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  1. Oh neat, notice him on my support list? And grats to you as well. I actually managed to get him without too much fuss, in about 4 ten pulls. I'm probably going to skip Jeanne's banner since I got Moriarty and planning to pull for Archer Gil when he comes back. I might try pulling for BB and MHXX next week. Hope my luck in FGO continues.
  2. Big congrats, looks like you've been racking up the +10s lately
  3. Congrats on your Ishtar! If I'm up late enough I'm going to use the tickets I have for the month and hopefully get Dantes. Caster Gil would also be nice, since I don't have either yet.
  4. Rezzy

    A Modest Proposal

    So much for the Jonathan Swift literature club.
  5. Glad he's working well. Cavs have been a bit underpowered as of late.
  6. Nice, I've got +10 female Robin, but dunno if they'll give any GHB units the resplendent treatment.
  7. Good luck, I think it ends tomorrow night.
  8. Had to use my Command Seals, but managed to beat the Challenge Quest with Cu, Waver, Mash, Holmes, Assassin Nitocris, and a support First Hassan. Holmes has really proven useful for a lot of these fights, and grailed Cu is a nice cheap option, but the buff removal in this fight really hurt.
  9. I lucked out and managed to get the Dive to Blue CE to drop, which I really wanted and will be perfect for Anastasia. No luck for me on getting part 1's CE to drop, but that one was lower priority. I might grind out the free quests to clear out the shop and get lucky on that one, but I won't spend any apples for it.
  10. Rezzy

    The best character

    Very nice! Soren is one of my favorite characters and always love seeing art of him.
  11. I wonder if Arthur will ever get a buff. He seems to do pretty well for me, but the made a new bottom tier just for him and a few others. Maybe add a charisma to his intuition, since most of the other Artorias have it.
  12. I need feathers and fangs, so I'll probably be cheering for those two to win. Grats on your pulls guys.
  13. Very nice! Another +10 Robin to join the club.
  14. I've got the Sherlock and Da Vinci travel CEs, if anybody needs those.
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