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  1. My only purpose of being here is to fuck with you and annoy you. Also nice job spelling helpful wrong jackass.
  2. I say sword masters are fine if they have a reasonable crit boost and evade boost like they do in fates. From what i see, the reason why being sword locked is bad was because there were no common 1-2 range physical swords in the game until RD. With 1-2 ranged common swords should help them a lot because they can now retaliate at range using their strength rather than their pitiful magic, or a set value.
  3. I personally think Fates Daggers would be fine if they could only attack at 2 range rather than unrestricted 1-2 range.
  4. Bows have been in every FE, but were usually regarded as the worst weapon type because they have no enemy phase action. In fates, the hidden weapons were brought back and were 1-2 ranged weapons, but being 1-2 range means that bows can counter them naturally unlike other weapon types that aren't magic. I personally believe that if a new exclusive 2 ranged weapon type were to be added, it would help bow users because there would be more classes to take on enemy phase. So back to the title, should a new 2 range only weapon type by added to the series? If so, what do you guys think should be added? preferably weapons that would use the strength stat. Sorry if this is worded in a weird way. I find it hard to put my thoughts on paper or text.
  5. I personally would prefer an avatar that is just part of the background, but I would like it if there were a few preset personalities for said avatar so we don't get kris and his constant training. there was nothing else to the dude other than training.
  6. I'm just gonna say it, but if we do get an avatar, I wan't them to be more customizable than they were in awakening/fates. Like let me customize my base class.
  7. Fates reclassing - I like it because any one can be anything, but you gotta work for that. you gotta put some work to make Azura a berserker, and doing stupid shit like that is fine by me. besides, it's a single player game, don't want to reclass? Don't do it. Skill Capacity or Skill slots - makes sense to me. Only hold a certain amount of skills Hybrid classes - I know not a lot of people like these, but in fates, some characters actually have decent strength and magic growths to make it work in hybrid classes. Azura has a 25% magic growth, which could be useable. Sakura is pretty fucking strong for a healer at a 30% strength growth. Saizo is running around with a 50% str, 45% mag growth. Scarlet and Oboro have a 20% magic growth. Not much compared to magic units, but it's something. Dual guard/attack stance - only in this case, the only stat dual guard gives is movement depending on the class A proper avatar customization - let me customize the class god damn it I'm also a sucker for customization anywhere Different versions of the same weapon - Like the sword/katana fates daggers - but only useable at 2 range no weapon durability - I like the debuffs. Sure, the weapon system isn't perfect, but this is the second time out of 14 games they've gone without durability. And the first time was FE2 Light magic - Except it buffs the users and/or allies after cast Dark magic - Not so straight forward spells, or spells that have an affect. nosferatu, or maybe a knock-off imhullu which increases def and res by 5 when user initiates attack. Combine the magic triangle with the weapon triangle - The magic triangle was cool and all, but it hardly mattered because magic units had high res, so the damage was minimal. Sword/anima > Axes/dark > Lances/light or something like that Controllable Allies - More in the sense of PoR and RD where you can give commands to the allies, not directly control them Home Castle/MyCastle - A hub world where you can go about and organize yourself. Buy items, sell shit, promote, access DLC or whatever, view supports, yada yada yada Tellius cav promotion - Cavs can choose their side-arm Branching promotion - might be a doosy when combined with reclassing, but i've thought about an idea for it. GBA + Fates weapon caps - In the GBA games, you can choose which weapon to S-rank whereas in fates you didn't have a choice. Leave the S-ranks to the mono-weapon classes, but allow the player to choose whether they want A axes B swords or vice versa Limited supports - not in the GBA 5 supports per characters, but characters can only support with a small amount of people. Gay S-supports - you know... for the rest of the people in the community that came out a bit weird Tellius cav promotion not limited to cavs - but also the knights, maybe pagasi, and maybe wyverns.
  8. I want a lord that's customizable. Not just in terms of appearance, but in class and weapon. let me customize my lords class. Let me choose to make him armored, horse, flier, or foot.
  9. Can I join? I just found out this topic existed
  10. Isn't that just because Kinshi's are a generally underwhelming class in the first place? Isn't the general consensus to make Mozu a sniper simply because she's better in that class?
  11. I went with Samurai/Swordmaster promote. I also went +mag because I was going on conquest and the levin sword is the best killing machine.
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