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  1. It's a loooong time i don't visit in this forum and i want to revive this post. 2016 - 2018 2019 2020 That's all! Soon ill submit more thing from Fire Emblem
  2. Totally found you! Tubular!

    1. Show previous comments  30 more
    2. ButterMoon


      Por cierto, al fin haremos eso? tu sabes, eso,eso, eso.



    3. PoLlOrOn


      Claro, quien haria los diseños finalmente? O hacemos ambos y luego lo combinamos nuestros conceptos?

    4. PoLlOrOn


      Por cierto, esos mugs se parecen a los de Zeo en Uprising. Incluso con los mismos errores de facciones y eso XD. Pero por lo general no esta mal.

  3. Kekekekek!!! Aun sigo por aqui, Spanglish time! For the moments that's all!
  4. Thanks Glacoe! Brbrbrbrb... New sprites!
  5. Thanks!!! Some random sprites and oldies Wip. Soon new Dicaprio and FE related sprites :DDD
  6. Yeah! My process of spriting is piece by piece, mostly I helped me with a sketch. For me isn't very complicate to done this way. Well, new sprites! (Ramza sprite: Yup i have dilemma with the left side)
  7. wipswipswips! This isn't even my final form!
  8. Yup, it's Ramza Beoulve from FF Tactics War of the Lions.
  9. Ehhrrmmm, Looks like a man instead of a woman :C
  10. Hey! This gallery isn't dead... some new weird wip(thnx zeo for the base of the last sprite ;-;).
  11. My first sprites... (No.1) I've done for a fangame Megaman, I have much affection this sprite ;- ; (No.2) The first sprite of my OC Ceyran.
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