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  1. Ayy this actually helped quite a bit, this is just the sort of thing i was looking around for online. It doesn't work flawlessly, but it functions well enough to use and that's good enough for me. Thanks for the help!
  2. Well, that's the thing. I checked every patch. Stacking them just doesn't recreate this. It's not that they're conflicting with each other which makes this way more complicated for me. And now playing around with things has given me an empty convoy that eats the items I put into it into the void. Wonderful.
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  4. I've been stuck on this long enough to warrant a post here I think so here goes. I've been hacking FE8 with FEBuilder but I'm running into one issue that I can't seem to fix - the convoy is full, despite having no items in it. I'm using the patch which increases the limit to 200, but I don't feel like that's the issue because I've tried putting that into a vanilla sacred stones file along with all the other patches I used and the convoy works fine. Is there some sort of event I may have deleted that would fix this or some way to set the original number of items in the convoy to 0/200 instead of 200/200 like the game starts me at? This is super frustrating as I need some sort of storage space, but the game isn't letting me access what should be my empty convoy.
  5. Time for the last update of 2015! This will most certainly be continuing in 2016. For now, enjoy the New Year's Eve update! [spoiler=Heirhein-Anphony Pt. 2] Opening things up with the Beowulf recruit! And Sylvia grabs some villages. Ethlin is unfortunately under some attack due to the Beowulf recruit. Huh. Thought she'd have dodged more than that. Reset count: 4 This time, we'll wait a turn and drag him out with Sigurd. I won't. That's free healing experience! Take two. +1 HP, +1 Res Well, at least it's going to someone who can use it this time. Yeah... not so sure about tearing into anything. We welcome the glitchy Levin into the army. Everything begins to fall into place! Which is unfortunate, since I forgot that Aira needed to be without a lover to get the Brave Sword talk. By the time I realized, going all the way back here wasn't worth it. Finn's the one deciding to drag out the armors. I regret my decision. Let's give someone competent a try. See? Much better. +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1 Lck +1 HP, +1 Lck, +1 Def Really shows that he picked up that Paragon ring. Even Deirdre sees some action. A critting machine. +1 Spd +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1 Mag +1 Skl, +1 Lck +1 Str, +1 Res Holyn's looking like he'll promote in his join chapter. That's the power of Paragon! Who needs the power of Pursuit anyway? Finally time to truly take advantage of Sylvia's ability to dance for four people at once. Hey look! A sibling critical! That sure was lucky, wasn't it? Fin does much better on player phase than when I stick him in front of a wall of armors. +1 Str, +1 Spd, +1 Lck Only two remain. They both go for Beowulf, and he manages to take one of them out. The last one goes to Aira. +1 Str, +1 Res Levin's glitchiness! He decides to heal the invisible Cuan! Ethlin begins to prepare to attack the boss. I don't think that's gonna go well for you. A mediocre start. +1 nothing. Way to go, Ethlin. Eventually... Fin claims a boss kill. +1 Skl, +1 Lck Same as his last. He'll appreciate that. People can start moving towards our next target now. See ya, Levin! +1 Def It's seize time. My units get trampled by these green guys. And Anphony is under control! Mackily is next, but that's a story for 2016.
