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  1. Get ready for an entirely original universe then. And some characters no one has actually seen yet... It's also going to be a long one...
  2. Hmm...hmmm...hmmm....hmmm Damn it Otts! Why'd you have to make it that XD Sarcasm aside, I have an idea...but don't say it's any good XP
  3. Henry build time. So I have a 10+ +Atk Henry. His best IV and he's been fairly invested into (native refine for his prf as soon as I could). Now, will he appreciate Fort Def/Res 3 over Atk +3/ L and D 3? Bearing in mind he is packing his native refine option and I could change it up if I have to.
  4. I wouldn't say all my heroes like me either- I haven't even dipped into what happens when I get someone I really don't want, and that is something I want to explore at some point, if I actually can get around to doing it. There are a few scathing entries in the infamous Roster that @Nym will tell you are quite unflattering for certain characters.
  5. You'd absolutely hate the crazy summoner Roster then by default, and the crazy summoner by extension since they are the worst versions of themselves.
  6. You know I haven't finished building him, right? Thanks XD he was so worth it in the end XD XD Oh I could get him even higher than that XD but that's a build for another day XD
  7. You'd have to read The Crazy Summoner to get that, since we don't follow Awakening's canon too much. Though that's a small easter egg XD so is the Ephraim vs Ike thing. Also yes, Grimmy (only I can call him that, anyone else is toast XP) is Cavalrom's Robin, and normal Chrom obviously thinks Grimmy is his Robin since Also I probably could have worked it better but I have been pushing myself a bit too much to finish it and not quite going through it as I should have.
  8. I did want it to be more subtle, so it didn't feel hamfisted like most anime do, so maybe that is partially a thing.
  9. That was the whole first section of the story, where Chrom (not quite Cavalrom) insists that Grima is Robin.
  10. It was to juxtapose Chrom and Grima's relationship with Grima and the Summoner's relationship. Clearly I didn't make that clear enough.
  11. Finally best mage is 10+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there are a lot of people who don't think Henry is worth it, but I can tell you now for me, he totally is. Looks like big brother finally gets completed XD and only @Nym will get what I mean by that. @Rezzy @mampfoid @daisy jane and anyone else who may like to know that the journey is finally at its end. This is one Henry you might not want to mess with...and I'm working on a premium build at some point.
  12. Oh yay run of foul luck continues. Not even decent fodder...
  13. I just realised that I pulled a certain, infamous moment from The Crazy Summoner where fictionally at least my left arm gets broken a second time. Coincidentally it's also where Grima’s character arc starts and we're about mid way through said arc when Cavalrom gets summoned.
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