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  1. Anyone have an arthur with certain blow, and recommendations for a Setsuna build? So far i have astra and luna on her, and i plan to keep her as a sniper, so she'll have bowfaire, but if anyone has any skills that might be good for those last two slots? Thanks ^-^
  2. I have Inigo (old habits die hard :P) but no severa.
  3. Does anyone have life and death on Nyx? Her hp is so terrible already, i might as well help her become the glass cannon she longs to be.
  4. I have luna on Keaton. Also ty to the two peeps who helped me with those faire skills i needed ^-^
  5. I'm looking for a few things: arthur with axefaire, azama with lancefaire, peri with swordfaire, and niles with bowfaire. Thanks ^-^
  6. Anyone with lancefaire effie? c:
  7. I have one with lethality, axefaire, sol, luna, and death blow. pop on by if you're interested in that rinkah. 04619-77055-52632-49186
  8. Try checking the top visit points for today. I think i stumbled past an effie with l&d in the first few, but i didnt buy it.
  9. Got him. Thank you, you absolute hero :D
  10. I have Rinkah set up with Axefaire, Gamble, and death blow. 04619-77055-52632-49186 Also,, does anyone have a Benny with astra?
  11. What is the trick of which you speak? o: Also unrelated, but does anyone have a lancefaire Hayato?
  12. Much obliged. Thank you ^-^
  13. I'm looking for vengeance and astra for Orochi. Anyone who can help? c:
  14. Having finally found some spare time, i've begun the photo lp of this. I'll be posting it on Marc's forum, so follow it here if you care to. http://markyjoe.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=888
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