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  1. Male Byleth hands down. I think its way more interesting to watch a male character become more emotional over the course of a story than a female one. You just don't get to see male characters emote strongly that often, and while I wouldn't say Byleth is emotional, I still think its a good character arc for a male character to have, even though it's independent of his gender. Also, he's just way more attractive in my opinion. And also-also.. M!Byleth and Dimitri is so obviously canon bait/endgame, even if its literally not. Still one of the biggest mistakes they've ever made. Dimitri is clearly in love with Byleth regardless of gender. Its Silas all over again.
  2. Oh yes, of course, 100% agreed. Class outfit designs are AWFUL. Only the black/dark color schemes work somewhat with them. Dancer has the most disappointing outfit I have EVER seen. Its actually.. kind of cringey. I hate making people Dancers because -sniffs- they just look so ugly. I saw an edit of the male Dancer outfit without the dumb T-shirt on and the outfit was improved ten-fold. And I said those otome suck. I'm a huge otome fan, and man, Uta no Prince is the ugliest otome out there. They all look like clowns, its ridiculous. I always do a double-take when I see someone acting like those characters are sexy. Its only natural that whoever their supervisor was has the final say on the designs and concepts.. but without knowing exactly how involved a supervisor was, there's only one place we can place blame, albeit with a grain of salt. I guess its not really fair to point fingers only at Chinatsu, but.. god, Uta no Prince. Those hairstyles do not suit those faces..
  3. God, I hope not. Her inability to draw anything other than "sexy women" is annoying as shit. Kozaki had this problem, but at least his men were appealing too. I commend Chinatsu for her diversity with men, I just think the women need that too, but she failed to make most of her diverse men visually appealing. Either make diverse and appealing characters, or just stick to conventionally attractive cookie-cutter characters. Also, pre-timeskip Sylvain's eye is melting off. How that got past first draft, I'll never know. Whoever did the costume design though, whether it was Chinatsu herself or someone else, should return for that role specifically. The costumes are AMAZING. Credit where credit is due though, her actual rendered artwork, like the promo art, is stellar. I got one of the promo posters from Gamestop because I love it so much. She's a great artist, I just can't stand her character designs. Its really funny, because even though all of Kozaki's characters technically look the same, I don't remember having a difficult time telling them apart! Post-timeskip Annette, Ingrid, Mercedes, and Marianne are like.. exactly the same. I remember being confused for a few seconds when I saw the leaks, and had to go back and compare to their pre-timeskip selves just to make sure I was guessing who was who correctly. And I mean, if all these issues are solved in her second installment, I would be so down! She is a great artist, I like her illustrations, just hate her character design. The crap she did for Uta no Prince makes me wanna barf. The fact that some of Twitter mutuals play that game and actively gush over the characters, as if they look good.. confuses me.
  4. I would love this to be researched further. Anything to end that shitty map faster, if that's even what happened for you in the end.
  5. So I'm currently on my 4th and final run of 3H (BE-E). I went into it thinking I'd just speed through it as fast as possible, skip everything and just get it over with (there's only so many times I can go through the same 12 chapters consecutively). But very quickly I realized that there would be some characters I'd just be way too sad to kill. Also, I had no one I could marry in BE, so I wanted to recruit at least one of my favorite characters: Mercedes. Not only is she a fuckin banger (12/10), her utility as a healing unit is amazing, just based off of my experiences. I haven't really found anybody else (except Flayn maybe?) who is as useful as her, which is strange because after finishing BL and starting GD I thought that there would be comparable units who all fill the same role in each house. Turns out, yes, there are characters who fill the same roles but.. some do it WAYYYYY better than others. Which is fine, that makes an all-Houses run way more interesting as your final party will actually have variety. Anyway, my question to ya'll is, is there a character you found yourself recruiting every single run? Why did you continuously choose this unit? I'm curious to see who were the must-haves for everybody.
  6. This is REALLY cool. I'll definitely be taking advantage of this during my BE-E run. Thank you!
  7. As others have said, you were really unfortunate to go GD -> BE-C. Unlucky, as those routes are identical. I did BL -> GD -> BE-C, and also faced the same disappointment. If you want a break from everything in GD/BE-C, go BL. BL is heavily Dimitri-centric, the church barely even plays a part in BL at all, and its way more interesting story-wise, in my opinion. Dimitri is a really strong character if you ask me, which is what sells the route.
