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  1. Why did you buy the games, if you don't have the system? Were they gifts, or do you plan to buy a Switch soon.
  2. Maybe I'll understand once I play that path, he was pretty tertiary in Blue Lions.
  3. I picked Blue Lions first. Ashe is my favorite, with Annette a close second. I'm less than halfway through Black Eagles and haven't done Golden Deer, yet, so my opinion of them might change. It's funny how popular Seteth has become. I wonder if that's mostly from memes. It also looks like Edelgard has really plummeted in popularity since launch.
  4. If it stops the powercreep, I'd be for it. Before knowing what Cyril's growths were, I remember training him and wondering why I was only getting 2-3 stat up level ups.
  5. What did Cyril do to deserve those horrible growth rates? 20% Aptitude just puts him on par with other units, but costs him his personal skill.
  6. It gives you the choice not to go to Jeritza's spot, allowing you to do other stuff until the end of the month.
  7. Sorry, I don't know if that's a yes or a no, was just going by your member title.
  8. You don't have to complete that mission the first week, if you don't want to. I opted to wait until the last week, so I could do battles and stuff.
  9. For some missions, it makes sense, like the House mock battles or a planned attack on a ceremony day, but for others, it's downright weird that they act like time is of the essence, yet we wait until the end of the month before getting around to helping with an imminent threat. Byleth: Seteth, I know Flayn's been kidnapped, and it's an emergency, but I don't want to miss out on 3 weeks worth of EXP, so she'll just have to wait.
  10. Is that med school? Might want to hold off on loading up on the games for now.
  11. Which character like Daffodils? Every other flower, looks like there's at least one character that likes them, but I see nothing for daffodils.
  12. Which characters are unavailable or leave if you pick Edelgard's route in BE?
  13. I'm going from memory, but on normal mode at least, it looked like the enemies directly surrounding Annette and Gilbert wouldn't move unless you attacked them.
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