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  1. Considering the fact he was a dick and is a dick, yes I voted for him. Also Inigo is next. He MUST be next. If not I'll do a death piece for him
  2. BEWD. That sounds like a good card lmao, or even BEWD Ultimate Dragon because three heads are totally better than one! Also for the love of god Inigo needs to go. Like totally go before my babies. If he isn't dead next round I'll riot!
  3. I'd say option 3 and of course he's not Lucina's sibling from a canon stand point as well.
  4. I will say this, it was a conversation that mostly began and ended in that one sitting. Now some might get it, others not that is to be expected.
  5. Holy fuck wtf did I just read lol?! I guess I could say it was crazy but I don't mind for some reason. Might have an idea based on that at some point.
  6. As far as CYL is concerned, I don't think it's something worth joking about imo.
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