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  1. Holy heck...they actually did give the Byleths a different name depending on their gender. What has the damn world come to?!
  2. I wouldn't say that's a given but I do have a Grima centric fic that is probably the most likely one for a prompt like this...and it may be longer than normal...or someone else, but I don't think it'd be as long... Decisions, decisions...
  3. Oh, I see where this is going XD "The one most likely to not get enough sleep."
  4. I don't mind either way to be honest, but I can see where others are coming from. That said, I think Jotari's prompt is fine, so it just depends on the majority here.
  5. Oh boy. You're going there hmm? Well...don't be surprised if this one gets out of hand...
  6. Oh, that is nasty. It's stories like that that make me cringe. Because it reminds me of my own bad luck. I'm on nearly 5% on the performing arts banner and no Fanlivia for my summoning troubles. Worse still that $90-100 on this banner with a no show of Fanlivia. Livid doesn't even cover how much this is annoying me.
  7. Oh OUCH. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. I really feel for you as this happened on the Nohrian Summer Banner with me. I wanted F!Corrin and got everything but F!Corrin. May the RNG shift into your favour again soon.
  8. No Lucina merges for me. What a waste of a bust banner... 😕
  9. I think you've missed the entire point to this story. But I'm not surpised.
  10. And you would be incorrect Ana as in the Nifl forging bonds Japanese version Gunnthrá refers to Hrìd as "Nii-san" or older brother. So it's three offical sources to one. One being in game as well. And because I was told to site my sources here is the gamepress link for you and anyone else who was curious: https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/q-a/nifl-siblings-ages
  11. I suppose the potential reasons is that no one actually bothers to have something before the deadline or life getting in the way of having something done. Though if I can pull something together in less than twenty-four hours I'm sure that the most dedicated can pull it off as well, it's all a matter of discipline and making sure to get the job done. The theme is also a BIG factor as well since people can find certain themes difficult to write for or may find that their stories are not fitting to the theme, I've had that happen to me before, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened to anyone else too. Also I suppose writer's block is a thing, but sometimes you just have to throw shit together for a while until something sticks, or go down a completely different path from it.
  12. This banner is shit. So it's a hard pass for me even if it lasts for 30 days...
  13. Finally... Finally... I may have changed his support partner...but Robin's pretty much done. Dragon Flowersare all that's left for one of my precious boys. The other one being male Grima of course, but he's a pet project that will need a bit more time to get to 10+ because 5 star locked which sucks. Though that said I think it's high time Robin got some good stuff...like the random Surtr who I just happened to have pity break me. Well it isn't like Robin won't make good use of Steady Stance 4. I mean if I wanted to do an enmy phase build he'll appreciate it.
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