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  1. Still not sure about which Tiki I should use. Well...He IS going to be playable, he's going to replace a certain axe-wielding husband. . .
  2. Hello everyone! Recently I started making a FE7 inflation hack as my first hack and this is supposed to be the project page or something. Some general info~ CHARACTERS GAMEPLAY VISUALS SCREENSHOTS THINGS I CAN'T DO More info will be added later on, ask away! Thanks for the help regarding the spoilers and imgur thingies~
  4. Hello everyone, today I have a bunch of questions for you. -When I browse the animations with FEditor it skips some of them, thus not allowing me to properly insert my animations. -How do I repoint animations? I want to replace the Paladin Axe animation with a Bow animation and make it play when they're using a bow. That's all for now. UPDATE: How do I edit topic names? UPDATE: Everything is fixed, thanks for the support and answers. P.S. Guess who managed to find a way too add Wind/Thunder/Fire Mages to FE7.
  5. Hello everyone. Today I tried making a Karla/Anna splice and I tried inserting it into FE7 with FEditor but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Help? Feel free to criticize. UPDATE:I used Usenti to decrease the colors, inserted it etc... BUT after trying to insert my Natasha recolor (With decreased colors) she...glitched out? I tried both FE7 and FE8 and I can move one of the tiles but the ones at the bottom stay there and glitch out everything.
  6. *is working on fixing this topic*
  7. http://radiantdolphin.deviantart.com/art/Porkachu-568854131?ga_submit_new=10%253A1446055532 I made it for the lulz, but I'm sure someone would like it.
  8. Blake's animation looks amazing but Weiss is just sad. -She's way too blue. -She's using her right hand. -She never used Myrtenaster the same way Eirika did. My sprites are still WIP and they're not that good but at least she's wielding Myrtenaster the right way. http://radiantdolphin.deviantart.com/art/Weiss-568619764?ga_submit_new=10%253A1445942624 P.S. Except the Weiss animation the hack looks very promising. I noticed that Yang lacks an unarmed dodge animation and that the game crashes when Ruby is attacked when she's unarmed. Also, the whole Cat-Swordmaster, Huntress-Myrmidon thing will mess you up. Feel free to throw any betas and such towards me, I'll gladly help.
  9. Criteria: Cropped yaoi or something witch-related.
  10. I've read it more times than I admit and I still can't find the info. I'll check again now.
  11. I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing. I'm making a hack in which almost everything and everyone uses magic so I wanted to add some magic items with low durability and accuracy bit high power. Here's an example: Dandelion Uses:5 Mt:8 Hit%:65 Weight:1 Critical%:5 Range:1 Animation:Excalibur Weapon Rank:E But...I literally don't know what does what in this module, if someone can guide me step-by-step to turning the Emblem Sword into this thing I'll gladly listen to them. UPDATE: Thank you everyone for helping me out, with some experimenting and reading I managed to make the Dandelion work properly. Now how do I tag this as answered?
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