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  1. Have 095 R Velouria 006 SR Quan 010 R Ethlyn 036 R Sylvia 040 R Bridget 092 R+ Garon 092 R Garon Basically want to trade anything I have for: B08-045 SR Aversa B08-046 N Aversa
  2. +2 wobblinghood card in good condition and successful trade!
  3. +2 Judorunner (for trading and card is in good condition!)
  4. http://feifscans.tumblr.com/ has the majority of fe fates concept scans from the 25th anniversary book.
  5. +1 ChibiToastExplosion for awesome trading +1 Zoelius for awesome trading as well!
  6. Hey guys, I am looking for: B03-078SR Azura B03-091R Nina B02-080SR Jakob I am only looking to buy, and am hoping that I could get all these three cards for a total of $10-$12 USD. (excludes shipping cost). Message me! : D
  7. +3 yunjaelove (for card, transaction and putting tracking after the US post failed to do their jobs :"D )
  8. How are we not talking about Odin's pose though, LOL
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