  6. Ayyy we're back! I finally finished my last final this morning, and I think that calls for a celebratory FE4 Randomizer update! Let the fun begin! On a side note, this part is where my... inexperience in FE4 hacking starts to show through a little bit. So please, bear with me. It's a learning experience for me, and I've definitley learned something that I won't be repeating anytime soon. [spoiler=Heirhein-Anphony Pt. 1] Ethlin gets in prime position to do some bandit-smashing next turn. Yeah, not so sure it was entirely his doing... If only we could recruit one of them... Hey, look! A Forrest Knight and a Mage! And a bunch of Armor Knights too! Stupid cowards run away. Oh you fucks are so dead starting next turn. Meanwhile, in village-town-place... Cool accent bro. Hey, look! A little girl! Same, Levin. Same. Don't we all, Sylvia? Hey look! Two little girls! One of which is about to make things kinda glitchy! YAYYY! Growths: HP 15 Str 55 Mag 30 Skl 25 Spd 5 Lck 15 Def 5 Res 25 I decided not to randomize dancer's classes. I feel like the game knows well enough when to give you one and... Adding FE4 dancers as a possible random class would be insane. Sylvia is... Worse, tbh. Her avoidance and defensive growths have gone to shit, and she's ended up with 55 strength. Yay? Except not. [spoiler=Sylvia's Pairing]Sylvia gets Midir. Since her daughter will be a dancer, there's no need to pass down Pursuit. Our pursuit dads need to be saved for more important children. Midir's skill set (of only Miracle) may be wasted with Sylvia, but he patches up her growths where they need to be patched, so that should at least make Corple bearable. Growths: HP 45 Str 35 Mag 30 Skl 45 Spd 65 Lck 5 Def 35 Res 30 So Levin's glitched. Not even gonna beat around the bush here. The gender change fucked with him more than I realized. He can't actually fight. When I send him into the Arena, no weapon appears, and he does an animation as if he's attacking, but nothing happens. The healing animations are... weird, but at least he can still do that. So basically, he's a mounted Mend staff user/Charisma bot. Which really isn't anything to complain about. Makes me second-guess how some later characters will turn out, but now I know to save before they spawn in and test them before continuing. Levin won't be paired anyway, so his inability to fight doesn't really bother me too much. Although if anyone knows an easy enough work around, let me know? Growths: HP 15 Str 20 Mag 90 Skl 15 Spd 35 Lck 40 Def 15 Res 45 Beowulf won't be bad at all. Really good magic growth, and his speed, luck, and resistance are good as well. He's actually our only first gen unit without holy blood that doesn't have any 5% growths. He distributed his stats quite well. And now that we have Beowulf, I can talk more about his pairing with Lachesis. IT'S TIME. But... Alec can't even attack yet... Sorry Ardan, but no girlie for you this time around. Sure, some ring just happens to be lying around. THE POWER OF PURSUIT!!! That'll be going to Beowulf ASAP, sorry buddy. We start visiting some villages. Hey look! Dancing! Finally! As per usual, Ethlin destroys everything she touches. I decide to let them come to me. This guy has a variety of options to go for. He picks Holyn. I think there's a typo? You totally misspelled "corpse"... Yeah, sure, go for Ethlin, that'll work out well for ya! Hey look, some pegasi! On a side note, flyers aren't randomized in terms of class cuz... then things could get glitchy... Not enough movement, Ethlin. Levin continues village hopping. Just how I like my dancers. With animations off. I let Lachesis get the kill on this captain. She's ready to get some experience fast. The other two go down easy. No!!! Village! </3 You won't be getting this one, that's for sure. The nice thing about Beowulf being a Mage is that we can take care of Voltz long before we gotta worry about him. Ethlin's business here is done. As per usual, Cuan is the one dragging out the enemy. Just shut up and let me kill you. Or... try to kill you, at least. Got a problem? Send Ethlin at it! That doesn't work? Just try Cuan! Yeah... you won't be needing that. This may look crazy, but as long as she can proc Sol, Lachesis will be absolutely fine against these guys. +1 HP, +1 Res The first one of many. +1 Hp, +1 Str, +1 Mag These guys are really weak, so we can just sorta charge in without really facing any consequences. I end my turn like this. Considering how weak she is compared to everyone else, I expect them to go for Lachesis. But then these guys are like "lol, nah, let's go for the guy with the weapon triangle advantage that we can do two damage to." Now you're making sense. Lachesis proceeds to go on a critting spree. Turns out that even at level 3, she's a killing machine. And just when they start to get her down... It's Sol time! +1 HP, +1 Str, +1 Spd, +1 Def, +1 Res Keep this up, Lachesis! You're quickly becoming my favorite unit! Literally just one random one goes for Dew. Okay? Right back to Lachesis. And Sol. Time to spread the Myrmidon love. Aira one-rounds these pathetic excuses of cavalry units. And these ones are gone. Since she's got a full 50k and destroys arenas, Ethlin is the one who moves ahead to get ready to recruit Beowulf. Time for a talk. Cuan, not you too. Fin can't use that! That'll be going to Fury soon. You'll see soon enough why I want her to have it. And there's Beowulf. He's ripe for the recruiting in the next update! Don't worry, Levin's glitchiness will show up next time!