  8. I've found the turnwheel mechanic to mostly be a time-saver. Maybe its because I have a semblance of integrity but never once was I committed to using it for cheese. It just keeps me from having to reset a whole chapter or lose all my progress, and it lets me test out different things to gain a better understanding of the game mechanics. I think its very valuable for that purpose, especially for players trying out a new difficulty, or just getting into the franchise. I only used it once during SoV, during the dumbass broken Berkut and whats-her-face fight, and I've also only really used it during failed clear conditions (as I'm forced to) in 3H, and also during
  9. The fact that Gatekeeper is so popular... (yes I voted for him too) I REALLY hope he's a DLC character. Unlikely but there's no way Nintendy isn't taking notice of his odd popularity. I just feel so loved and warm whenever I hear "Greetings, Professor!" If Gatekeeper wasn't on the list I would've voted Flayn for sure. I've seen some complaints about her but I find Flayn incredibly charming. She's very sweet and I love how she talks. Mercedes is close second favorite BL character. I admit she's a bit plain and I can see why she isn't as popular as the others, but I admire how caring and slightly air-headed she is. Even though she's a Lord, I'm still surprised at Edelgard's popularity. I haven't finished either BE yet (hit P2 for church route) so I guess I'm still waiting for her to have even one redeeming quality. Also surprised at Leonie's ranking. Her wanting to bang your dad is so unbearably major cringe that she's easily my least favorite GD character, and could be my least favorite 3H character if Edelgard and Sylvain didn't exist.
  10. Lorenz. Overall, I'd say the cast is just so strong that there aren't a lot of instances like this but.. Lorenz is, in general, not the kind of character I can feel any sort of affection for. But they somehow managed to balance his whole "nice guys finish last" schtick with being an actual well-rounded interesting character.. I just ended up having a soft spot for him. Honestly I think the strong performances from the EN cast really helped. I started with JP for BL, then did EN for GD, and tried JP again for BE but.. I ended up switching back to EN. Both versions are strong but I felt like the combination of written localization and the EN performances worked so wonderfully together. Some character/s are beyond redeeming but Lorenz really stuck his landing.
  11. Mercie and Annette made me feel feral. It was so good I teared up more over their ending than I did with Byleth and Linhardt's (which got a hearty smile out of me). I just can't picture Mercie or Annette ending up with anyone else other than each other.
  12. Best route to grind S Supports? I noticed that in GD, you pick your S-support right before the final battle, but if memory serves, in BL you pick your S-support in Ch. 18..? Pardon if I'm misremembering, but I did make a separate save at the time because it was my first playthrough and I was a bit confused at the process. I haven't started either BE yet, so I guess between (possibly) BE and GD, it comes down to how fast it is to defeat the final boss..? No spoilers please, just a simple answer is enough. Thanks!
  13. Did you take out all 10 of the legendary heroes or however they're called? That should make it possible. If yes, then you really just need to gang up on him. Make sure everyone is ready to do chip damage, and use them all in the right order. Don't be afraid to turn back time to try out different orders. In my playthrough, I found Hilda, Claude, and Lysithea to be the most effective hitters against him. I had at least 6-8 units hit him in the same turn. (I guess I should also ask, which difficulty are you on..?)
  14. As I followed this up with in my OP, the issue stems from their unwillingness to include more LGBT characters while they parade around incest and pedobait. I would like to clarify that I do enjoy FE outside of character supports and paired endings etc. I agree that there are better games out there with better LGBT romances. But the fact that they just slapped gay men across the face in this entry is disheartening and insulting. I loved Linhardt's paired ending but now, as a same-sex attracted man, what else am I supposed to do? Just not marry anyone anymore, or marry only Linhardt in every playthrough..? In my opinion, and I can't emphasize that enough, I find paired endings way more satisfying than unpaired endings. I think the trope of "and then everyone got married and had kids!!!" really annoying (fuck you Naruto), but I love the supports in this game. It felt really good to get with Linhardt, and I loved Ingrid and Ashe's, and Mercedes' and Annette's paired endings. Of course I want more options for myself and the other characters. It's just straight up satisfying, watching character's relationships develop over the course of the game. Duh, I want some payoff. Like, some actual payoff. I'm sick of continually getting "uhhh no homo bro"d. And could I just go play games with more LGBT focus? Yeah. I have, and I do. But FE is a game series I genuinely, wholeheartedly enjoy. Of course I want to feel more included, or rather, not feel like people like me have no place in this universe while dragon lolis do. Edit: Also, this isn't some indie, one-man project made from the soul. This is a product. Like, something made specifically to cater to fans, in broad strokes. That means we don't reaaaaally have to respect that it was "their choice" to write FE3H however they wanted. Just some food for thought.
  15. This is so funny. Why do you care so much about statistics in a fantasy game? World-wide, there is a larger amount of Chinese people than American people.. guess we gotta have a ton more Chinese characters in Fire Emblem, otherwise FE won't reflect real-world statistics! If you want FE to just reflect America, then it needs to be way more diverse, especially racially, and especially sexuality-wise. FE is a fictional fantasy game that, while it draws inspiration from real-world history, does literally anything it wants. As with any fiction, the writers can choose to do anything with it. They continually choose to feature things like incest or pedobait over more positive things like LGBT characters and romances. The issue, in my opinion, is that they can write more LGBT characters, but choose not to. You could literally just flip the pronouns of Claude and Dimitri's Byleth S-support right now and it would still make sense, both plot-wise and character-wise.
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