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  1. Nice! Just a suggestion, try to space it out a bit, because the writing looks a little bit full for the eye to follow, putting in a bit more of a gap between paragraphs would make it an easier read. Other than that looks really good so far!
  2. And there's an event for interested parties: https://discord.gg/uDJ9sjbJ?event=1153097851237302272 And I really need to get on with my written work for this month!
  3. That's okay, like I said the group is totally chill, and it's up to people if they want to join or not, I wanted to share in case people wanted to.
  4. Sure absolutely no problems at all! The Writer's Guild is a chill community of writers who come to talk about writing, give each other feedback and share our written works. We're really big on being supportive with one another through the dreaded writer's block and creative endeavours in general. I've been wanting to build a writer's community for ages, so there's that too.
  5. Oh my where does the time go? Well here's the theme for September: Friendship. Remember is a more casual thing, and I would also like to extend an invitation to the Writer's Guild over on discord for anyone who is interested in connecting with other writers, link below: https://discord.gg/3zQ6q8b7Mz I hope to see you there!
  6. In keeping with the theme of this month's theme of AU's I will summarise a rated M+ AU. Spoilers will provide the link to the work, but other than that, let's get the summary on the road: In an alternate Ylisse that Lucina landed in, when she travelled back in time to stop the awakening of Grima, instead of Robin being Grima's vessel, the Fell Dragon is very much in his own body, trapped with a tower, his power controlled by the Grimleal who treat him little better than one trapped within a guilded cage. Can Lucina with the help of Robin free Grima to live out his own life and save the world on the side? Pre read story notes: Grima is not the bad guy in this AU, unlike Awakening, this story completely breaks the Awakening story formula, as well as some cute little details for those who know what to look for. The Story Link: So please enjoy this AU.
  7. Like I said this is meant to be more casual, so we're going to end up with something for us, hell I might even have something... which I have been struggling with for the last while because I have been working on some major projects that have kind of been taking a lot of time on my end. Have a short and sweet thing that I may or may not add to...: Now to go back to the major written works...
  8. So the WYBO thread died... but I wanted to make a solid prompt writing list for writers to practice and get to know your characters and what sort of situations that you can make use of to help improve your writing. This has no deadline, but is open to post in when you're up to writing. The only real rule is keep what's written in line with SF's posting rules. This is a more casual thread for us to just write and practice writing. The theme for this month is AUs, or Alternative Universes. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to answer them.
  9. I have been worrying about health related stuff and not really writing all that much tbh. Not going to say more than that because fuck that, no one needs that story.
  10. Soul told me in the event that he takes this one out to give the following as the Theme: Goodbyes
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