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  1. Ah, I may have worded my last paragraph a little weird. I agree that there are some better skills out there as well that you can get normally, yet I just find it a bit unfortunate that have played a pretty big role in previous games (Aether - Ike, Ignis - Reflet) have to be behind paywalls. I do agree with you that the PVP system isn't very steady as well, it's just more based on the fact that there is a PVP system and people who are really excited for it, might end up being a little disappointed. Thank you very much for your reply and interest in this topic! The game definitely has some online balance problems that are already known. Of course, not everyone will end up trying out the online multiplayer, but the people that do end up playing it might become a bit disappointed knowing they don't have all the tools available for them and that some tools are DLC. Of course, again, I'm not stating that it's impossible to win. In fact, it's all about strategy, but people with certain DLC skills have some huge advantages. I'm not saying the gameplay isn't fun, I actually highly enjoy it as I mentioned! After all, it's a great game, I'm just giving my two cents on the DLC that the game has to offer. Still, thank you for your reply and interest! I think it would definitely be a nice addition to see Elincia's Gambit, haha. Hopefully they'll have a season dedicated to older Fire Emblem games, it would be a nice addition and I'm sure a lot of fans would enjoy it! Having a good challenge map such as Apotheosis sounds great! After all, who doesn't love bringing all their units together for one final 'test'? Thank you very much for your reply and interest! Each of the routes does tell a story, although every story leaves quite unanswered questions that are answered in another story. However, that story also leaves unanswered questions that are answered in another story, the Third Path. I agree that people may define 'full story' differently, after all, different people have different takes on stuff! Let's say I'd consider Hoshido, Nohr & Touma to all be a 'full satisfying story' that doesn't leave any plot points or unanswered questions, I wouldn't have much of a problem with it. Yet, all the games are connected and every game leaves some unanswered questions (I've really been using those words a lot now, haven't I? Whoops!). I guess you could say it wasn't as in some previous Fire Emblem games, where you bought one game and would get a complete story. Now, I'm not saying I don't support the idea of having separate games (although it does raise some questions), but there is a reason they made multiple paths after all. It does make forging a bit more strategic maybe, but - seeing as you unfortunately can't re-do forges - I can see why it would be annoying to some people if they wanted to make some strong weapons. Thank you very much for your reply and interest in this topic!
  2. Ever since the DLC for Fire Emblem: IF / Fates came out, there have been things that were bothering me. I'd like to share them with you and am interested to hear your opinion on them as well! Everyone has different options, so feel free to agree or disagree with me on certain parts. I apologise if this post may be long, but I hope you'll bear with me. Anna the Outlaw Anna has always been a popular character in the Fire Emblem franchise. She's the face of many stores in previous Fire Emblem games, the gatekeeper in Awakening and the store attendant in Genei Ibun Roku #FE. Anna is a character that everyone who played Fire Emblem knows and she's a very popular character as well. In IF / Fates, Anna is now a paid DLC character. You can't get her through normal means, unless you pay for her. Just like the other units, she has supports, full skinship functionality and marriage options. Anna might be the gatekeeper for the Dragon's Gate, but that still is no excuse for making her paid DLC in my opinion. For such a popular, loved character, I think it's truly disrespectful to put her as paid DLC. Invisible Kingdom: Beginning & Conclusion Honestly, I don't really have any good word to say about this one. I did really enjoy it, but already having to pay for the Invisible Kingdom and then making you pay again for backstory? Luna, Odin & Lazward mention that they're actually Severa, Owain & Inigo in a conversation with Kamui, yet the game never references back to it unless you get the DLC. It's part of the story. The story that is already divided in 3 games making you have to buy all 3 paths to get a full story. Weapon DLC (Duelist Museum) Once you complete the game and buy every limited-stock item you can buy, the shops never restock. They'll only have the normal infinitely-stocked items that - although some are useful - aren't anything special. If you want the stronger, better and more unique weapons and want to forge those weapons (seeing as you need duplicates of the weapon you want to forge), you'll have to buy the weapon DLC. DLC Skills I'm fine with the DLC classes, as they don't have broken stats or anything. However, the skills can be a problem. Skills such as Aether, Rally Spectrum, Ignis, Shadowgift, Warp & Witch's Poison are all very effective and useful skills to have on your units, yet are all locked behind a paywall in a way (I know you can get Aether from Great Lord as well, yet you only get 1 Great Lord seal). Skills that other than Warp & Witch's Poison have been in Awakening before and have proven themselves very useful. If you're planning on playing Online Multiplayer, it's a safe bet you'll see lots of people using these skills (especially Warp & Rally Spectrum), seeing as they're extremely useful and Warp is completely broken in battle. They give you a high advantage in combat. Of course, I'm not saying it's not possible to beat people with these skills, but they do have an big advantage. Although there are still other questionable DLC items on my mind (and other stuff regarding the game), I don't want to make this post too long or a pain for people to read. Please don't get me wrong, I highly enjoy the game. I know DLC is optional, but these especially have been bugging me and would like to hear what you all think of the DLC released so far. Thank you all very much for your time reading this!
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