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  1. Team Grima had a spot of bother at first, but we cleared it easily enough thereafter. All three maps in one because I was too lazy to split them and I did infernal first like an idiot: Turns out that all I needed was Morgan and Veronica to swap placements and have Grima just in range of the blue cav because that totally works fine. I swear this was more of a mess than last time...
  2. Looks like I'm starting this round's feedback. I'll start with the overall feedback, because it's easier to do that. Firstly, way to go with so many quality entries guys! There was some wonderful satire, fluff and some good angst. I love just how varied everyone's entries were, it was really great to see. So kudos to everyone who entered. I hope you all had as much fun with the theme as possible! I also enjoyed the various ways the theme was able to come to life the best. Now for the more specific feedback. @Benice @SoulWeaver @Azure, Roundabouted Out @Ottservia @AnonymousSpeed
  3. Not much off the revival banner and not any decent fodder even with my recent weakening in summoning when I shouldn't have been. (Back up to 80 orbs) As such let the lesson be learned. The gatcha sucks. While others get new characters or good fodder, I get nothing. Nearly always 😕 and that's just how luck goes. I suppose being a little salty over how horrible my luck is.
  4. New banner gave triangle adept 3 fodder. Which isn't as useful as it sounds.
  5. Thus far it's been a lot of quality pieces. I seriously can't pick the winning piece!
  6. Reflet is Grails so it might be a very long while before I get her, but other than that Lucy is probably my next 10+ and she's going to need a lot of orbs.
  7. Opps I goofed over the skill descriptions 😧 Would Sudden Panic work well with Panic Ploy? (I am thinking of a few shenanigans he could get to with that. Though they don't stack do they?) F!Robin (or Reflet because nicknames make things less confusing sometimes) is Chrom's main anti-blue unit buddy to help keep blue units at bay with her WTA over most of them. I suppose she'd want to change her set (but I haven't actually got around to what set I want to have her run...hmm...food for thought....)
  8. Legendary Hero Marth. I just nicknamed him Mars for simplicity's sake.
  9. Agreed, but the way I see it he doesn't need the extra attack, plus his role isn't dealing with dragons that's what Mars is for.
  10. Because partly too lazy to and because I got used to him when he was -Atk back when merges meant keeping flaws. Also it was funny because he was Atk screwed when I played Awakening and I felt the nod was acceptable in that way. This Chrom is particularly bulky which he needs to be if he's dealing with dragons XD.
  11. Thanks XD you know HP batteries are meant to have as much HP as possible right?
  12. I just 10+ my Chrom who has this build currently: Are there any other skills to play with to suite his build, or is this about the only real build for him? He's also usually on a team with F!Robin (his S-Support partner) so is there any skills she might benefit from aside from Chrom's unique refine?
  13. Sorry for the double post but Best Husbando is FINALLY 10+ Now to get the full dragon flowers and he'll be set. I doubt there's many dragons/Hel he couldn't take out lol XD @Nym @Rezzy and whomever else wants to see my best Chrom build XD
  14. Yeah which is sad. In other news the tickets got me nothing noteworthy and I stupidly decided I wanted to summon on the guard skills banner (because stupid summoning itch is stupid) and netted Valbar who is new and the usual lame fodders. Oh and Lute is stalking me. She pity broke me on the banner which mildly sucks. I kind of was hoping for the Lion king guy (who's name I will never be able to spell off the top of my head) because he seems cool design wise and might make a good team mate for Grimmy.
  15. I wish trading was a thing, I'd totally give you my one for regular Lucina.
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