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  1. His new personal weapon is already out, Zanbato remains a general, transferable weapon skill. For his refine you need to learn the new weapon skill first and refine that. Zanbato itself got nothing.
  2. Well, with getting Duo!Alm and having a rather unique refine, my unused feathers got burnt in quick fashion to make a dedicated Tactics team for AA, centered around L!Azura, joined by Duo!Alm, Bladetome S!Catria and the last proud member... I was considering giving him DC instead of Sturdy Impact, but since I can't have both, Ill just use doubling-negation, to end it on the enemy phase if he doesn't end it on initiation. Now waiting for Soleil's refine.
  3. Looking at my feather count going up without use for so long, I thought to myself, "what unit could I +10 that isn't on the list, yet?". The answer isn't too enticing Abel / Azama / Boey / Donnel / Jakob / Legault / Libra / Raigh / Stahl / Sully / Virion if I looked correctly, and I feel at least half of them are on Serenes Forest (Like Azama, we all know who has a +10 Azama here. Donnel and Libra as being prominent F2P AR tanks is also kinda dubious. And Virion should have a +10 by now, after his recent PRF buff). Had the idea of making Clarine, just for being one of my first cav healers I used extensively in the game, but someone else had a stronger bias. So now I'm wondering if any of those are worth the feathers or if I should just randomly +10 favorite units, even if I don't use them (like my Lyon). Soleil and Laslow would come to mind. And since one of them is getting a refine soon, I'll wait until then to decide, but I still feel the listed heroes are partially already +10 by someone here.
  4. Figured you'd pull that card. Fine, I concede. Thank you FEH for the free 5*. 1k feathers is going to be quite useful for my next +10 project (I have a few in mind) and I'm looking forward to all the other announced gifts coming along my way. Who knows, maybe I'll pull some real bangers on the way to more merge copies for my +10 Myrrh project.
  5. I fail to see how this is particularly surprising or worrisome. Don't worry, my more explicit rant is pretty much done with my previous post. I am surprised, however, how me, standing in line like every other user with open hands, while Fehnix flies by and drops a diamond in each of my neighbor's hands, but dung into mine, is - in your opinion - in any way a surprise/cause of worry when I react the way I did in my post. I understand that you, as a moderator, would like to keep outrage in check, and as I said, its pretty much done from my part, but me having to take a long break from video games because of that? If anything, I should play more video games outside of mobile gaming, which I will in March. Just because it's free doesn't exempt it from being hugely flawed and can still make it worthy of a critique or rant. We could also discuss in length what comment is or isn't necessary in this topic, but let's not waste our time with it. Sigrun is dead, bad rng gift, moving on.
  6. Ffs, why did they have to make this seasonal unit a stupid random one again, just to repeat the torment I felt last year. After Summer Leo comes Bride Sigrun, worthless junk I couldn't care less about (TT Sigrun is already there, so I can't even care about the character). Oh, but she has +Att! Wow! F... off IS, Fehnix and Sigrun! Sent her home, no lvl 40 conversation, no dragon flowers, no HM, no skill Inheritance (it's junk anyways), just go away. I'm sick of this random trash I don't care about. Only 2 reds were trash out of all the red options, and I wanted to pull green on a greenless circle (of course). So obviously I get the worst, once again. God I hate these anniversaries in FEH. Now off to get another bad popular vote in the gauntles and pull nothing when Myrrh comes back in her BHB banner. I sincerely hope other people got something they care about with this rng nonsense.
