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  1. I love Gray. His convos are friggin hilarious. And Clair is my spirit animal. Fernand is a douche. Some commoners killed my family so now I wanna destroy the whole damn kingdom!
  2. Robin will likely win, or Tharja...cuz tiddies.
  3. A lot of Naruto amvs and Naruto/American idol parodies...
  4. It was a very good concept that slowly disintegrated. I feel that a lot of modern day feminists' arguments are based purely on emotion rather than logic, i.e. the fear mongering approach to men. Also, some have attacked other women for not agreeing with their views and saying these women "hate themselves". The hive mind approach that all women need to agree with the opinions of modern day feminists is very toxic. It's as if women aren't allowed to have their own opinions and beliefs. And you can throw the dictionary definition around all you want. That doesn't justify today's actions.
  5. As a kid, I thought babies were born from your belly button. As a teen, I thought Ted Bundy was the guy who blew up the Pentagon. The person I was thinking of was Timothy McVeigh, who blew up a truck...I don't know how I came to such a conclusion.
  6. Oh man, are you serious? I loved those books when I was little. R.I.P.
  7. 1. Make him/her less dumb 2. Give him/her more hairstyle/facial/skin color options 3. Give him/her more personality choices 4. DO NOT MAKE HIM/HER THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER
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