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  1. None at the moment, as I'm busy retraining after being stood down at work. Besides, I haven't finished Pokemon Shield, I haven't started Final Fantasy 12, and there's also the non-CF routes for FE3H.
  2. I wouldn't mind if Silver Snow is completely merged with Azure Moon, and Rhea being romancable because those two are the closest political stance to each other. It''ll also bring much needed world-building to Azure Moon as well. As for Verdant Wind, I wouldn't mind if there was a pro-Empire route under certain conditions. The default route would be as canon, of course. As for the other route, Byleth/Claude can initiate support conversations with the Black Eagles students. After a certain amount of it, Byleth and Claude finds out more about what Edelgard wants, while Edelgard and her students finds out what Byleth/Claude wants. Because of this, one or the other decides to offer an alliance after the timeskip. The pro-Empire route is a modified version of Crimson Flower, but Edelgard dies in the Arianrod Incident, and Byleth has to carry her wishes in her stead. I'll probably replace some of the GM explorations with explorations in, say, Enbarr, Firidhad/Arianrhod, or Deidre, depending on which route you eventually take. And some other of the exploration rounds would be in a barracks on the move.
  3. A third hot take from a Japanese: I never completely understand the romanticization of Shinsengumi, Byakkotai (two loyalist samurai groups against the new Meiji government), or any faction of the old order fighting to the death in historical drama. At some point, you have to see the writing on the wall. Now, if it was something like the 1930s where the usurpers are fascists and the loyalists are more democratic (or at least not as authoritarian), then yes, I can understand, because you're trying to protect your society from actual harm. As for the Shinsengumi or the Byakkotai I consider them to be more a case of tragedy where one is too ingrained in his/her culture, and cannot shake out of it.
  4. Did that actually happen to your (recruited) Ingrid in CF? Serious question. No, I think that was Deranged Dimitri lol. Either that or it was Corny Cornelia lolol. Back to the topic: Fallen Edelgard (and her Fallen Mega-Charizard X) secretly got me hooked on Pokemon Masters instead of FE Heroes.
  5. I've just came back from the Japanese consulate in Sydney the other week for the parliamentary elections (we call it the National Diet, but it's essentially like the national parliament in Commonwealth countries), and boy, I really wish there was preferential voting available, because I'd really like to prioritize my vote towards the non-LDP parties and hope one of them actually becomes a proper opposition party to better keep LDP (Liberal Democrat Party, or Jiminto) held accountable.
  6. While avatars in recent FE games haven't been all that popular in this forum, I wonder what are your thoughts for avatars and silent protagonists in other games? We're talking about characters like Minako, Yu, or Ren in Persona 3-5 (which I think Byleth was based on) or any other avatars. I haven't really experienced Ren in Persona 5, so I won't comment on that one. I liked Minako in Persona 3 and to a lesser extent Yu in Persona 4. Specifically, I liked that for example, both had an implied personality in a few of their possible replies to NPCs, yet I still have a sense of agency as myself in moving the story forward. I personally prefer Minako, as she seem to have a clearer personality with her answers, and that a few of Yu's responses in Persona 4 (particularly his response to Yosuke) kind of comes off as insensitive.
  7. I have a massive one for Persona which I'm thinking of writing for my next LP fanfic: Link here
  8. I wouldn't mind if we went back to the third-person narrative with Lords with personality. At the same time, I didn't have a problem with Byleth either. I didn't see it any different from when I was playing as Yu or Minako from Persona 3-4, as they're also complete self-inserts too. If anything, I liked that I myself had a sense of agency and had the sense that I actually made some difficult choices in who I allied with, and stuck with that choice, thanks to things being genuinely greyer. This is unlike a certain someone else from a previous entry sides with a country that is Saturday-Cartoon levels of obviously evil and acts all spineless to the obviously evil king, yet constantly whinges about it until the last two chapters.
