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  1. Sweet it's working, thanks.
  2. The original size is 85kb, the decompressed size is 205kb so no problem there. But it still just shows 00s, I tried out Batch-LZ77 (v1.3) and it said "not all files were processed successfully," and that the GameData.bin.lz file was "not a compressed file." For context I used HackingToolkit3DS to extract the content.
  3. I've figured out how to extract the files from a .cia of FE Fates (I own a legal copy, 2 actually). But I'm kind of stumped on what to do next. I have the mods from RainThunder and it says to used the GameData.bin. I've found the GameData.bin.lz, and I try simply looking for certain hex strings without doing anything to it, but find nothing. When I decompress it and open it again in a hex editor, I only get 00s. What do I do to start the modding process?
  4. I've complied together a file to use for easy-ish class growth modifying. FE12 CLASS GROWTHS.rtf
  5. Does anyone know where in the data I can find the multipliers for weapon effectiveness? I want to give weapons such as the armorslayer a low might but a high multiplier as to only be effective against armored units and ineffective otherwise, I'd also like to change the bow effectiveness against fliers in FE7 back to x3.
  6. MrKisuke

    Weapon Exp

    Does anyone know where I can find the data to edit how much exp is required for each rank in FE7? For instance, going from E to D requires 30 exp.
  7. I'm trying to give weapons various stat bonuses, including negative ones, the only problem is that instead of displaying say a -1, the game displays a +9, but the bonus is a -1. This clearly seems to be a problem with the graphics display in the game. So does anyone know how I can change this so the game displays negative stat bonuses?
  8. Does anyone know how I can change the coding equation of FE7 to have magic weapons use a character's RES stat instead it be STR directly and STR/2 indirectly? I have no coding experience, so if there is a patch (I don't see one though), or if someone knows which bytes need changing inside a hex editor it would be much appreciated.
  9. I'm attempting to apply this mod to FE7 manually (since the link to camtech's assembly patch is broken) and I followed the instructions to do it. I used the insert binary data option to dump the data in the rank.dmp file using windhex as my hex editor at 0xfd8790. I changed the bytes at 0x28e8c be 0xfd8790+800001, then inverted to get 91 87 fd 08. I changed the offset of the nightmare module to 0xfd8790+0x64 as it instructed, opened up nightmare and my the desired changes. But in the end it didn't apply. I even tried making the bytes at 0x28e8c a187fd08 which would point to the offset 0xfd87a0 and it does apply. Am I doing anything wrong?
  10. So where within the data would I find this? I looked in the army data both in nightmare and windhex and didn't find anything that looked like it should be growths related. There's a bunch of 'unknown' values after the inventory pointers, but they don't look to be what I'm looking for unless I'm missing something.
  11. I understand that there are 9 sets of growths that the game uses in FE5 to determine random enemy stats and I have found them, but I wonder if there is a way to alter the pointers so that certain classes only pull from certain growths. I've checked the data via nightmare and windhex to try and see patterns, but no luck. I'd like to take those 9 growths, like with physical 1&2 and fighter 1&2 and change them to be more speed or defense oriented and assign swordmasters or generals to the appropriate growths. Does anyone know where this data can be found?
  12. For everyone who comes across this page with the same questions regarding rom type or headers heres the 2 points you'll need to know. 1) Make sure you have the right version (either NP or V-rom). You can get either version by googling the specific version. The rom file will end in .sfc for NP and .smc for V-Rom. Sometimes a patch will require an unedited rom (meaning it will still be in japanese), this can also be easily found by google. 2) Add a header to the rom as most patches for FE5 require a header. Do this with a SNES tool (like Nach's SNES ROM Tools or NSRT for short). Just open up the rom in NSRT and go to: edits > options > headers > add empty header > apply. If you want to check to see if your rom has a header you can open it up in a hex editor (like WindHex), you'll know it has a header if you see a bunch of 00's at the beginning (20 rows 00's specifically). IN THE CASE OF SUPER THRACIA...use the V-Rom version with a header. It may or may not work with an english patch, though I doubt it, so just use a Japanese rom. This should hopefully clear up any questions about rom type or headers as well as how to get Super Thracia to work.
  13. MrKisuke

    NES graphics

    Does anyone know how to edit around the graphics (specifically the mugshots) of the NES FE games? I want to make better looking mugshots for the characters and maybe even the class related sprites. I've already updated the mugshots for Cellica, Alm and Clea. The lip flaps aren't shown, but they are complete. Alm arum_8 bit.bmp Cellica cellica_8 bit.bmp Clair clea_8 bit.bmp
  14. If colors are the issue, I made sure to use only colors from other Gaiden character mugshots to ensure that these cleaned up ones adhered to the NES color limitations. Of course the 16 bits were done just out of fun and will likely never be able to be applied to the rom for the reasons you mentioned.
  15. OH, and if anyone wants to use them, feel free to do so. Just remember to give credit where credit is due.
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