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  1. Is there any way to export battle sprites out of ROMs using Palette Assembler to be used with FE Recolor? I've got a randomized play through with Dieck as a King and cant find a sprite map that would work with Recolor.
  2. Its right after Ash almost kills Alicia. He surrenders, I get the cut scene with the white knight and all, then it cuts back to outside the fort with the sprites and it goes black. I did kill Alicia in that playthrough though.
  3. Picked this up a week ago and have been playing on and off for a while. Been loving it every step of the way and I am eternally grateful to you Sacred Blaze but I just finished chapter 7 and I got the cut scene where Ash goes super ham and then surrenders and I end up on a fading black screen that just stays there, pretty much freezes. Don't know if my hack is broken or not or maybe something went wrong? Has this happened to anyone else? Should I just erase the ROM and save file and replay everything? Wouldn't really mind as I would know what to do up to that point. I am playing off my phone by the way using the My Boy! GBA emulator maybe that's causing problems for whatever reason. Really want to beat this hack its seems amazing as far as I've gotten.
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