragon Gate and used my download code for Conquest. Afterwards I went back to the Crystal Ball but it still puts the Path Bonuses as unavailable. Also, is it better for Mozu to promote as soon as she hits Level 10, or should I wait until 20 as with the regular units? I intend on making her a merchant.
  14. So I just had a quick question I bought the bundle of both from GameStop digitally I used the Birthright code and played up until Chapter 7 Then I went to the Dragon Gate and used my code to unlock the Nohr Route Afterwards, I went back to My Castle, looked at the crystal ball in an attempt to get the 2 path bonuses, but I couldn't get them? What have I done wrong?
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