  9. I remember seeing Pikachu crawl up the ceiling in Celadon City's Team Rocket's Hideout in the Let's Go remakes! Maybe we could expand this idea in Gen 9, or Pokemon SwSh2/Lance! Your mere mention of this just made me want to see an Azurill ferrying an Onix, and a Fletchling flying its trainer. Yeah, I know it's ridiculous lol. I'm sadistic😈, and I also want to see how it looks like lolol. 😜 Back to a serious note, I always wonder why that hasn't been a thing even now. There's been friendly interactions between Ash and Co and wild Pokemon in the anime (not sure about the Adventures manga) - it'll be nice to see similar things in the game, even just to add the detail touches in worldbuilding the Pokeverse and its culture.
  10. I've mentioned this in r/pokemon in Reddit, but how about introducing field-battle moves split? For example, each specific Pokemon have specific field moves; Gyarados has Surf and Waterfall for example. There is no other limitation on the type of field moves you can use, as long as the specific Pokemon inherently knows them. They don't cost moveslots in battle as long as they remain as field moves to navigate lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in the field. However, you can also assign them into the battle moveslots for battle usage, in which case, of course it will use a slot. Thus Gyarados knows both Surf and Waterfall in the field, but in battle, you can make it such that Gyarados only knows Waterfall as a battle move, alongside Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, and Power Whip. Thus, Surf can only used for field navigation, but Waterfall can be both used for navigation and battle.
  11. Only if it's Yukari from Persona 3. Because that at least shows (close-to-)real-life ramifications of why she's like that and how it is emotionally unhealthy for her. Yukari...also having an elabourate, complicated, and fully-fleshed personality on par with most other Persona characters also helps. Actually, no, sorry. Felix from 3H is another one that I actually like. There, people actually call out his behaviour as worst practice to good teamwork, and Felix often has good/valid points about the shortcomings of Blue Lions or Faerghussian society. If anything, given how most of the protagonistic characters of FE are goody two shoes, I actually wish Felix went even further with his jerkass devil-advocate's behaviour. One-note villains are starting to get too boring for me. Validar, Garon, Iago, and Hans especially. But for some reason, I...actually like Valter in Sacred Stones. I don't know why, but I always get a sense of thrill when I see him on the scene. Outside of FE, I never minded the Pokemon villians (which are generally even more one-note than FE villains are), and to this day, I still love Sakaki/Giovanni and his "experience a world of pain" speech.
  12. Shadow Dragon: Oh everything's such a slog without Canto or Pair Up/Rescue... Binding Blade: Chapter 14 and Cecilia. Sophia's sort of okay, because she doesn't have the desert movement handicap, and she at least has story-related justification to be deployed. Why I can't even be given the option to bench Cecilia on Chapter 14, I don't know. The first half of Chapter 15's quite tricky as well. There's a village you need to rush, and one of the bandits to recruit with Lilina, but you can't rush too much because there is at least one enemy that have an anti-cavalry weapon, and they're not exactly pushovers in general. Sacred Stones: None. Everything's too easy. Awakening: The game lacks substance in both story and gameplay aspects. Fates Conquest: The story. OMG. Three Houses Crimson Flower: There are too many triggers/tripwires for reinforcements, and because of skills and battalions, they're no joke. And...is it just me, or are there more cases of infinite reinforcements in this game than in past games? Because I remember even Chapter 22 and 24 of Binding Blade have a limit in the max amount of reinforcements.
  13. More a rediscovery, but if there is an ensemble or orchestra that does orchestral (or orchestral-sounding) arrangements of jazz music right, it has to by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, and their New Sounds in Brass recordings. In most other orchestral arrangements including arrangements done for Boston Pops Orchestra, the jazz rhythm and improvizations are greatly watered/dumbed down - particularly the strings part where they don't have any swing/syncopated rhythms. The arrangements for Tokyo Kosei, however, keeps much of the jazz idiom intact and have improvisations, so for the most part it actually is jazz music that happens to be arranged for concert band. Here's a list of Youtube clips: One O'Clock Jump - Composed by Count Basie, Arranged by Shoji Yokouchi Glenn Miller Medley (Little Brown Jug - In The Mood - Tuxedo Junction - American Patrol - Moonlight Serenade) - Composed/arranged by Glenn Miller and others, Arranged by Naohiro Iwai Artistry Jumps - Composed by Stan Kenton, Arranged by Naohiro Iwai Night in Tunisia - Composed by Dizzy Gillespie, Arranged by Toshio Mashima
  14. Hey mate. So, which Pokemon games have you played?

