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  1. I wish they got rid of the Arena map that's pretty much nothing but trenches. Not that I can use Cavs in Arena anymore anyway, but in Arena Assault, it's a bit prohibitive.
  2. Didn't we already have this poll? Regardless, I'll be going Blue Lions, because I'm obligated to pick anything that contains lions.
  3. Cool, you've got a pretty nice Cav team going. Too bad they don't score well in Arena and IS won't make BST skills for them for some reason.
  4. They trick to those is to run them under the water, and it rinses the sour powder off. I remember there was a huge Sour Warhead fad in the mid 90s for some reason.
  5. I got two of her, but I fodder the extra to Fjorm for the antidazzlesweep skill, so the DC sort of went to waste on her. I thought of trying to get Hector on the recent rerun banner, but Orbs were low, and I can't justify spending likely $100 just to get one copy of fodder.
  6. I'm sorry about your old chickens, but hope these guys have a long, happy life. Have you picked out names and do you know their genders?
  7. I think Nailah is the only unit in the general pool with DC, the others being seasonals and legendaries, and I don't know about other people's luck, but I have terrible luck on them, always getting pity broken by the wrong unit, since you only have a 1 in 3 chance of getting the unit you want, even with sniping.
  8. I wish DC was a lot easier to come by. I've only ever foddered it to Titania, since it's so rare. I wish it was like Swift Sparrow, and they put it on a new unit every banner.
  9. Had a really crappy start to Aether this week. Part of it is that Naga just isn't as good as Eir, especially with doubling up her being mandatory. Second is that most of my good units already got Light Blessed. At least I got a Defense "win" today with no Lift loss, but that was more than canceled out by wasting all my ladders on Day 1, where I think I used only one all last week. I wish we got a bit more variety with bonus units. Having most of it taken up by the latest banner really hurts, if you didn't pull for any of them.
  10. Hi @Mangs 1: What are your first/current impressions of Rezzy? 2: Aspirations in life? 3: Opinion on kids, and do you plan to have any? 4: What is a movie, video game, etc that you like that everyone else hates? 5: What is a movie, video game, etc that you hate that everyone else likes?
  11. Congrats, it's always tough when the unit you want shares a color.
  12. Hey, did people want me to try to add shades to her to be more in line with my Titania avatar or would that be too out of place?
  13. Nice to fight fliers with fliers. The terrain seems well suited for them this map. I don't think I've actually seen Summer Baby Tiki's attack animation before. Vomiting fish is a weird creative choice. I half expected the voice acting to be in Spanish, too, for some reason.
  14. I think I already posted this on Discord, but here's Rezzy's sprite in all it's crappy glory.
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