  7. The long trek through Augustria is just beginning! Time to take the first of this country's many castles. [spoiler=Evans-Heirhein Pt. 2] First things first, gotta block Holyn off this time around. It's basically the same set-up as last time, it's just that Holyn is inaccessible now. That means that this guy will still go for Aideen. They're even going for Midir this time. But mostly these guys. Ugh stupid healer. These two get their revenge on player phase. And Ethlin can't even kill a healer. And I thought you were one of my actually competent units. No!! Eva! No!! Healing! And the miniboss himself takes down the last suicide Paladin. RIP in peace, guys. You won't really be that missed. That's the first village down. Conveniently enough, the miniboss can be attacked from outside the ballista's range. That means... See ya. +1 Def With capped skill, her levels will be quite underwhelming from now on. Not that they weren't already or anything. Yay? Wrath is still coming in handy. +1 Skl, +1 Mag, +1 Lck, +1 Res That's an... interesting level. Despite Wrath, he can't be on low health forever. +1 HP, +1 Str, +1 Spd, +1 Lck, +1 Res Now that's a good level up. +0 Everything And that's not. At least Ethlin can make up for your mistakes, Aira. This healer's gotta go. Much like what is happening with these villages. That felt good. Aideen's taken an unfortunate beating. And finally Lachesis starts to see some action. The only reason she really hasn't yet is that she was staying behind to prevent the suicide Paladins from charging the enemy too early. You'll be seeing a lot more of her from now on, trust me. Ahh, the elusive Ardan kill. Always worth it. We get working on these ballistas. And this is where i realize that there's no barrier to prevent me from flying to the villages! I thought there would be, but I guess since you usually don't have any flyers by now, they didn't bother with a barrier. Now I don't need Aideen flying over there, since she needs to fall in love with Fin, but... I've got the perfect lady for the job! Another one bites the dust. Now we can't kill these guys yet, of course. Cuz they're "neutral." Yup, totally neutral, not the enemy... But we can at least do this! Nice. *Village saving intensifies* However, Ethlin's money has capped out now. I figure her job is to now stand of villages and block the bandits from getting to them until she can kill them. It's better to let a couple more turns of village burn and give the money to someone who can use it that it is to waste it all. Poor Dew. He can't really do much against these armors. +1 Skl, +1 Str, +1 Mag, +1 Res Like I said. Just blocking villages now. +1 Spd, +1 Mag, +1 Def Literally the same exact level he got last update. Absolutely riveting. I mean, come on, you had to expect that... Fucking Great Shield. Ow. No! Come back, friend! Just wait right next to the happy Pegasus lady! Gotta keep Cuan at full. +1 HP, +1 Spd +1 HP, +1 Skl We're getting him down. Slowly but surely. +1 Mag, +1 Def, +1 Res And there he goes. Thanks, I guess. +1 Mag, +1 Def, +1 Res Aww, both my healers got the same level. They match! Adorable. You're going to regret this soon. Just... after a bit more healing. Everyone begins to move towards our next destination. And it's seize time! Tune in next time for the exciting continuation of our adventure! New units await!
  8. I've played through most of chapter 2 already! Dealing with Zyne and his squad has been proving to be... interesting so far. But we're not that far yet! For now, it's time to save Lachesis! I've also noticed that there seems to be more going on in each castle now. Updating castles in two parts may begin to be a pattern in order to not make insanely long updates [spoiler=Evans-Heirhein Pt. 1] Ethlin grabs the Light Sword off of Deirdre, which I already accidentally showed off in the mini update earlier. Because of this, she pawned off her Fire Sword for Aideen to buy. That way, both Pegasus Knights have some magical 2 range attacks. Getting these slowpokes up to Lachesis is going to take a while... Usually both Sigurd and Cuan are promoted and mounted, which makes things much easier here. Not the case this time around. That's not intimidating or anything. Cuz saving Lachesis just wasn't enough incentive to rush. Hmm I have no idea... We're still advancing... But these guys are already there... The three suicide Paladins can hold out for now at least. Hope we're not late or anything... I end like this. Holyn is a bit exposed, but that could help him with his Wrath, and the pegasisters are trying to attract some of those guys to the south. Operation pegasisters is a go. Hey Holyn, wanna not have a 100% chance to get hit? I mean, Wrath is great and all but... Reset count: 2 We're