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  1. That's just the rng. Which is why I said that for Awakening I don't rely on it. It's not a sound strategy to lean on. Just treat it as it is X% chance it will happen. You won't know the exact number unless you use full interface and check post pair up. That said SF has a lot of resources to work out pair up bonuses on site, so there is that if you have the time to check it out. It can explain better than I can.
  2. He...didn't ingratiate himself in his game, or in Heroes, so fodder he is. Plus Robin is...something of a precious Birb, I have to.
  3. Free CC fodder for Robin lol XD that's what I'm doing to him anyway.
  4. It's the only way. It's not a poor design detail either, because Awakening already has enough numbers to worry about without that but if you know the basic numbers beforehand, you can tell that Chrom and Lucina will always get an extra 10% chance for their backup units to dual strike, and anyone who had dual guard + will get an extra 10% chance to have the dual guard happen. Working from that just make sure that A supports or higher are paired up and you'll trigger the dual strikes. It's different from Fates in that regard with the gauge has to full for the dual guard and dual strikes are automatic. Personally I don't rely on that. Also if you didn't notice before I paired everyone off, it did and does show you what extra stats the lead unit is given. Look beside the stats as there is a +# that's your pair up boost, also where rally and tonic bonuses are as well.
  5. Have you ever used the full interface? If not then here: This video has what you need.
  6. I'm not sure if I'll be going for everyone on this HoF, but there are some nice niche builds I'm getting. Cavalrom: Lancina: Grima: Walhart: Of the four I think Walhart and Grima are the least likely candidates to be forma souls as well as Lancina (I have a +Atk one). That said I might go for forma Grima if he gets some amazing A skill that'd work nicely with Crafty Fighter. Cavalrom is probably highly likely and if I do get Lancina she'll probably be for AR purposes and not trait fruited. Grima will have to be if I do get the forma unit, and probably will be if that's the case.
  7. Yeah, part of the problem was I rushed it a lot. It has some good concepts I'd love to explore but of late time constraints have been a bit...difficult to work with regarding the theme. That and I don't normally go with Alfonse centric fics lol.
  8. Pair up has an rng chance for the character in the back of the pair up to hit an enemy and block their attacks on either phase. A to S support has the highest chance for both to happen on either phase. No support to B support is sort of low.
  9. I'm on a months release schedule for most of my fics lol. Also this one was rushed to hell, I did mention that in my post lol. I may revisit this at some point, should the need call for it. (fuck it, I will revisit this, just not right now because smol Grima fic is in the works.)
  10. He's almost merge finished, the build...eh, it could use some refinement. So far I've only got one Bravemitri and I'm not 100% sure I want to fodder my best 3h blue tank just yet, though that may actually be something to look into if he decides to grace me with his presence. I've been having Grimmy run fort. Def/Res 3 and he does have DD4 inherited should it come to needing that.
  11. I've been giving Grima everything from the start, doesn't mean he uses it. I just don't like changing what works for most situations.
  12. Because any skill isn't always the best skill imo. But okay, say what you want about me being too lazy lol.
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