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  1. Version 2.1 is out. DOWNLOAD If you currently have a previous version of My GBA Library Version 2.1 updates Thank you so much to wzdret for the Chinese translation and 7743 for the Japanese translation!
  2. DOWNLOAD My GBA Library is a Windows application that allows for convenient organization, patching, and playing of GBA ROMs. It is also connected to FECentral.org's backend, from which you can view, download, and patch Fire Emblem fan projects directly from a desktop application. A guide on how to use the application is included in the README. If you are unsure about the application's capabilities, I showcase them in this video: https://youtu.be/JlNFpdWvNww If you currently have a previous version of My GBA Library: v2.1 updates v2.0 updates Please report any bugs! If you would like to contribute to development, please DM me.
  3. To keep it short, the maps aesthetically could be better (see some map making tutorials) and the grammar is off quite often. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. I suggest you try to make a new hack from here keeping these things in mind because this one is already great and it's not necessary to keep polishing it when it will be far more worthwhile to start on a new one.
  4. Good work on this hack. I just finished it and I'm very impressed. It won't catch too many people's eyes because of the portraits and general lack of polish but I really love the gameplay.
  5. Just played up to Chapter 9 today. Obviously I could point out a lot of polish issues but I think you probably already know about a lot of them so I will cut this short. If nothing else, you need to fix Chapter 8. There are two issues: the first is that if you start the chapter, save at the preparations screen, and then restart, you can infinitely gain the items you get at the start of the chapter for free (Steel sword, steel axe, steel bow, and Larisa's special lance). You can fix this by either giving me the items after I exit the preparations screen or at the end of the previous chapter. The second issue is that somehow I triggered the ending event by just stepping on some random tile in Chapter 8. This is kind of a big deal, I shouldn't have to explain why. If I were you I would play through the whole hack and note down any little issue you see, then go back and fix all of them at once. Other than those things, I really enjoy the gameplay of this hack for the most part. It's probably the most I've enjoyed gameplay from a "regular" hack (aka not a contest hack) in a very long time. You do a good job keeping the enemies buffed up as I progress, and I was surprised by how often you pushed me to approach. The enemy placement in general was not braindead, but also not obnoxious. I also greatly appreciate you giving me lots of tools to deal with the challenges. I would take a lot of issue with the quantity of FoW maps in this hack, but you give me a pretty powerful thief, a torch, and a torch staff with multiple units who can use it really early on. Also, I am especially fond of the Warp staff, that item always makes the game a lot more fun and I think you recognized that it could be put to good use with how large some of these maps are.
  6. Sword of Heaven and Earth. It is a Japanese ROM hack of FE7 that looks, feels, and plays a lot like FE6, but it's a sequel to FE7. It also features a pretty good difficulty curve and a TON of characters.
  7. I just finished the hack. I'm gonna give you my thoughts, but I tend to not articulate very well. Regardless, here we go. To preface this, I skipped the story, so I don't have anything to say on that. However, I will comment on the fact that you did a good job integrating story and gameplay in a lot of maps. The world was very immersive. Overall, I found the hack too easy and too simple. You often did a good job of forcing the player to engage the enemy, but the strategies that I used to fight the enemy were not very interesting. But I understand that that is not very constructive, so I will elaborate. The early game was mostly good. None of my units were too overpowered, and, while there was quite a bit of bait and switch, every chapter had at least one or two tricky enemy positionings that forced me outside my comfort zone. If the goal was to have a bunch of not-too-hard chapters to focus-train units, it succeeded. In particular, I liked the escape mission in... chapter 4, I think? However, I did not like the gaiden chapter; it was too easy and I wasn't using my own units so the experience was worthless (this goes for the second gaiden chapter as well; I easily triviliazed it by simply putting two units at the western chokepoint and unequipping them, because there was no incentive to actually fight the enemies). I think Chapter 8 is when the quality started to drop. Chapter 8 itself is not a very good chapter. It seems the most viable strategy was to let the green units kill themselves off, and then bait and switch your way to victory. In addition, Chapter 8 is the first time you