playing it much more defensively this time. Operation pegasisters is still a go, however. +1 HP, +1 Str, +1 Res It's a level, not a death. I'll take it. Oh no! One of our suicide Paladin friends! Seriously though, getting the Knight Ring wouldn't have been worth the trouble, not with this army. Cuan's finally reached the action. +1 Spd, +1 Mag, +1 Lck Even Midir is finally being useful. To an extent. Dat fancy new animation. My turn ends like this. Only Elliot and one of his men are left. And silly me thinking that all this meant is that they would be easy to deal with... Elliot's remaining dude actually goes straight for Lachesis! Oh no! Except here, you can see her dodging. And she proceeds to murder the shit out of him. I'm looking forward to this recruit a lot. NO ELLIOT COME BACK WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS!!! We let him run for reinforcements, and actually get Lachesis on our side in the meantime. And as per usual, my healers go on a healing spree. Let the burning commence! I even heal the remaining suicide Paladins. Because experience. Elliot disappears Oh wait, he's back now. And so is everyone else! Joy! +1 HP, +1 Res Cuan is just within range. Time for the real battle to begin. (You can also see Lachesis is sitting back a bit so that the suicide Paladins don't charge at the armors and attract them earlier than I want.) Time for some crits. +1 Mag, +1 Def, +1 Res Time for some Adepts too. Aira ORKO's these guys with the Steel Blade. I work on giving Fin some exp. +1 Spd, +1 Mag, +1 Def Because plot. Cuan does some decent damage. And Ethlin doubles. Umm maybe cuz he's not one of the bad guys? And don't you worry, Elliot. Something tells me things won't always go his way. Just a strange little feeling. Sure, why not? Most of Elliot's squad is gone by the time my turn is done. And the suicide Paladins can do a fine job with the rest. Holyn just can't dodge. That's the conclusion I've come to. He can take advantage of Wrath, however. And here come the armors. Thanks, suicide Paladins. At least Elliot's squad is gone by now. Holyn continues to take advantage of Wrath. It's good for taking down such high defense enemies. Overall, however, I back off. I decide that it'll be a good idea to let the suicide Paladins live up to their name, and then pick off the stragglers. This guy wants to go for Aideen. Although most of them are interested in the suicide Paladins. No, not Holyn. Not again. Reset count: 3 Is this going to be a pattern, Holyn, because I'm not liking it. I'll fix your major fuck-up next time, and I'll get Heirhein under my control.
  9. Ahh, the Iron Axe! Totally forgot about that little prerequisite. Well, at least Ardan's Pursuit Ring event should still work, right? Anyways we're getting into chapter 2 territory. Updates may continue to be a little sparse until towards the end of the month, but around Christmastime and through January I'll be able to update quite consistently! So look forward to that! Even this little update has a lot to look forward to. Two new characters will show their faces! [spoiler=Mini Chapter 2 Arena Update] We're going to this place now. One of these things is not like the others... Chapter 2: Disturbance in Augustria No implications here, nope, nope. Hate to break it to ya, but you will. We'll get into that a bit more in just a second. Aira? Is that you? Meanwhile, the blues get ready. Yeah, Deirdre! Please! Just don't come! Wow, way to go, Sigurd. Now I gotta lug her around the whole time. Growths: HP 80 Str 35 Mag 5 Skl 5 Spd 30 Lck 5 Def 25 Res 55 Her growths aren't spectacular, but that skill set is certainly a step up from Aira's. Pursuit, Critical, and Sol? I'm not complaining. [spoiler=Lachesis' Marriage]She's getting hitched with Beowolf. It's an easy pairing to complete, and he will compliment her well enough for reasons I'll go into more when we get him. Holyn the Cavalier? I wonder who this could be. Certainly no one of any importance, I'm sure. I mean look at this. Ethlin just destroys him. Bitch, I'm Ethlin. A new cavalier? I'll take one gladly! Growths: HP 70 Str 45 Mag 10 Skl 35 Spd 10 Lck 45 Def 15 Res 70 These growths aren't the worst things in the world, although it's too bad the speed isn't higher. Wrath and Paragon is a welcome skill set. He'll make a good dad for some children who already get Pursuit. But that's a story for later. And now the post arena screenshots! I forgot to do these immediately, so Ethlin has her Light Sword from the Deirdre talk here. But everything else is exactly the same as it was post arena anyway. Next time, it's over the river and through the woods to Lachesis' house we go. Except there's no river. And we follow a road. And it's a castle, not a house. But close enough, right?
