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  1. This is what i look like


  2. My Life Sucks....Well I guess thats part of bieng human huh?...Good luck to all those struggling in today's economy...Peace be with you

  3. Sorry Aussies But "I DON'T THINK RUGBY LEAGUE IS A REAL FORM OF RUGBY OR SPORT FOR THAT MATTER" You cant beat the real deal which is Union.....sorry Comment if you agree or not.... Peace out
  4. Unfortunately for me...I live in PNG from four different places from my Moms side...and Fijian from...(obviously) My Dad, Im also a Bati....(Warriors who protect the Chiefs)...And you could say my Fijian Ancestors were Tanzanian...soo.Im from there....a bit...Im not sure...My Grandpas adopted by Japanese...Im not sure if that counts... And apperently I have British Ancestors too Yep thats me
  5. But dude who are you you're ryu hayabusa tbh I've never played shinobi.

    1. Kylo Drumman

      Kylo Drumman

      I'm sorry whah?....Im not sure i understand

  6. This is my Second Discussion on Music Related Things... Now basically just tell us your Favourite Song from a Game....It could be New or Old, Anything... Mine would have to be Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda...quite soothing beat for me.... And Ike's Theme.. Yep those are mine...yep...thats it Your turn.
  7. You guys got some pretty good songs....And wow....A black guy (Pheonix Wright).... Sorry...hehehehe Its my first time to see a black person on this site....who puts a white guy as his AV...OK im not sure youre black....so don't get insulted
  8. Hi guys I...no...All of my friends and I haven't been on lately... hehe...I've been inactive a lot...so I wouldn't know. Anyways... Lets get to it List down your top 15 so far in 2016, when ya get a new song edit your post or make a new one 15. Chearleader (Omi feat. Felix Jaehn 14. Drop in the Ocean (Omi feat. AronChups 13. For you (Park Avenue feat. Rich Edwards 12. Contigo (Enrique Eglasias feat. Pitbull...and someone else 11. Meri Kalibobo ( Im not sure who 10. Party Animal (Charlye Black 9. Brad Pitt my Cousin (Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis 8. Take a Chance (Little Dragon feat. Flume 7. Wifi Tears (Slip x slurs 6. Turtle Town (Stephen Walking 5. Sex (Cheatcodes feat. Kriss kross 4. Closer (Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo 3. Sacred Woods (Varien feat. Skyelle 2. Waiting for you (Unlike Pluto feat. Joana Jones 1. New Sky (San Holo There you go..... It doesn't have to be Ascending or Descending
  9. Hey Look I need some clan mates to go to war, If you could join or friends you know could join would be a great plessure please spread the message to everyone. Nexus Dragon. Thanks
  10. Ok here's the issue... I would like to know to the Price of Awakening FE, reason because, I saved up about a 113 AUS Dollars, and I would like to know the Cheapest price for this game, In AUS its 47.10$, I would like to know a cheaper price, also because I don't have a 3DS. In AUS its 108.00$ for a 3DS (preowned}. Thanks.
  11. Guess What, I got Path of Radiance. First of all, any tips on playing, cheats, glitches, hints, UNLOCKING CHARACTERS, Well if you got something tel me right here Thanks. PS. This is my Dragon
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