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  1. There is a list of most 'Cannon' and it goes as follows due to the pairs gaining support points faster according to the in game data: Chrom x Sumia Lissa x Vaike Maribelle x Frederick Cordelia x Libra Olivia x Henry Cherche x Virion Panne x Ricken Miriel x Stahl Nowi x Gregor Sully x Kellam Gaius x Tharja Lucina x Laurent Cynthia x Inigo Noire x Yarne Severa x Brady Nah x Brady Kjelle x Owain Otherwise make up your own canon pairings and have fun.
  2. I'm thinking AR. But I also want to have some fun with her build as well.
  3. Aversa build suggestions needed. I'm thinking of her being my next grail project after Halloween Rolf. She already is +4 so here's hoping I get some more.
  4. I need him in desperation range and WoM range. Bravebow doesn't do that.
  5. I need help with Halloween Rolf's Mjölnir's Strike build. So far he has: +7 Merges, +4 Dragonflowers Candlewax Bow + (+Atk) Drawback Moonbow Life and Death 3 Desperation Savage Blow 3 Life and Death 3 I am intending to +10 him at the very least. Are there any skills that will help improve his kill rate?
  6. If Gangrel wasn't using it, I suppose she could go Phantom Res but that's still too low.
  7. I think I have some fodder that could be useful as for Drives, I think I have a couple she could use. Ruptured Sky's a bit harder, but if I get another Byleth I'll definitely consider it. Thanks!
  8. Okay so I think I've narrowed down the tank I want to use for Limited Hero Battles from Marth's games. So my question is what sort of build would be best for Sheena? Since she's easily merged I figured she'd be the best one to go for. I currently have a -HP/+Atk one if that helps and intend to work with her IVs as best I can. I will be looking for a budget build as well, but will use premium skills if I can get them.
  9. Best fodder use for Dussel? I think my max investment Grima would like his a skill.
  10. She doesn't. Not only does it fuck Inigo over by not giving him mods he wants it's wasting Chrom's skills as well. Sumia is by far better. No contest.
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