  10. Not really when only one of them is any good and leaves you after chapter 3. Not much of a big deal, really. I don't know why I decided to start this LP when things in my life were so busy, but everything is beginning to die down so I'm back! Let's do this! [spoiler=Marpha-Verdane] Never saw that one coming... Hey, these guys look friendly! Growths: HP 15 Str 70 Mag 15 Skl 80 Spd 5 Lck 10 Def 15 Res 35 Another Free Knight with Pursuit? AND Paragon? I'll take it. That speed growth is a bit unfortunate, but hey, at least he gets a +6 upon promotion. Which he will definitely be reaching. Cuz paragon. I send Dew and Aideen into the arena. +1 Str A certain person fares better than a certain other person in the arena. Having flyers really makes this section a joke. Whaaaaat, Ethlyn not one-rounding stuff? What is this nonsense? While all this has been going on, Lex has been running down here to get this village. Let the Cuan blockade begin! +1 Skl, +1 Str I really like seeing her get more strength. Because fuck the thickets, I can fly over them, that's why. Hey look! Jamka is already an expert at not dodging! My army advances slowly... +1 HP, +1 Def And I do believe this was his first non-sibling crit as well! I expect more of those in the future, Sigurd... Oh yay, everyone's favorite unit! Growths: HP 65 Str 5 Mag 55 Skl 5 Spd 5 Lck 5 Def 5 Res 50 I didn't even bother switching her class because seriously, who even cares, it's Deirdre. Might as well at least let her keep the ability to silence the boss and then never do anything useful ever again. At least she will be passing Pursuit to Celice! That'll make out gen 2 lord that much more useful. +1 Skl, +1 Str Ahh, Paragon, how I love you. Even Deirdre sees some action. Some really strange looking action. +1 Str Paragon OP. +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1Str, +1 Mag Paragon so very OP. And with that we've taken out Verdane's wave 1. Just wave 2 and the boss remain. Some post-wave healing occurs, and not pictured is a bunch of slow, boring forward momentum to get towards Verdane. But finally, we get close enough to start the fight. +1 HP, +1 Mag Cuan is as popular as usual. +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1 Str That's max strength for Cuan. He's already taken out a good chunk of these enemies. Trippy, man. Ardan gets hit by I think a 4%? What is it with him getting hit with <10% hits? At least Sigurd can dodge. Ethlin mops up, as per usual. Thank you for not getting hit that time. No, don't go for Deirdre! That's a waste of experience! So here I find out the hard way that Lex's Brave Axe must be tied to his class, not his character. Cuz he waits here and... Nothing happens. Aideen's first kill. They grow up so fast. Please, heal this guy right now. Sigurd continues to learn the art of critting on his own. And eventually all that's left is the boss. Who I send Ethlin at.. because she's actually competent. +1 Skl, +1 Lck Finally, no single-digit luck. That 9 was bothering me for so long... +1 HP, +1 Str, +1 Lck Yay! Double digit luck AND strength for Sigurd! He won't. That's... actually not the worst thing in the world. +1 Def, +1 Res Gotta love the wonders of last-minute healing. My notes also inform me that I failed to screenshot an Alec level earlier in this part. Whoops. It was +1 Mag, +1 Def, +1 Res. I grind out all the love turns I can get here. (Also Eltshan is apparently still on the map?) And thus ends chapter 1. See ya next time for chapter 2!
  11. I've never experienced this myself, but it is what I've heard (the other way around though, I think you mean? Making a flyer a non-flyer?) As such, flyers are not randomized, but I was going to basically explain that when I get to Fury.