  7. Sooo 2020, you gonna be different than the last years or do you want to fall back to old habits of giving me plenty 5* that I'm not anticipating? Coz you gave me Anna (and a nice NY!Gunnthra for a possible, future debuff team), but you also gave me two Larceis with tickets on a banner I didn't care for, making it officially easier to get the new shiny unit instead of ANY Caeda copy I'm aiming for.... come oooooon, I just want Fortify Fliers 😧
  8. Welp, there it is. Today marked my last summons and I did end with a 5* on my very last possible pull, so I am quite satisfied to end it there. I've started taking notes on my summons this year to analyze my luck that I perceived as plentiful, but aimless. In other words, I always knew I was quite lucky with the quantity of pulls, but I felt some lingering disappointment in the units by often being units I didn't aim for. Obviously, one can pull benefits from surprises or find a use later down the line, but I was curious and so I present to you all my entire list of pulls from this year with all the free orbs I could muster from the same year (I started with less than 5 and ended with exactly 0 at the moment of writing this). The units with and underline are units I specifically aimed at to get with the spent orbs. What happened was pure confirmation 25/117 are targets, rather low in my opinion, though thats gacha for ya. The amount however, is pretty elevated, I feel. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but it felt way above average. 2019 destroyed 2018 in which, for half a year I didn't get a single unit I aimed for. I'm glad that that is cleary over. Hopefully to never return. Now that this is done I need a new direction for my summons in 2020 and I will stop polluting this thread with my counter. A single full circle (of all focus colours) on all new banners, while saving for Myrrh copies? That might be my new way of summoning now that I have reached maximum scoring with my selected units and don't need anything else besides all future Olivias/Inigos.
  9. Ah, makes sense. Why bother with futile attempts. Maybe not an efficient defense, but at least a welcome change, I can respect that. Good thing RNG gave me your Light team, then. Unfortunately, random encounters will make me pay back todays leisure some other day with pure pain (probably tomorrow).
  10. Huh, @Alexmender , I fought someone today with your name. My guess is that it was you, but maybe not (names aren't bound to any user, ey?). It was a team full of Lyns and I was with Myrrh, Eirs, Leanne and Aversa. Normally, I just surrender and give theme teams I like a free win, but unfortunately, this week I was sloppy and had no charges left on my ladder, so I didn't. Regardless, I like seeing teams like these to alter the boredom that is otherwise AR.
  11. Well, that was quite a set of disappointing summons. Like the previous post, absolute trash (typical 3*-available units, and no Caedas) with my very first Norne (-Spd, of course) on almost green-free circles (the one time there was green I got Titania; I surely need more of her to maybe +10 three copies of her). Thanks for the coal, Sothis. Guess, now I know how you feel about me and why you aren't coming along on your winter banner. You can give me Feh back now. K, thx, bye. Seems like a rather disappointing end for my total of 2019, but it is how it is. Still a few more days till it's actually over, but most opportunities have been used by now. Merry Christmas 😛
  12. I still think an All-Anna banner would make sense considering her circumstances surrounding her existence. Additionally, it would be a good opportunity to offer rare weapon/movement combinations. Regardless, I'll try for whatever skill comes with these with whatever few pulls are offered, maybe with a slight bias towards Anna. Don't mind any unit here, but I'm also not really invested to have any specific newcomer/alt anymore, soooo... ye.
  13. Didn't work with Arena, didn't work with Aether Raids, didn't work with Allegiance battles.... so I'd say, nah, I'm good. Even if the new resource is nice to have I don't think I'll do more than "doing my best with what I have". Right now, I'm scoring reasonably well everywhere, so I don't see myself pulling for more mythics just for a few extra sheets of paper, whenever I'll be falling behind, if ever. I mean, you're not wrong. I do want to score high enough in most modes with significant rewards, but they didn't have a lot of impact on how I waste my orbs until now, except when pulling for Summer!Helbindi, so that I can use Olivia in the Colosseum out of sheer bias.
  14. So it's really just a "buy more mythics!!!" mode, since they are the only ones that can reach +20 status, while gameplay is just..... whatever (for now). As if I'd waste premium rallys, tier 4 skills, duel skills on mythics. So I guess I'm stuck with my score forever. Pretty bland if I may say so. Thanks for the info @Usana @Arcanite @Landmaster @Azuni , I'm actually glad I don't need to bless anyone for this.
  15. Hmm, alright. And how do blessings work? Do all units need to be blessed for the max score, or only the highest scoring one in each cloumn? Is it better to have one Mythic Hero, or two or even more? And I guess the position of the Mythic Hero within the defense team slots is irrelevant?
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