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  1. Probably. I might use pitchforks for the heck of it, but that breaks the rule of no DLC. Next chapter might be a little late due to me just moving into college, but I assure you this is not dead. I'll try to get the next one out as soon as possible.
  2. We are back! Found out how to use the screenshot function on homebrew 3ds without crashing, so enjoy some high quality pictures from now on. Act 3 Celica's Side - Valentia's Infestation
  3. Thing is, DLC Fernand and the Fernand we have here have completely different sets of voice lines. This means that even in the DLC, the voiced lines that he uses here are completely unused. Also Slayde is never playable in the DLC, he's only an uncontrollable green ally or an enemy. We probably won't be getting Desaix's Dracoshield. We might get someone else's though... Yeah I didn't notice it until using him. Like bro, what are you doing lol.
  4. I'm back! Sorry about the long wait on this one. I recently contracted Covid-19 and have been suffering through it for the past week. Good thing I can still update the run without risk. Yeah I kind of realized this was a bad idea the further along I was playing. Unfortunately, I already played Act 3 which contains the majority of the choice units. Maybe I'll let you guys decide if the rule should be removed from now on. Vote here and choose! And with that, we move on to... Act 3 Alm's Side - TILES SUCK
  5. I decided to try and test teleportation and upheavel. While the skills are still present on the unit when player controlled, I can't find a way to use it as I initially presumed. For Desaix and Jedah, I'll make special cases and have them recruited with the Javelin and Animus Ring respectively. Dracoshield Desaix is probably overkill on act 3 and Animus Ring seems way more interesting than Dracoshield. I'll address more later. For now, its time for.... Act 2 -Pilgrims of the Caribbean
  6. First option. I definitely want my man Zakson. Only time a choice happens is Boss Sonya/Dean and Delthea/Tattarah.
  7. Yup! Stuff like Conjure, Jedah's Gimmick, Teleportation - all of it. It's about to be some unbalanced fun. Some changes I wanted to make with the run: Characters will now be using their hard mode bases. Normal mode bases just makes them underpowered to the point where you have to grind them. Not much fun. Act 1 - Zofia's Call to BrigandMaster1
  8. After playing through a capture only run of Fire Emblem Conquest, I realized I had way more fun with it than I did with conventional Fire Emblem. Using NPCs and unplayable characters is just cooler. With the power of cheats/hex editing, I started a run in Fire Emblem Echoes with more characters playable. Ever wanted to see the glorious Brigand Boss destroy the continent of Valentia? Well this is the run for you. First off big thanks to darkkfan for inspiring this run. That run was one of the most fun things I've read through and I urge everyone to check it out. I'm going to be posting pictures of my experiences throughout the days, whether it be units or chapter. I'll most likely post my thoughts on how the unit performed or which chapter were worth mentioning. Maybe I'll make a tier list at the end of it and see which NPC did the best. Echoes NPC/Bosses Run: The Rules/General Info: - Since NPC's don't have growth rates of their own, they'll be using their class growth rates. Most of them are almost identical so bases and class will be mattering most - Hard/Classic Mode - DLC banned until part 6 for overclass - Will try and avoid grinding, but 3d section encounters will inevitably happen. - Mila Turnwheel allowed. - Alm and Celica are the only base units that are usable, all other must be killed or ignored - Boss/NPC must have their initial chapter completed before they join - All named characters can be recruited in a map. - Repeat Bosses such as Berkut and Fernand can only be recruited once. - Hard Mode Bases will be used - NPC/Bosses can join with their equipment - Possessed Delthea, Masked Knight, Boss Deen/Sonya will be treated as different units from their base counterparts, so they are usable. Berkut will have his portrait replaced with his insidious counterpart when his chapter is passed. - Alm's route characters: Slayde, Brigand Boss, Desaix, Zakson, Fernand, Berkut, Jerome, Tatarahh/Fallen Delthea, Hestia, Marla, Lawson, Magnus, Rudolf, Rinea, Xaizor, Gazelle, Nuibaba, Mueller - Celica Route characters: Barth, Garth, Blake, Deen/Sonya, Dolth, Garcia, Greith, Jamil, Jedah, Mikhail, Wolff, Masked Knight -Part 6 Characters: Cerberus, Naberius, Hades, Aurum, Argentum, Gharn, Duma I'll post updates as I play through. If anyone has any suggestions for making the run smoother let me know. Thanks for tuning in! Table of Contents Act 1 - Zofia's Call to BrigandMaster1 Act 2 - Pilgrims of the Caribbean Act 3 Alm's Side - TILES SUCK Act 3 Celica's Side - Valentia's Infestation
  9. It wouldn't really be fair to the people who actually bought the amiibo.
  10. Oh. Well that sucks. I wish I could get an NFC adapter so I could actually use my Ike amiibo.
  11. Can amiibos be in a enhijar shops? I looked through alot of castles and I can't find any.
  12. Probably. I'm too suspicious to try it again. I'm gooing to wait tommorow and see if money has been taken off my credit card. If it is, then we have a issue.
  13. I will try that, thank you. EDIT:It says their is no downloadable content to redownload.
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