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  1. Not sure why I even wasted orbs on the Peony banner, none of them are actually useful to me.... boredom is harsh. Anyways, the tickets and orbs got me a disappointing 5* Python (what a waste of a 5* appearance) and immediately after, to wash Python down, an Osian, sure why not. Osian will serve me well during story quests where I need an Axe/Lance/Sword member in my team, without having to swap units between each map. Goodbye Dorcas, you kinda sucked lately. An additional merge for my Reyson is also well appreciated... and that's it. Not too shabby for the few orbs used, but I should have just started saving, to be honest. 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 112
  2. Sooo, will I be able to change skills in Aether Raids the moment I can see the enemy map without having started the battle? If so, I'd have to make some team adjustments.
  3. Well, I wanted to make a sarcastic comment on how I got another L!Marth and Sothis before getting any Caeda copy, but I FINALLY got one on the way (I'd still like more, but what can you do... probably gonna be February/March before I get another Fortify Flier), so I can maybe stop wasting orbs on mindlessly summoning red whenever there is anything worth a damn on banners. With that said, I'm happy about getting a Sothis copy, so I don't have to care about summoning her in the future. Though Time Pulse would surely come in handy for a Galeforce unit, if I ever care for anything in this game anymore besides collecting characters out of bias. The year is coming to a close soon and I'm interested in seeing the end result. 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 110
  4. It's more a matter of principle, I guess. I like Igrene as a character and find her flaw to be an insult to her. Valuable units aren't really important to me anymore, I can clear all the content and place sufficiently high in all pvp modes, so all that is left is bias. She can still do a lot of work with -Spd, but I just don't want to look at it if I can, in exchange, buff up one of my favorites with perfect fodder for my usual build of Leon/Luna/Brave Bow+/LaD3. Now he'll just Luna every attack with 2 extra stats in Att/Spd, which I like quite a bit more than being sad at a disrespected -Spd Igrene. Heck, maybe I'll get another copy down the line someday.
  5. I'm glad me giving you that impulse didn't turn into simple waste. I'd take that Igrene, at least her speed isn't hit.
  6. Gacha, i swear.... Still wasting all my orbs (should be saving up for the next Myrrh banner, but I'm dumb, whatcha gonna do) to get Caeda copies and apparently it's easier to get Igrene, Altina, L!Marth before a single copy of Caeda..... seriously? I'll probably get enough copies of all the other red units to +10 them all before I get another Caeda.... my god. Anyways, wasted too much, once again, on BB banner to get a -Spd (of course) Igrene.... sucks. Sorry, dear. I really wanted to keep ya, and I would have with any other flaw, but not the one that is important for your weapon. Anyways, Hero Merit and fodder for my favorite, Leon. Also, Brave Camilla in the same circle, good fodder, since I already have two copies. As for Altina banner, I wanted a circle with reds and be done with it. Free pull had none, so I bailed after Kaze, second circle had three reds: (Stahl,) Altina and L!Marth. Can't complain too much, even with -Att flaw on Altina, and L!Marth instead of Sothis, since I didn't waste orbs for it. Probably gonna waste a couple of orbs more for the off chance of another Altina or any Sothis (buzz off, Marth).... or, Naga forbid, Caeda copies.... lol. 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 108
  7. Aaand it happened, all the orbs, wasted at 4,5% for H!Nowi, and I got a stupid -Att Leo (and not a single Caeda, oh wonder).... man, that is a low blow, game. But hey, maybe you got my luck instead? Guess I'm done with this banner. Sorry Nowi, it wasn't meant to be. 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 104
  8. Ah yes, Fjorm... coming along when aiming for something else. Luckily for me, that pain didn't go to the same extent as your case and she made a good sacrificial lamb by becoming Att/Def Bond before it became easily obtainable. The sunken cost fallacy only gets worse. While only you can decide on what is best, you definitely need to be clear on that principle to avoid an even worse outcome. With that said, I came back from the dire situation and it is also a possibility for you, either through luck or shift in interests (it helps that after spending the first year in this game it has now become entirely pointless as I would get almost no benefit worth the wasted money anymore. Getting nothing interesting for a while does kill the mood, though). Taking notes on pulls also really helps putting things into perspective, as you mentioned. With this years list, I now see that sticking with FEH seems likely manageable, while my pulls on another gacha game was horrendous compared to other users, which made me drop that game from any serious focus, as to not be disappointed and just laugh at it for being a garbage gaming experience.
