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  1. Yeah, I overlooked Duessel's issue until now. It should work as of v2.33. As for Savior... yeah. I ought to get to that.
  2. Get the latest patch (v2.32). Check the OP.
  3. It's only a display thing. The reduced stats are due to how the hack stores debuffs. I had to split enemy groups into groups of 16 in order to fix most of them. Should be rectified as of latest version.
  4. You're in luck, because I (should) have it fixed for v2.3! See OP for details.
  5. Thanks, I actually updated it. Version 2.21 linked to in OP.
  6. Updated to v2.1 with many fixes. Check the OP for the link.
  7. This release is kinda buggy, will post v2.02 once i get them under control. >_>
  8. Here's the latest release of a hack I've been working on for some time now. For some background, it was a project I undertook after playing through Fates and going through some ideas on how to make FE8 more interesting as opposed to just having Seth stomp everything to endgame. As such, this hack will not change anything with the characters or plot, but expect infinite weapons, personal skills, and Eirika actually getting Str for once. Download link here v2.33: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bmjsa5fr4pc3543/FE8MMv2.33.zip
  9. Gaiden, but with rock breaking instead of a sibling rivalry.
  10. Villager - Faye Soldier - Valbar Mercenary - Saber Archer - Python Mage - Delthea Cavalier - Mathilda Pegasus Knight - Palla Cleric - Genny
  11. All depends on how SoV does sales-wise I think. If it sells well enough then Jugdral remakes aren't out of the question. Otherwise FE16 might continue the nuFE direction.
  12. If Skill affects spell accuracy then that will make this game for me. Even if they don't add playable axe users.
  13. While I'm sad that this is the last of Midnight Sun for now at least, I wish you good fortune and a happy time. Thank you.
  14. Left-handed Alm. Palla getting voiced. Gaiden in modern graphics.
  15. Playable Axe Users (repeat ad infinitum) Retweaking classes to make them more sensible (some only get two tiers while others get three) Any kind of support system will do, marriage unnecessary (at minimum FE5 style supports, at best FE9 style supports) Rebalance terrible spells like Nosferatu (50% hit before avoid is stupidly low) and broken items like the Angel Ring. Implement 2RN or Fates2RN instead of 1RN.
  16. Would be neat if they called back to Awakening's Wyvern Valley by actually introducing Wyvern Riders, even if they're mostly enemies. Griffons are a neat idea too.
  17. Would be interesting if they split off Bow Knight from the Archer line. Also until officially confirmed I'm holding out for the Fighter line to be represented, even if Villagers cannot promote to one.
  18. Playable axe users On a serious note, while I'm not exactly clamoring for a support system, some form of characterization for non-main characters would be nice. The Jugdral games do a decent job of characterizing units even without the dating sim-esque support conversation and rank system present in GBA/PoR/modern FE.
  19. I for one would like to see an axe user playable in this game, but I'm not betting on it. Plus they won't be OP early on if there's no WT (and signs currently point to ixnay on the WT).
  20. On the one hand, that would be a shame. On the other hand, they DID readd the axe users missing in Mystery of the Emblem and then some for New Mystery, so there's hope.
  21. I don't really care about particular classes as long as we get playable axe users for this one lol.
  22. It's a glorified Wyrmslayer. I personally prefer to call it a Parallel Falchion, because Alm's tale takes place parallel to that of Marth's.
  23. AFAIK it only really works for the vanilla ROM... fwiw though, Mad Mode (my own FE8 hack) doesn't repoint any tables or such, so it SHOULD be compatible with the randomizer. :)
  24. Okay, so I'm developing a hack for FE7 and I've added a really useful hack that replicates Thracia's Mag = Res system. The game works mostly fine, but I'm running into issues with classes that attempt to use both melee and magic weapons (e.g. Troubadours with swords and staves). Here's an example of my issue in action: https://webmshare.com/Wn1MK I've used the Melee and Magic Fix that comes with FEditor but that hack doesn't seem to work correctly.
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