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  1. Well my Vanessa/Ross is a lvl 10 Journeyman that is capped there with 4 Mov and doesn't gain any more experience while I do have a Ephraim as a level 12 pupil so I know he is (1)
  2. Do Journeymans in Fe8 still promote after reaching lvl 10? My Vanessa-Ross Journeyman reached level 10 and I went into chapter 6 and there was no promotion.
  3. Why marry Midori when you can have Kana pass it to her through A+? You could use that chance to pass Oni Savage to any other female.
  4. Nina is a child that looks great with any hair colour especially if it is red or blue. Ignatius is a weird child that I prefer a lot with Camilla's colour since it fits him so perfectly, though tbh Camilla's hair colours fits with every kid so well. Forrest and Asugi both look good with Sakura's hair colour.
  5. Takumi x Setsuna bc why not
  6. Azura x Baki because Pegasus Family even though Hinoka would fit nicely here too.
  7. I am looking for a Daniela to add to my Revelation file since when I did my Birthright run I had not fielded Orochi so I had no way of getting her so I killed her and because of that she is not on my logbook so she is the only capturable boss I don't have. So by any chance anyone would be a dear and put her up in their castle for a poor soul to have her?
  8. So maybe for revelation Orochi!Soleil Felicia!Hisame, Siegbert, Shiro Elise!Kiragi Nyx!Ignatius Effie!Forrest Kagero!Ophelia (Which would make her a case like Mitama) Sakura!Hisame or Mitama? (Sakura has decent Strength it would be difficult for her to mess up a kid)
  9. I wonder if it would be possible to recruit them... hmm
  10. I would say Azura since she makes Nina fast but made out of glass but she can fix that by maybe becoming a dodge tank. Yeah I had a file with Mozu!Nina and after making Niles pass Bowfaire and Mozu Aptitude Nina was great. It is kinda the same with Asugi in Birthright, Saizo has epic growths and is a great neutral father like Niles.
  11. Oh yeah that I will, afterall I also gotta make use of Odin's personal skill.
  12. Interlude: Nyx is now a Fighter: Mozu is now a Dark Mage: Arthur is now a Dark Mage: Current Team Status Pre-Invasion 1: LV. 12 Dark Mage!Nami (HP-22, Str-5, Mag-16, Skl-10, Spd-9, Lck-9, Def-7, Res-8) LV. 14 Troubadour!Silas (HP-24, Str-7, Mag-4, Skl-16, Spd-12, Lck-12, Def-7, Res-11+2) LV. 11 Dark Mage!Arthur (HP-24+5, Str-7, Mag-6, Skl-9, Spd-8 Lck-1, Def-9, Res-8) LV. 10 Fighter!Niles (HP-25, Str-14, Mag-5, Skl-12, Spd-13, Lck-7, Def-10, Res-11) LV. 10 Fighter!Odin (HP-29+5, Str-15, Mag-5, Skl-17, Spd-10, Lck-11, Def-11, Res-3) LV. 6 Dark Mage!Mozu (HP-17, Str-4, Mag-8. Skl-7, Spd-9, Lck-5, Def-7, Res-7) LV. 8 Songstress!Azura (HP-16, Str-7, Mag-3, Skl-14, Spd-13, Lck-10+4, Def-4, Res-13) LV. 10 Fighter!Nyx (HP-23, Str-8, Mag-6, Skl-9, Spd-15, Lck-4, Def-5, Res-5) I will be doing Invasion 1 to get atleast Odin or Niles to rank D in Axes, and basically try to get ranks as high as possible. Also I have 4 paralogues available: Kana, Silas, Percy and Ophelia's I will only do them if I am really struggling when I try to do Chapter 10 due to me having a class Composition of 3 Fighters and 3 Dark Mages who are at E ranked weapons, so yeah... any helpful hints are appreciated.
  13. So for Conquest? Felicia!Siegbert Effie!Forrest Nyx!Percy Elise!Ignatius Selena!Ophelia Beruka!Nina?? I find Nina to be hard to mess up so maybe take away her speed with Beruka? Mozu or Azura!Velouria? Probably a Magic oriented MU!Soleil
  14. Beruka x Odin? How does that one work out?
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