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    2. henrymidfields


      How about the Arceus game?

    3. ZeManaphy


      Definitely more excited after seeing Wyrdeer and Basculegion, but going to wait for reviews before picking it up.

    4. henrymidfields


      I wish there would be more of those coming up. Someone over at Reddit did a mock version of other legendaries' versions:


  15. Yeah, including this, Gen 3 was quite a mess. It should have been at least updated to include Gen 2 evolutions. I also loved GSC, and yet I do have to agree with them having the worst kind of growth curve. They could have at least have a stronger version of EXP Booster to make things less painful, aside from the Kanto Gyms being stronger. Either that, or make Rare Candies more easily available post-game so that you at least didn't have to spend hours grinding a new low-levelled Pokemon by the time you go around Kanto. I'll have to ultimately disagree, as there are still a number of games which aren't readily available outside of emulations and which by now have even less QoLs. (Seriously, the Tellius games secondhand prices are just absurd.) I do understand your complaints, though, and I totally agree that IS seemed to have the worst of both worlds with the lacking gameplay and them really dropping the ball with Alm's characterization. They might as well just left it as a VC release. And as I previously mentioned, now that I've played Crimson Flower, the Ike-shilling, and the lack of any further character development to make up for the Micaiah-fake-billing in Radiant Dawn, becomes painfully obvious as well.
  16. Fair enough. I do hope that at least one or two gets the same remake treatment. Japanese isn't a problem, though - I'm a native speaker. I've listened to Three Houses in Japanese (though its an Australian localization), so it's actually good to pick up on some of the mistranslations I otherwise overlook.
  17. Is everything else literally on consoles and handhelds pre-3DS/Wii U/PS4???
  18. If I remember correctly, shadow dragon was more a case of being too faithful, aside from some minor gameplay rebalances. (2-hit RNG, Caeda and her Wing Spear, reclassing)
  19. So rumors are abound on remakes sinces Shadows of Valentia. I'd like to hear your ideas on how you like past games to be remade. Jugdral Remakes - My previous post here would give a good idea of how I'd like the remake to be excecuted. Binding Blade: Tellius Duology:
  20. So I'd like to start playing Sakura Wars 2019. I had some interest in playing some of the games, which is not the least due to the alternate timeline here being one of the few cases where Japan doesn't become the hot mess of a militarist dictatorship in the same year as real-life Japan did, but seemed to have managed to keep retaining the Taisho Democracy. But am I going to miss a lot if I don't have any knowledge of the prequels? I can't really guarrantee myself the time or the chances to play the original games, so I'd like to hear past players if I'm going to miss some cruicial nuances and emotion that comes with playing past entries.
  21. This is mostly hearsay at the moment as I never had a chance to play the game properly, but I always wonder why they just brought Ike in without any sort of character development to make up for usurping Micaiah. I would actually prefer Ike having to go through another set of character development. Make it more like Persona 5 or Three Houses where he clearly now has to deal with corrupt senators, and ended up having to do a lot stuff that he opposed in primciple. Show him, Elincia, and Sanaki interacting with the Senators, and them grumbling behind their backs. And show that Ike got really tired of all of the senators' bullshit and what not, he got massively jaded, both with his own actions three years ago, and the fact that he could not stop the atrocities and oppressions that people he thought were on the same side committed. If this was already shown in some capacity, then make it more obvious that Ike's struggling with that, and that he ended up rejecting the glory out of guilt and frustration. Ideally, also show Micaiah more screentime, and adress the fake billing which kinda tuned me off, especially after playing Crimson Flower and seeing Edie all in her glory.
  22. I don't think so. Aside from the above and maybe romancing Akihiko, Ken, or Shinjiro but those are social links. If you romance them, you can get them to join you in place of Aigis during the March 5 ending on your New Game Plus run, however. I think Yukari, Mitsuru, or Fuuka on the male route is also the same.
  23. I know there are a number of people who know Japanese, and also maybe a few people who are from the country. So who here has been following the news? I know that there soon would be the internal election of the next President of the Liberal Democrats, the current ruling party of the Japanese Government. THe President would become either the Prime Minister, or the Opposition Leader, depending on the General Election results. Now, only party members can vote on that one, but I was wondering if anyone else has been following the talks and debates?
  24. So, I now know that you played Persona 4? Have you played 3 or 5 as well?

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    2. henrymidfields


      Have you got a Vita? If the PS Store isn't already closed, you can get Persona 3 Portable. That one's you can control all of the characters in battle. I'll also recommend playing the female protagonist in that version, as the male protag has no social links with the male members of the party and forced gf romance with all of the female social links.

    3. pong


      No consoles at all anymore :): I'll keep that in mind for a potential PC release, though.

    4. henrymidfields


      Aw, that's a shame. But there might be something as part of the Persona 25th Anniversary (which was just a few days ago). Let's keep our antennas out on the internet.

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