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  1. I seriously do. He's a whiny fag, he's too much of an underleveled wimp, and he's only saved by that broken ass Sword of Seals. Why is his fanbase almost as big as Ike's?
  2. Bayonetta, understandable. She has had a game on Wii U. Cloud, not really a Nintendo character, but Final Fantasy did get its start on the NES. But who the FUCK asked for Corrin? Some nigga who can transform into a weird Arceus/Dialga fusion and has an annoying voice? DIDN'T SMASH HAVE ENOUGH FE CHARACTERS?! On top of that, why couldn't we have Caeda, or Chrom, or fucking Lyn?! CORRIN?! No! The three characters would make sense because: Caeda: Marth's wife Chrom: The real FE13 protagonist whose daughter is getting assraped by Nintendo Lyn: The first Lord you got to play as in FE7, the first worldwide FE game. But no. Dragon Marth. I see how it is, Nintendo...
  3. Robin and Corrin, I can deal with. But 3 Marths! Next game, we gonna have 5 Marths and there still will be no Chrom!
  4. ...known as Pocket Monster Saphire (yes, spelled like that). Have you ever wanted to see Pikachu fight for his friends? Check this out. Also, one of the songs in this game (not shown in the video) sound like a slow version of the first part of Beneath the Sky from Binding Blade.
  5. HA! That game looks like a fucking pussy game! And Chrom looks like a bitch in there!
  6. It seems like Nintendo DOES promote Awakening, but they want you to STILL forget about Chrom. I mean, Lucina has been getting the big cock up her ass and Chrom has been sitting there crying! I understand PXZ2, but who the FUCK is gonna but SMT x FE?! WHO?!
  7. I'm terribly sorry, but that Pichu idea is fu*bleep*ing stupid.
  8. They would've had him in Smash, then.
  9. Think about it. He's cut from Smash, he stuck in SMT x FE and they don't bring him up EVER when talking about Awakening! I can only get the feeling that they feel Chrom was a stupid mistake to them, or Nintendo just disregards Awakening...
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