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  1. Depends on the level of interest and the participation rate this time.
  2. Damn those are some insane stats! I didn't realise it was uh...that scary lol
  3. I've had a less than stellar time of things so, sorry I haven't been posting in general. Sad to see this end but I guess we kinda knew it was going to happen.
  4. Tbh I'm not concerned about scoring, mostly I'm aiming to have these two as newer content checks more so than anything else. I'll have to see if I can get another Lysithea either cly form or regular for the lulls I want for Fellgan.
  5. What's a better B skill for Fallen Morgan M and F. Morgan M seems to want either a debuffing skill or null disrupt and F!Morgan is a bit harder because flier. I have the former and intend to try for the latter with the free summoning going to Fellgard if she doesn't show up or ends up with crappy IVs. So it's highly likely the pair will be merged up at some point.
  6. You're going to need Mila for Hel, magic damage will destroy Hel best.
  7. Next best girl is complete, she was a labour of love that's for sure: Now on to Aversa....
  8. That's his build atm, I'm changing from his old fury/desperation build to something that synergises better with his refine.
  9. I'm having a build dilemma Res Smoke vs Speed Smoke C skill for my male Morgan...he's obviously got his tome refined so can debuff away quite happily.
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