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  1. This is kinda cringeworthy,but interesting nonetheless.
  2. Hold on a second, let me put forth the effort I really dont want to put forth. hahaha~ what about her support with laslow? She was concerned about him genuinely? Amirite? Or amiwrong? Anyone?
  3. Orochi is just no. Kagero is okay, but she seems to be too weird imo. Azura is meh, just waifu bait and has horrible stats.
  4. I really like Jakob and Azura's supports. Though I still love how Jakob is rude to everyone but royalty, its me, the character.
  5. Its a sword master thing with lots of weapons, just not the weapons that say "sword" or "katana" in singular form.
  6. Tbh I dont blame silas, a lot of those women are annoying.
  7. All this hate for soleil, and while she does have her problems as a character, I still love her and always will. Now to add her to my PVP team eventually, cause she deserves it, *pets the cute waif*
  8. I was checking to see if you were female, and I guess I was right. What do you know!
  9. And whats wrong with people shipping two female characters together for fun? Nothing. Its the internet, and they're not real.
  10. Do you recruit Shura by talking to him in Revelations?
  11. Male if u want to marry a specific character, female for Jakob, since he can actually fight in the early chapters. Unlike a useless maid.
  12. i dont talk to little bitches here, dont messsage me unless its important

  13. Can you buy a shining bow at a friend's nohr castle? Or is it limited for them, and thus cannot be sold to you?
  14. How ignorant. I can sum up your character easily just from these words.
  15. Have u given him a bath towel? He says its kinky and wants to try it on haha
  16. Fire emblem has never had strong story, but really the Corrin complaints make no sense. Corrin is made to be very easy to make it seem like you, so theres no need for that much customization. And imo robin was the exact same thing.
  17. You know what> I feel the same way, also Izana would have made a good choice.
  18. oh my gosh. I would love to be able to marry Jakob, he reminds me of myself. Also havent people been wishing Inigo/Laslow was a choice?
  19. Pairings don't make a game. And I liked a lot of them. The strategy gameplay is why most people play FE.
  20. When you attack someone its like in smash, you hit them and there's no blood haha. Nah i imagine he's hitting them with the flat end of his blade, if they werent trying to make the poses look cool. It's basic RPG logic where slashing someone dosent make they're blood and appendages spill everywhere.
  21. Ah, well I also heard they were putting in more same sex options, but that must have been a big rumor. Kind of upsets me. Not only that but have you seen Corrin and Forrest's support? He says he prefers girls, so wow, thanks Japan.
  22. Oh my gosh haha!! That aspect about Corrin not killing anyone was really refreshing to me! Though it makes little to no sense considering his enviroment... Idk I have a thing for pacisfists. Even though I know I would kill anyone I was asked to if I lived in a world like that, Im quite the sadist (Im Niles irl lel). I just love every piece of conquest so even the little stuff like supports makes me fanboy. As for my Corrin, he is quite broken, married midori for quick salve and he has astra, profiteer and several other nice skills. Working on Luna but waiting for the damn EXP dlc.
  23. so is hinoka really that good? I find her underwhelming compared to Camilla. Though my friend claims she's really good.
  24. You know what, I am sorry for the reading comment. That was uncalled for. I'll apologize for that.
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