  12. That's very true. Those promotional bonuses will be a huge help for him. Anyway, I'm back and ready to take down Marpha! [spoiler=Evans-Marpha Pt. 2] On my successful attempt at getting Aira, I net these levels on player phase: +1 Mag, +1 Def +1 Str, +1 Spd Thankfully, I've figured out how to make her go for Ardan. Yeah... Sorry about that, Aira. You'll be able to get that back in the arena. And after some RNG abuse Cuan activates Adept and kills the boss. Feels good to seize, finally. I've always loved how Sigurd just buys this... Now we just gotta get out of Aira's range. But apparently doing so put Sigurd in her range... This can't be good. +1 Skl, +1 Str, +1 Mag, +1 Lck Keep that up Fin, please. Just add in some of that 10% Speed. Here she comes... That could have gone way worse. Shut up, Augstria! You're not my concern right now! The one border guard leaves the border. Always loved that logic. Fucking finally. She heals herself using the arena (and gets some actual money back), but she can't beat the myrmidon, and, as a result, doesn't even get a level out of any of this. And finally, my group is headed towards Marpha. That village is almost gone, but thankfully Ethlin will be getting there in time. Hey, look! Lachesis! I wonder what she'll be. (JK, I already know) Eltshan starts to kick the crap out of Elliot for me. But... She's a Pegasus Knight. You do realize Aideen can't get this to do anything either, right? Ethlin burns the bandit who was burning the village. Fighting fire with fire. There goes Elliot. And his... invisible men? Some pointless talks... And Eltshan is going back home. Another talk, but more useful this time. Aideen, come on!! She's a Pegasus Knight too! It's fine for Dew to make this mistake, but you too? NO SHE WON'T!!! Although, to be fair, at least either of them would still be able to use this upon promotion, unlike Warp. Doesn't really matter to me though. Those staves will go to my two priests, one for each. Cuan is going to be the one attracting the group in front of the castle. Everyone gets ready behind him. Cuan decides activating abilities is boring... Time for a level up montage! +1 HP, +1 Skl +1 HP, +1 Spd It's a shame he lost that level with Strength from earlier... He may never get that again. +1 Spd, +1 Lck, +1 Res Randomized, but still levels like a Myrmidon. +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1 Str, +1 Def +1 HP, +1 Str And after an enemy phase, things look like this. The remnants of this group will be easy pickings. +1 Def, +1 Res +1 HP, +1 Skl, +1 Def, +1 Res Wow, Ardan. I'm actually mildly impressed. Because I can't continue the game without killing you, that's why. The sibling crit boss strat strikes again! Except... It only takes down half this guy's HP. I miss vanilla Sigurd. Once I get him low enough... Aira sneaks in for the kill. +1 Skl, +1 Str, +1 Spd She... won't be needing that. Will probably go to Aideen. We'll deal with her later. But for now, Marpha is done. On to Verdane next time!
  13. Bit of a busy week, but I should be up and running again by the weekend. Just giving everyone the heads-up here. Dew is getting saved for someone else who will need him a bit more. You'll see.
  14. With her decent bases and balanced growths, she's really not bad when you compare her to the rest of my army. Also, she gets a free brave sword at the beginning of chapter 3, any problem she has one rounding well be greatly reduced when that happens. Adran doesn't have bargain, it's not on all thieves. But this reminds me, I want to let people know what pairing are each time I get a pairable female unit! [spoiler=Aira's Pairing]Aira gets Alec. Her kids will probably be the least screwed out of any of the kids who need Pursuit, and Alec gives both Pursuit and Adept, which Aira's kids are extremely thankful for. Yeah, I'm especially not looking forward to rescuing Lachesis... That's gonna be an interesting one. Anyway, let chapter 1 begin! Time to take on Verdane! [spoiler=Evans-Marpha Pt. 1] On the way out of the castle, Cuan and Fin have a little chat, netting Fin +1 Str, +1 Skl, +1 Def. The Strength won't do much for him, but I can't complain about some extra skill and defense. This group of enemies begins their advance towards us as well. Some sneak-peeks at classes. And a bunch more enemies! Yay! I put Midir in this forest to distract a bunch of those axe users. He should be fine. I don't even mind putting Ethlin in a bow users range, as long as it's only one. And now is when I remember to screenshot out two allies: Growths: HP 50 Str 20 Mag 45 Skl 5 Spd 45 Lck 70 Def 5 Res 40 Our new Pegasus Knight, but she probably won't be anywhere near as good as Ethlin. That low Skill will be a pain later on. She has Critical and Duel as skills, which is okay but nothing exceptional. [spoiler=Aideen's Pairing]Her pairing is Fin. Their growths go alright