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  1. Does this work on MEmu 6.3.7 as well? on a side note, MEmu 7.1.1 is out..
  2. I was just more interested to the bug fixes just like what Warsteiner mentioned..
  3. I feel like LDPlayer is the smoothest emulator but for some reason I can't play Fate/GO on it using the microG from the first page but it works fine for MEMu.. waiting for a fully compatible .ova file for MEMu 6.2.3 from mental_offense sama ?
  4. Aww that's sad.. :( Btw how to enable Google Play Games in the MEmu? I tried to download it from the Store but always failed to install.
  5. Thank you so much, it works perfectly! Also a little bit out off topic, but is there a way to also play Dragalia Lost on MEmu?
  6. will you guys translate the Hoshidan and Nohrian Festival DLCs? Because it seems they won't make it to US release...
  7. Let's hope we'll get them by the end of October (Halloween).
  8. will he retain his Green color scheme if you reclass him to Spear Master?
  9. need help pairing these bachelors: Hinata, Jakob, Silas with Selena, Peri, Hinoka.. My planning is: Hinata x Selena Jakob x Peri Silas x Hinoka What do you guys think?
  10. check my castle, address on my sig.
  11. I have her on my castle, address on my sig.
  12. I have Nyx with Shurikenbreaker and Bowbreaker also Kagero with Bowbreaker He is up on my castle now I put them up on my castle
  13. no problem :) I have Selena with Lifetaker I have Kagero with Counter and Countermagic I have them up on my castle, check them up address on my sig
  14. Effie: Certain Blow, Lancefaire, Renewal, Tomebreaker 06510-44516-86659-54393
  15. I have Orochi with Luna, Certain Blow, Death Blow, Life and Death, Wary Fighter on my castle. I have Beruka with Bowbreaker 06510-44516-86659-54393
  16. Happy Birthday Not!Tharja aka Rhajat! :v https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHlDfcG5tA
  17. I have Siegbert with Aptitude, check my castle address on my sig
  18. I have Azura with Luna and Death Blow 06510-44516-86659-54393
  19. amiibos are included as einherjar.. :( I tried using Heart Seal on Daichi and apparently he can reclass to Spear Master so his base class must be Spear Fighter.
  20. I think I have Shigure with Rally Strength, Speed, Def and Res up in my Castle 06510-44516-86659-54393 oh sure I will keep him up for awhile :) I got them for Hisame, Ignatius, Percy, Siegbert. I have her up in my castle
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