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  1. It's called recoil damage from Fury. I think you'd understand that at least.
  2. That's why I swapped out for Male Grima and Regal with Veronica. Morgan did clear the non CC maps with Grima's Truth and his usual dancing team, but not the stat balls that are the CCs.
  3. The latest set of CCs. And I ended up going with Regal (Legendary Chrom), Male Grima Veronica and Aqua (Legendary Azura). It was a pain in the arse. I shouldn't have to do that.
  4. Why is RauńĎblade so fucking useless on Lunatic CCs?! And before anyone says a damn thing, YES I HAD THREE DANCERS WITH ALL THE TACTICS BUFFS AND YES L!AZURA WAS ON THE TEAM AND YES THERE WAS LESS THAN TWO OF ANY GIVEN UNIT TYPE. Honestly at this point I'm liable to just give up on Heroes all together.
  5. Pretty much you don't have the ability to repair weapons in Awakening and the Hammerne staff isn't common at all. However, if you get new items and use the 'restock all' option you'll be able to restock the uses of your weapons provided you have enough copies of said weapons. Also the skill Armsthrift (learned exclusively by Mercenaries) will save you weapon uses. It is your friend during the main game.
  6. Tbh I bench pretty much everyone except Chrom and Robin for the first few chapters until dlc unlocks and then I catch everyone else up lol. Also have you been raising everyone's supports? That'll help as well. Also I have cleared hard and it is no where near Lunatic or Lunatic +, those two modes are truly difficult lol.
  7. No luck with the free summons, I'm saving for that last Grima merge. Free feathers are coming later this month, so that's all good and well.
  8. I assume we've got about three weeks for the entries, though I don't know in all seriousness.
  9. Turns out all I need for one focus unit was a 20 orb circle. And I got the one unit I didn't like. Female Byleth & Rhea. +Atk/-Spd. Which doesn't matter for something that's fodder effective immediately. In that same vein I got Midori +HP/-Def. So not too bad for 20 orbs. Two premium fodder units. Now to continue saving for Regal in October, unless another Grimmy banner graces the summoning options. I am content to wait after all.
  10. Actually tbh, I was expecting the Cecilia or some other unwanted unit. Also who the fuck cares if I have shitty luck but me? I'm allowed to be a little salty over it. Sylvain would have been acceptable imo, but nope, no focus unit or off focus luck is reason enough to screw FEH. Also I didn't say fuck, I said screw, significant difference. Yes they both have similar connotations to the ignorant but in this case you clearly couldn't read the sarcasm and responded as if I was saying it for real. If I was truly pissed I'd be saying 'Fuck FEH' not screw FEH, don't put words into my mouth please.
  11. Can anyone do a Summoner out right shooting summer Rhea and turning her into either dust or feathers, please?
  12. Eww a banner with Rhea on it. Hard skip, I don't care how OP they are. 4 star Cecilia free summon. -Atk +Def. Yeah screw you too FEH.
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