can get a Master Seal in the game, which I immediately used on Torie, along with whatever statboosters I had (and I think most players would). Now, I need to talk about Torie for a minute. Obviously, she is the best unit in the game by a landslide. However, I actually like that she is so good. Her existence takes otherwise sluggish maps and makes them bearable. The problem is that with a unit this busted, a lot of maps just get their asses plowed by her and a lot of the design consequently goes to waste. The best maps were the ones where I had to split Torie from my party, like the one where Orontes attacks from top and bottom. That map was one of my favorites because it forced me to split Torie and it gave me an incentive to rush, which a lot of your maps fail to do (and that is one of the other issues with the hack). So, I felt that the mid-game was not so great, which was about Chapter 8 to Chapter 15. Incidentally a lot of these maps suffered from the other problem, which was not having an incentive to rush anything. I don't even remember a lot of these chapters despite just beating it today. Off the top of my head there was the "destroy supplies" chapter and the "seize three forts" chapter... neither of which I thought were all that great. The late game was more of the same, the only difference being that the enemies finally got tougher, so I couldn't spam Torie as much. There was a very interesting setup on chapter 18 (?), when you go north and the Captain attacks you on two chokepoints. However, I did not like the final two chapters. The super weapons you get near the end really allow a lot of the enemies to be non-issues. On Chapter 19, I literally just equipped Torie with the Crucible, made her move 10 spaces every turn (boots), and got to Aier pretty much unscathed. Aier himself was a pushover for Torie w/Crucible, and none of the enemies around him could even touch her. The final chapter was probably one of my least favorites. The most optimal strategy is clearly just to carefully bait and switch your way around a winding corridor, which was very tedious, and the final boss was incredibly anticlimactic. I think you have a good grasp on enemy placement, after playing this hack, which is why I said what I did at the beginning. It's just unfortunate that that is brought down by the poor strength of enemies relative to the player, as well as the lack of anti-turtling incentives. One of my personal complaints about this hack is how anti-LTC-friendly it is. I tried on a few occasions to cheese maps with some Torie Resuce drop strategies, but it never really worked out because of very meticulously-placed enemies. And on top of the game just working against me, you never really give the player any cheesing tools, like Warp/Rescue staves or even another flying unit besides Torie. Was this intentional? Being able to do some more creative strategies on these maps would really bump up my opinion of the hack, to be honest. Even though it would be "easier" that way, it would also make maps a lot less tedious. If there is a warp staff in the game, I might have missed it, since I did skip a few chests on my playthrough. Another little nitpick I had was the controllable generic units. A lot of times they were just unnecessary and I didn't feel like moving them all. But I understand the point of them, which was a feeling of controlling an actual army. Overall, it's good. The major problems of this hack are juggernaut syndrome, somewhat tedious map design, and too-large maps. I have played two other completed hacks so far, which are Requiem and Sword of Heaven and Earth. I enjoyed this hack more than Requiem but less than Sword of Heaven and Earth. If I were to give it a rating out of 10, I would give it a 7. I appreciate all the hard work you've done on this project. I understand it has taken you a very long time to make, and as a hacker myself I can definitely tell the ridiculous amount of work put into this hack. For the record, I think Mangs's analysis is too critical, and kind of shortsighted for judging the entire hack based on a single chapter. Here was my ending team. Best units were prolly Torie, Melusine, and Samuel. Favorite Chapters: Chapter 4, Chapter 10, Chapter 18 Least Favorite Chapters: Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 15, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, and the 2 gaiden chapters
  8. Just noticed Carcino's Civil War got added to this. A correction needs to be made though, the current version has four chapters, not two.
  9. Just assume it's never going to be released.
  10. That's just my signature dude.
  11. Punctuation is a thing that exists.
  12. note: taking this seriously because you seem to be, as in not an April Fools prank Portraits were great and the map looks nice, but man this was painfully easy. I think it could have benefitted from a smaller map and more content in general. Maybe more diverse and stronger enemies too. (also, was Apocalypse intentionally spelled wrong?)
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