  9. Yes, that sounds pretty rough, sorry to hear. It's a shame I can only wish you better luck and recover like I did. I know I'd be pissed at those expenses with nothing to show for. I just made a quick count of my aimed-at summons. Out of the 103, 18 were aimed for, the rest came along randomly. And while a significant portion of it became useful somehow, contributing to me not being disheartened, it's still interesting how few were actively sought after while pulling. Luckily, fodder exists and AA can always use more counters for some seasons. Regardless, I can imagine some of the pain you're experiencing. Heck, I am on the same boat of not giving a damn about AR anymore where Id trade ranks for better pulls. I meander somewhere in the top 5k most of the time and haven't changed my defense in ages, don't care about aether on stupid maps with stupid, unbalanced units, and don't even bother using escape ladders half the time I probably should when losing a unit. In short, FEH, gimme 4 more Myrrhs (and some Fortify Fliers fodder), keep the random summons if you want, and I'll be happy, thank you.
  10. I've always been quite lucky with the quantity, which is the main reason why I started counting this year, to see how far my luck goes. Qualitywise I wanted to make a comparison to last year, because of the aforementioned bad luck in a 6-monthish period (last year is where I felt like you now. It was horrible and I almost quit for being so disappointed with my pulls). I definitely beat that, not a very hard task, but will also be looking closely at the list at the end of the year for a final assessment while also posting my pulls in detail here. If you have truly half of what I got with F2P orbs, then it seems that you are indeed quite unlucky with the numbers (or me ridiculously lucky, or both), however, maybe your quality is good? As in, you get what you want when you aim for it? That's something I suck at, I can't even pull a freaking Caeda anymore. Regardless, I know how it feels and I truly despise gacha (will never start another one in my life) and if I weren't at a point where almost nothing mattered anymore beyond collecting for the heck of it and bias (colosseum and AR are covered) then I would have quit long ago as I don't want to "keep up" with atrocious gacha systems.
  11. I hate this duo-unit very much, as it makes Lyon/Fomortiis far less likely to happen for quite a while if ever.... Reeeeallly uninteresting banner skillwise, I'm fine with the additions of characters, though (except the duo, as mentioned). At least I don't have to summon for Lyon, the unit is called Ephraim, so I don't need him according to my own arbitrary rules. Well, good. One less banner to be disappointed by its summons 😄
  12. Quite the painful summons since last time I posted. Pretty much nothing good. No Halloween Nowi that I would have liked (sure, still got some days, but its all a waste till now, so I'm not having high hopes), no Alm merge, neither Leif nor Tiki (all would be great or new), nothing on the numerous banners since Halloween Hectors banner except for insta-manuals. The only thing worth something, I guess, is a random Idunn on the Valentia banner with the tickets and some few orbs to get Caeda copies (continuing the struggle of my past post). Ouch, those are the times the game really hurts with its blandness. No good modes running atm, nothing exciting around the corner, same old weekly and bad chores (lol at the cavalry quests), and nothing to build up or expand upon. Reminds me of the dreadful half of last year where I summoned nothing of what I aimed for. Hopefully this won't be a repetition of that. Don't think I'd take it this time around. EDIT: Oh yeah, I cared so much for her and her +Spd asset I forgot to update my counter... lol 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 103
  13. In the grand scheme of things I'm sure you are right, and she will reappear at some point, probably with some Bantu on the side as well. Patience in gacha just ain't my strength tho, that's for sure, so I wonder when I'll start wasting again. I also admit that it is a very weird problem to have.... Hector being mere consolation for a 3/4* unit that isn't coming. What has gacha done to me?
  14. Is Caeda just.... gone from my summoning pool? I wasted orbs on reds since I do not know when, using Hector/Lilina this time as a consolation prize if I don't get her.... and I actually got them at 4% while only pulling Raighs, Sophias, Raighs, Chroms, Raighs, Tikis, and Raighs. I wish I had kept note on when I started wasting orbs on red just to get Caedas for my Flier teams.... and I'm almost at a point to waste 20k feathers and grails for this nonsense. Of course Hector is +Spd/-Def (lol), so he might just be Distant Counter fodder, tho I guess I should keep him for his uniqueness. Sigh.... back to waiting for more orbs on another banner with a red unit. 2019 5* count (no guarantees/TT): 102
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