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  1. It should work with a clean FE8 rom, I don't know what's wrong if it doesn't :B
  2. Here take a mug oh shit I completely missed the date >.> apparently it doesn't matter, anyway carry on Can I call first? Also when do I get paid for this?
  3. And I couldn't stop smiling the entire time watching the stream archive, I honestly never felt happier, glad my hack was entertaining It was sort of petty of me to phrase it that way but I just didn't want to seem like I drop all the work onto someone else or something
  4. So before we begin, here's the latest patch, [FEE3 Demo]: Download patch here [Demo] To address some things regarding the FEE3 stream before I get into anything: -Sorry for the autolevelling, seems that that was a huge mistake on my part, I had no idea what it did and it will be dealt with in the full hack, but for now the Demo will be as it was from FEE3....except for my mug's broken frames, now that was embarassing. -AK only made the Assassin mug seen in a cutscene and helped out with some edits, I made the mugs myself with some edits from other people, I'm sorry but I just felt like that should be said as making mugs is the one thing I take pride in being able to do poorly myself, with some help from other people, of course. -Don't expect large amounts of progress, period. I truly thank the people looking forward for more, never expected people to like it as much as they did, but the updates will come slowly and not at all surely, sorry. -There were some stuff missed from the FEE3 showcase, or at least from the stream: -There we skills attached to items, specifically for the Paladin Lance and Razor Blade, with Swordbreaker and Aether respectively. Leonarth from FEU was nice enough to humour me and make that hack for me. -There were boss quotes for all 4 of the player characters with ??? (I mean, it should be obvious who it is by now but hey whatever) Hopefully those who decide to play the Demo will be interested in what those are. Now, let's get talking :D General story: So it's basically as it seems, FE7: The bad ending....or is it? Actually, is it? I'm not sure myself, I'm sorta writing this as I go along but hopefully what I've got so far is enough to get you hooked, if not, wait for the actual chapter patches that'll definitely come before the heat death of the universe. The story is held together by glue and cellophane tape as of now so nothing of substance to be shared here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Features (so far): -The FE8 Skill System by circleseverywhere -Skills by Items by Leonarth -Custom portraits of questionable quality for all currently playable characters -FE7 Music with FE8's instruments -New items -HP bars -Hold L animation toggle -A warning for killers and slayers -Danger area Planned Features: -New playable characters -A pick-your-story sorta deal with the hack -New supports, cuz you know, new characters -A world map....probably Credits: -circleseverywhere for the inspiration of the idea, his Shattered Stones MAFC, and helping me out even though I drive him up a wall sometimes >.> -Leonarth for helping me out with hacking stuff and also for the Skills by Items hack -Eise for helping with proofreading and some portrait stuff -Aeorys for helping with some of the portraits -Bluid for being a...good friend I guess -Many people from the Team SALVAGED and FEU discord for helping out and moral support Once again, I am thankful for the positive reception this Demo received, I did not expect people to like it as much as they did. Unfortunately, no updates will be coming any time soon >.>
  5. Nice and fluid animation, as usual. It's pretty good but for the beginning portion before the attack maybe try and anchor on of his legs since both his legs kinda slide around at the same time. The last slash's blur doesn't look like it connects/followed up from the previous slash (if that made sense), a simple change of blur might help.
  6. you sure? cuz I think I smell the deadness in the air....or was it from my thread?
  7. Lapsed Fighter: A famed warrior who's name is lost in time. Is this illegal? I hope it isn't illegal >.> This is a class I suddenly had an idea for for my hack so >.>
  8. Wow, thanks, never thought people would think of using it ^^' but thanks again, though, I have receive critique of people thinking the bulky sword looks weird so I would be working on a rapier and maybe even a Binding Blade reskin/revamp Here's something I whipped up, won't be doing them until I clear off some of the things off my to-do list
  9. Not sure if this is the place to post it but it's a sprite so whatev So here's an animation I've been working for on and off for a while >.> Roy with (hopefully) less jank. Gif: Video: Download Link: -Includes frames, script (vanilla Roy), FEditor processed files and Animation Assembler processed files for all your EA needs https://www.mediafire.com/file/s889xsvwkoze129/Roy Reskinned.rar Free to use provided credit is given, if anyone actually wants to use a new Roy animation, go right ahead
  10. Lenh was probably joking about the money part but point is you don't really need complete custom animations right off the bat, vanilla animations can serve as a good placeholder and there are numerous open source animations she linked you available for use provided you give credit. Like lenh said, you can make do with what's available (vanilla/open source animations) and you won't necessarily need custom animations for a demo. also, I'm no expert but I have delved into the ways of animation and it's quite difficult and somewhat tedious, I don't think $5 will cut it but at the same time, nothing's stopping you from learning and making those animations yourself, animating is a long and difficult task but can be fun to learn if you want to.
  11. wrong place to post this, very wrong place to post this, go back to the sprites section please, and do provide more info on this battle animation when asking since "sprites with battle animation" is a very broad description
  12. Presenting, Timewasted.jpg, the Blaze Sage.....god I wasted so much time, fuck you Photocuck-et, I hope you drown in your ads
  13. fuck all ya'll for not even doing the theme I admit it was a dumb theme and as such I'm going down with said ship
  14. I blame smilies since he gave me that idea, and I do believe I have killed splice comp...hopefullynotpls
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