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  1. Ahh okay then I remembered correctly in regards to the animations. Ill try my best to look up where I got them to give credit. And the things I used were some character portraits, weapon ideas and weapon icons, if I recall correctly haha. Was almost a year ago that I worked on it so I don't remember everything I took from these different hacks.
  2. Hi all so I've worked on a Fire emblem sealed sword hack a while ago and i'm currently just playing through it to test it out and fix any errors. I would love to upload a patch for others to play, however, I do need some people's permission before I do so. I have used a few different sprites from other hacks, I had used a bunch of different class animations and so on. I've been using FEBuilder. Now, I believe a few things were snagged from Elibean Nights, some from The Last promise I think. I downloaded a bunch of the class animations from different sites that said they were fair game to use, but want to double check first, some of them being dracoknights with axes, hoodless shamans and mages, bard using light magic, etc. Errr….also, downloaded a huge page of weapons sprites that I used and inserted into the game, It's still the same game, with a bunch of different supports, boss dialogs, boss palettes coloured and a few added classes and more weapons. Anyways, hope I can get all the proper permissions and give credit where it's due! Thanks for reading! Jaygore
  3. Hey all, so I've been modding Fire Emblem 6 and everything is going as I've planned expect one thing. When a character levels up, instead of an arrow pointing up with a 1 next to it, the 1 is some glitchy looking blob. Anyone have any idea what I did do make this happen and how I can fix it?
  4. Oh really? This is for FE6. Well that's perfect then :) Thanks!
  5. Hey all. Does anyone know how to change enemies weapon level without changing class weapon levels? Id like to give some enemies high level weapons but dont want to alter weapon levels through class.
  6. Update. After much trial and error I was able to figure out how to insert them, if I download it. Where can I get animations for shine, aura, etc?
  7. So im still trying to figure out how to go about this. I want to add fe7 and maybe some fe 8 spell into fe 6. Could someone give me some tips or point me in the right direction?
  8. Bump. Still not sure how I can do this :/
  9. Umm what am I downloading :/. I cant read the page haha
  10. Hi there anyone know how one could insert new spell animations into FE6. I haven't been able to figure it out with either Nightmare or FEbuilder.
  11. Yeah I was thinking that too. or I could just copy those generic quotes and assign them to a specific unit if im really bothered by it lol. Thanks!
  12. Hmmm...im not too sure about that I mean for each of the Damas conversations I set the flags differently so one is 14, one is 15 one is 16 and so on, is that what you mean? Also, I should include that the different boss conversations are all good, they work but, the generic boss quotes are completely gone, just in case I didn't make that clear.
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