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  1. Alright, so I translated the Beorc and Laguz Lifespan comparison chart (and description paragraphs): The following is on page 11, and is written as if it is coming from someone within the Tellius world. Kirokan, maybe you can figure out a way to make this go nicely in the compilation? I fail big time at forums haha. "The goddess Ashura created beorc and laguz. Since they were made in the Goddess’ likeness, their outward appearances (with, of course, some differences) were rather similar. However, the life expectancy between the races was quite different. Members of the Dragon tribe live exceptionally long, and even the Beast tribe, which has the closest life expectancy to the beorcs, has three times the average life expectancy. Beneath is a chart that was created by the noble families of Begnion, which we can look at for reference. According to the chart, for each beorc year that a beast or bird laguz appears to be, they have actually aged the equivalent of three. If they look to be twenty, they have lived about sixty years. Among the bird tribes, the herons live the longest. The power of the honorable dragon tribes can be understood just from their extremely long life span. As they live 17 to 18 times as long as humans, their idea of history and confrontation is understandably very different. Children who are born between a beorc and laguz, commonly referred to as the branded, are also contained in the chart. According to what is written, even a mix with a powerful dragon will live only 3 times as long as beorc on average. If beorc and laguz become closer and mix from here on out, we can predict that the lifespan of the branded will become closer and closer to that of beorc. Will a day like that come? We can’t be sure." **EDIT: I have no idea how tables work on this thing I'm sorry!!** Race | Outward Appearance | Average Life expectancy Beorc | 1 | 60 Lion | 3 | 180 Tiger | 3.2 | 192 Cat | 3.4 | 204 Hawk | 3.45 | 207 Raven | 3.5 | 210 Heron | 5 | 300 Red Dragon | 16.7 | 1002 Black Dragon | 17 | 1020 White Dragon | 17.5 | 1050 Half Black Dragon | 3.33 | 185 Half Beast | 1.2 | 94 Half Tiger | 1.02 | 65
  2. Sorry for the radio silence! I forgot to upload chapter 5, and just finished chapter 6, so I added a double update to the top post! I hope you all enjoy! Also, thank you to SniperGYS for the scans!
  3. Chapter four is now up! Scans are thanks to SniperGYS. :) I hope you all enjoy!
  4. Oh! If you don't mind, I'd love to use your scans! Could you maybe send them to me or link me to a place where I can download them? Thank you very much! To everyone else, I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far!
  5. Haha okay I made a separate thread. And yeah, I understand... Its nice of you to scan your books for everyone though! Thank you!
  6. Hey everyone, I started translating my copy of the Hoshido comic anthology and I thought I would share it here if anyone is interested. The quality is pretty bad because I've just been taking pictures from my phone, so I hope you can overlook that! Please let me know if you find any of my translations confusing! I'm happy to receive feedback. I will update this post as I post new chapters. Chapter 1: http://imgur.com/a/UyIM8 Chapter 2: http://imgur.com/a/oFIzV Chapter 3: http://imgur.com/a/quIwU Chapter 4: http://imgur.com/a/jP6F3 NEW! Chapter 5: http://imgur.com/a/j3ovY Chapter 6: http://imgur.com/a/XwDTr Scans are curtesy of SniperGYS! I am also going to begin translating the Nohr/Conquest anthology with the help of maskedmarth's scans, so I will hopefully be posting some of those soon. Also, if you can, please support the authors by buying the book :) (also, can anyone tell me how to tag a username? I'm new to this forum stuff, sorry. Thanks)
  7. Haha it was actually me who messaged you; I don't know why I didn't think to check Serenes sooner. (I think I've seen you on the Cipher trading board, which is the only other one I've been part of). I own the book myself so I have the first four chapters already translated (and I've been slowly working on the Hoshido one as well), but I don't have a scanner so your scans will really help me in terms of both time and quality! Thank you very much. I'm away this weekend but once I'm back I should be able to have a pretty quick translation turn-around for both chapters :) Then I will send you a link. I didn't think of it before but do you think I should post the translations I've done so far for the Hoshido anthology? Edit: I don't know how to quote correctly ><
  8. +1 to fruits_punchsamurai for a successful trade! Thank you!
  9. Hello! Although I have used Serene's forrest for many years for FE help, I'm brand new to the forums and this is my first post here! Sorry if this post is a little cluttered, I'm still figuring things out. Anyway, I am looking for a couple of wave 2 cards: BO2 - 012SR Sakura BO2 - 080SR Joker I am willing to trade: BO2 - 001SR male Kamui BO2 - 062SR Elise BO2 - 004R - Aqua (Hoshido) BO2 - 014R Saizou BO2 - 024R Oboro BO2 - 028R Tsubaki BO2 - 043R Grey BO2 - 045R Matoi BO2 - 054R Aqua (Nohr) BO2 - 066R Pieri BO2 - 070 Luna BO2 - 072R Odin BO2 - 093R Foleo BO2 - 095R Soliel PO2 - 010PR Female Kamui (holographic promo card) If you're interested in trading, please feel free to PM me!
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