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  1. Scouting for battles is preferable because most paralogues can be very difficult. You could also do the Boo Battle DLC (since it's made for level grinding) to help gain more levels without having to scout over and over again.
  2. I suggest having a team that can use every kind of weapon because a lot of people have all of the breaker skills so you can't even touch them.
  3. I've seen people have their entire team's equipment be one weapon and 4 battle seals each (which i think you get from having 9999 battles at your my castle) so how do you get 20 of those without hacking?
  4. I think Vic Mignogna is voicing Nishiki Kaden if I heard it right and Matt Mercer is voicing Ryoma. I probably can only tell that since a lot of the grunting in the trailers sounds pretty much the same as Chrom.
  5. Lucario...clone? I can understand a Ness and Lucas clone war but just because shadow ball and aura sphere look the same, there's nothing else alike really.
  6. I don't think there was any salt at all for Mewtwo and Lucas since people wanted them back so badly.
  7. Even though it is highly unlikely, a Majora's Mask version of Young Link with masks as abilities would be really interesting since he's in Hyrule Warriors and Majora's Mask 3D. Plus, they could bring back the Great Bay stage along with that.
  8. I played 3 and 4, I have to say that 3 is a lot easier than the others and doesn't have even half of the amount of plot that 4 does.
  9. Jill or Cherche, because female wyvern riders are awesome and pretty powerful too.
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