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  1. Atm I can't actually buy any orb packs so no luck for me there. Also even with dancers I end up killing my nukes because a not strong enough to nuke and b no premium skills to help them.
  2. I may have to do that, because CCs are the bane of my existence because no matter what I do I can't beat them. At all. In a nutshell it sucks. Yeah this point is what makes it worse for me. I can only hope I guess that Lucy shows up for me.
  3. That's the problem, I don't think I will, especially since I can't seem to actually manage CCs and Tempest Trial is just the biggest drain of it all. Oh I tried to save but in the end I'm not a very patient person at the end of the day and the length of time to wait for the banner was too much for me unfortunately and I'm paying dearly for that impatience. But what really gets me is that I've been playing heroes for a very long time and OG Lucina is this myth that will never show up on my account, EVER. So I guess I'll try but if she doesn't show up, then I'm not paying a cent more on the game and going to stop summoning altogether. I suppose free summons will be the excepting because there's no orbs involved.
  4. I'm at the point now where I've had enough of Heroes. I meam in terms of summoning and what not. Given the odds I just don't see Lucina coming home at all. Especially since I can't pull anything else to spend into the decent chance of getting her. Lack of funds is just shit. The cost of orbs is just shit. I am pretty close to just log in rewards and leaving heroes to use the time on another game- I probably should have from the start, but hey, live and learn I guess.
  5. I might have something to work with...though not as fluffy as people might like.
  6. Cool, thanks for taking the time. I'd suggest blue eyes and she'd be perfect. Still like it XD
  7. I don't actually have Discord 😞 hence the PM suggestion, though I'll see if I can get the link to work first.
  8. My avatar is based on my awakening avatar but for simplicity's sake the Robin in my sig is fine, as long as you add glasses because I can't see without them XP. If Shadowgift won't work then maybe something like Armsthrift but for staves- though with the draw back being my disgustingly low luck stat. If not that, then renewal (?) since that should help to at least allow me to survive a few battles XD Also probably best to have the druid as my promotion then, since I have a preference for dark magic (I'd like to think I'm known for Mire usage in Awakening). I'd like to think my base stats depending on when I end up being recruited should probably look a little like this with my luck stat being the absolute trash that it is irl: If @lvl 2: HP: 19 Str: 5 Mag: 10 Spd: 6 Skl: 6 (with a slightly higher growth than speed) Luck: 1 Def: 6 Res: 5 If at @lvl 5: HP: 20 Str: 6 Mag: 12 Spd: 7 Skl: 8 Lck: 2 Def: 8 Res: 5 If @lvl 7: HP: 22 Str: 6 Mag: 14 Spd: 9 Skl: 10 Lck: 2 Def: 8 Res: 7 Obviously not sure how I'd be recruited yet, though I do have an idea that might work...mind if I PM it?
  9. In my case I don't even know what Persona 4 actually is so...sorry references fall flat to me.
  10. I'd like to say that I'm flattered to be suggested as a character of this game. If you'll have me: I'd like to be a cleric as my base class as a playable character with my personal growths as: 20% HP 35% Atk (10% Str/25% Mag) 20% Spd 5% Luck (because it's my worst stat) 10% Def 10% Res I'd be either level 2, 5 or 7 when recruited. My skills would be the class skills and Shadowgift as my personal skill. As for my appearance, probably best to use my avatar. Eta: I neglected to mention I'd be a D Rank and have Mend in my inventory on recruitment.
  11. @Nimrod added, I hope that Grima helps you through some tough maps XD
  12. I just don't like Robin with Cordelia personally, but each to their own. That said M!Robin/Lucina is my M!Robin ship of choice partly because Morgan gets to be a little top tier goddess and partly because of the emotional impact in the middle of the story you can only truly get when Robin's Lucy's husband. Or conversely F!Robin as Lucina's mother... Though to be fair I never really liked Cordelia that much tbh. I tend to pair her with Virion or Gregor (because the personalized conversation between Severa and Gregor just sinches it for me). And I never pair Chrom with Sumia, it's the biggest no go. So he usually either gets Robin or Maribelle XP wjile Sumia gets Fred or more often than not Henry because she's one of his better wives (discounting Tharja, naturally). I actually meant a more recent entry XD but yeah, I'm glad the feedback wasn't too harsh. It's something I try to avoid as much as possible.
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