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  1. In a word, no. Items can be easily traded away to another unit. Claude having curve shot is helpful, but merely being equipped with a bow isn't a boon. We can recruit Catherine without ever using her, and her personal sword can be used by anyone. In other games, when a unit has exclusive access to a weapon, that's usually a positive. We care about using the weapon, not merely joining with it in the inventory. In FE9, Stefan is probably the only unit with S-rank swords when he joins, so he gets points for using the Vague Katti for a few chapters, but merely bringing it with him doesn't matter. Worth noting that you can get the sword without recruiting him. In FE10, similar story. Units can be recruited without ever being used, or ever making the game easier. The items are (usually) just a reward for recruiting them, but say nothing about how good the unit is.
  2. Promotions during the preparations screen cause the game to reset. This isn't a huge problem, since I can just promote units during the chapters instead. However, Merlinus is at level 20, and his promotion always takes place in the preparations menu. There's no way for me to continue onto the next chapter. Is there a way for me to use nightmare to disable his promotion, or move it to after the chapter has begun?
  3. Played through the hack. I like it a lot. Eagle quickly became my best unit. Showing the world map early on helps the player understand the setting very quickly. Visuals are always better than text. Belle's chapters were much harder. I assume this was intentional.
  4. Will the enemy control glitch exist in some form? Using the mines and torch staff to break the game is part of the fun.
  5. I haven't played Fates. I have played 6 through 10, as well as awakening, and in all of those games, archers were very weak units. Neimi from FE8 was ok, but almost every other unpromoted archer was terrible. In all 3 GBA games, the snipers were good - or at least viable - because their base stats and weapon selection gave them great player-phase offense. FE6 in particular made certain nomads and snipers pretty handy. The range of bows isn't special if javelins, hand axes, and magic all exist. Fiona has a decent weapon selection; that early longbow makes her much more flexible, but even when she starts doubling her damage isn't that great. Archers being unable to retaliate on enemy-phase is a huge liability. That's why numerous hacks have given short bows 1~2 range. I think that's a boring way to improve the weapon type, however. Giving Fiona a killer bow instead of a second iron bow might be helpful as well. I don't remember off-hand how much of a level lead is needed before a unit's experience gain drops heavily. It needs to be immediately obvious to the player that Fiona is gaining way less experience than the others. Half as much as Richard should be good. Level 8 is my best guess. 10 is probably too high. Since most of the people that view this thread won't see anything past chapter 8, I'll send you my opinions of part 2 through personal message or chat.
  6. Thanks for fixing it. Just finished chapter 10. I like 7 as much as 6. So far, those are the best part of the game. I also found another major bug. When Richard is supposed to get the Shikita at the beginning of chapter 8, Kormac gets it instead. I'm sure there's a compromise between being at the mercy of the rng-goddess, and having a Jeigan. Perhaps make one of the early-game units start at level 8ish, and give them better bases, but not too much. I would actually suggest Fiona. The inherit weaknesses of being an archer should keep her from being overpowered. Alternatively, change the make-up of enemy units. Make most enemies weaker, but add "mini-bosses" that are more dangerous. I like chapter 8, though if animations are turned on, the turns can take a while. Chapter 9 needs to be restructured. There are too many ways for it to become impossible to beat. The 2 caretakers aren't onscreen enough for their deaths to matter to the player. Plotwise, this could probably be merged with chapter 10. Chapter 10 is a fun chapter. I was forced to use up the lancereaver, however.
  7. I played a good portion of the hack. I like it so far. Just beat chapter 6, which is definitely the best one yet. The biggest problem occurs at chapter 7. It won't load. After the opening cut-scene, but before the transition to the actual map, the screen goes black, there's a buzzing sound, and the game is stuck. Can't play past a frozen game. I saw another glitch in a couple of maps, where the cursor had loaded outside of the actual map. I got around this by pressing L, but before that I couldn't move or select anything. It happened on chapter 6; I don't remember which others. Regarding the Prologue, I agree with the previous poster. Establishing the main character is important and all, but there's virtually no gameplay here. You can win the chapter easily by just taking no actions every turn. Chapter 1 works much better as a prologue, gameplay-wise. In fact, pretty much all of the maps are well designed. However, I will complain about the reinforcements. Having reinforcements appear and move in the same turn isn't necessarily a bad idea, but on small maps, this means they'll almost certainly spawn near a vulnerable player unit. Having to restart a chapter because I can't see the future isn't fun. The lack of a Jeigan characters means there isn't much the player can do if enough units get RNG screwed. Especially since I don't even keep the same units for every chapter. Unless the chapters are made way easier, I would avoid nerfing anyone. Several times, I was only able to complete a chapter thanks to some lucky dodges. Chapter 6 is great. Even though the enemies are easy to deal with, the strict time limit means the chapter is still challenging. It's also a good opportunity to give some levels to the units that have fallen behind. The boss summoning a bunch of units as soon as you get near him is really unfair. So far, Lee is definitely my best unit. However, he's still fragile enough that I can't let him get attacked multiple times in a turn. Richard and Fiona are weak. I'm not looking forward to Richard being in every chapter of the game. Kormac may overtake Lee as the best unit. Kraig is ok. The healers can take a hit.
  8. On hard mode, combat exp is massively reduced, but staff exp isn't. Once you get the secret card, you can purchase Physic staves, Barrier staves, and Torch staves. With these, Serra and Priscilla start gaining exp way faster than any other unit.
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