together, and Fin will allow Aideen's kids to have Pursuit. Unfortunately, Fin will lose all his stuff in gen 2, but as a possible father who can give Pursuit, it was pretty inevitable for him. Growths: HP 65 Str 75 Mag 10 Skl 35 Spd 30 Lck 15 Def 15 Res 5 He has Pursuit, so he'll be useful. Miracle is also nothing to complain about. His growths aren't anything spectacular, but he isn't terrible in anything too important, so he will likely be an important member of the team. His base stats look strangely lopsided, though. Running away is so much easier when these two are mounted. I'm now wondering what would have happened if either Aideen or Dew ended up as an Armor... Midir holds up quite well, even against the archer who decides he's a better target than Ethlin. This group charges in pursuit of Aideen and Dew, who are now mounted, so the chase is hopeless. Ethlin has to back off after she does her fighting against this group. She doesn't want to get swarmed by too many bow users. +1 Spd, +1 Def His two best growths. Nothing shocking here. We end off like this. Midir is popular today. Haha! Two percent? I'm not worri- WHAT THE FUCK?! Midir is still holding out just fine. Damn it, I like it better when this quote activates on someone who doesn't have a sword equipped... Right, so this is the beginning of my turn. I'm totally not terrified or anything... This is also turn four, for the record. Usually by this time, most if not all of this group of axe losers are dead. Also, never realized that Aira is the Verdane leader at this point? +1 Fucking nothing, you useless sack of shit, I hate you, Azel. Ethlin manages to stay out of the range of the closest bow user. And there he goes... +1 Hp, +1 Skl, +1 Str +1 Hand Axe For some reason, this is the best player phase I can come up with. Fin and Noish look screwed, and Ardan is still on 9 HP... ... Oh gods, they're all gonna go for Midir, aren't they? They all go for Midir. And miss. Kthen. The heals, man. The heals. Everyone chips in on player phase. +1 HP, +1 Def Finally, a double-digit stat on Sigurd. +1 Skl, +1 Str And finally, some strength on Ethlin. Dew and Aideen are already close enough to help me by taking out the guy burning this village. Well, Aideen tries, at least. We need all our healers working full-time here. Yep, just keep going for Midir. You'll totally hit him with that 0 you got there. At least the Hand Axe users have some extra cash. With this group finally gone, Cuan heads down towards Genoa. He's our best bet at taking the boss out efficiently so that Sigurd can seize. Dew finishes saving this village. This group is heading way too close to Genoa, and they'll make the Aira recruit that much more annoying if I don't do anything about it. Aideen waits next to Fin. Ahh, young love. Since Ethlin is my only unit who can get to this bottom axe group fast enough, and at an angle that would keep them away from Genoa, it's time for Ethlin, the one-horse army. Midir grabs the village. And Ethlin's fight begins. She's still consistently one-rounding these guys. Except for the mini-boss. +1 HP, +1 Skl +1 HP, +1 Def, +1 Res Here come the guys from Genoa. Cuan can deal with them easily. I dunno about that, Aira. Sigurd weakens this guy, Cuan takes him down. Ardan is gonna be our scapegoat. I'll try and make him look like an appealing target, and hopefully Aira should go after him. I decide that now that Ethlin's distracted the axe group, she should charge south to save that village near where Aideen and Dew started. +1 Str, +1 Spd, +1 Def I mean it's great that you're getting that 5% Str and all, but did it have to be now? Because... CUAN!?! OF ALL PEOPLE YOU GO FOR CUAN!?! Fucking Adept. Reset count: 1 Next time, I'll redo that turn so things turn out okay, and my army will attempt to take Marpha without any further problems.
  15. [spoiler=Mini Chapter 1 Arena Update] So this is basically how I'm gonna do things before each chapter. I'm gonna show anything like new characters, and then I'm just gonna arena without screenshots. I'll take screenshots of each character post-arena so that you can see how they're doing. So with that knowledge, just sit back, relax, and enjoy this mini-update. Yeah, this is all your fault, Aideen. Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest Shut up, Augustria. We'll get to you later. This is who we care about now. Swordsmanship? We'll see about that! Oh... She's... The same. Well that's anticlimactic. Growths: HP 45 Str 40 Mag 10 Skl 45 Spd 40 Lck 35 Def 5 Res 50 She's... lost her useful abilities (Pursuit is a class skill), but at least she has some decent bases and surprisingly balanced growths. She has the growths where they matter, at least. She'll be good, but maybe not as good as usual without Astra. On to the post-arena screen shots! Next time we get on to the action!
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