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  1. I got up to something fun. If it could be called that. Say hello to Setonara, from the Winged Beasts something I've had behind the scenes for a long time.
  2. Okay next prompt please. I'd double check that tbh, but eh, it doesn't bother me.
  3. Lol It seems that Anon has the honour of this round, unless things change lol
  4. She's going pure enemy phase tank for team waifu as a blue check, I assume that her current DC/Lull Atk-Def3 set up will improve further with pulse smoke, assuming of course she doesn't get one shot.
  5. How much would pre timeskip Edelgard want pulse smoke, I've seen people suggest it as a go to skill for her. I'm debating making my +4 Edelgard +5 with a forma.
  6. It's how he is. It's entirely in character for this Byleth to think like that. He's on the spectrum. I feel that went without saying. But this is the clarification for you. With regards to the entries, that's Edelgard skipping some of them, as we're seeing what she's reading. Though I could have opened with that preface, I didn't feel it was right. Plus this will probably be used in Crimson Clouds proper at some point, complete with the build up I'm working on.
  7. She's not going to see use or get merges to fix the flaw, nor will I waste trait fruits on her. So she's not even worth foddering then. I have better more built up units invested into as well.
  8. I pulled duo Palla +HP/-Atk what skills are worth going for as SI?
  9. She's already -HP which is nice but +Res, so she'd need to either be summoned for again, or trait fruits if I want to save orbs (probably the later lol). So definitely keeping the -HP
  10. I don't have a lot of goad fliers around, but thanks, I thought +Spd would be better lol, but I guess not if she's going to be a vantage unit like Kid Marth (who's +2 lol)
  11. What's kid Caeda's best IV for an unmerged no dragonflower base kit level investment?
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